“I think I can turn my life around now. She’s a godsend. That’s all I can really say.” -Aeric McCoy

News Staff : Aug 7, 2017 : Faithwire

(Baltimore, MD)—[Faithwire.com] In Baltimore, a homeless man’s quest to do the right thing has changed the trajectory of his life for the better. (Photo: Aeric McCoy/credit: GoFundMe/via Faithwire.com)

When Aeric McCoy, 36, found a stolen purse belonging to Kaitlyn Smith, “his life was a wreck,” he said, telling the Baltimore Sun that he thought he was going to “die out there.” He is a heroin addict who had been working for drug dealers from time to time.

“If you ask me, God put that purse there because he knew Kaitlyn’s spirit and he knew Kaitlyn’s heart,” McCoy told WBAL.

Three days after the purse was stolen in mid-June, McCoy found it in an alley in west Baltimore, he said. His sleeping bag had recently been stolen from the abandoned house he was living in, so he knew what it must feel like for the owner of the purse.

“I heard a voice that said, ‘You have to give it back,'” McCoy said.

Smith found a bill in the bag and took the Metro to Smith’s home to return it.

“We’re walking to my friend’s house, and I see this man lumbering toward us with a ratty T-shirt and jeans, fisherman’s hat, head down lumbering toward us, and with my purse tucked under his arm,” Smith said. (Screengrab: Kaitlin and her purse/via WBAL-TV)

Smith approached McCoy and asked to buy the purse but he refused.

“I told her this purse belongs to a lady that I’m trying to return it to, and that’s when she said she was the owner of the purse,” McCoy said.

After having a conversation, Smith gifted McCoy a new sleeping bag and drove him back to west Baltimore. That’s when he told her…

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