“We owe the miracle of Beatrice’s survival and Rosemary to God.” – Alexander Way

Meg Storm : Aug 4, 2017 : Faithwire

(England) — [Faithwire] Brits Beatrice and Alexander Way were in the midst of moving into their home in Essex, England in June 2011, when Beatrice suddenly collapsed and suffered a stroke. The then-36-year-old was rushed to the hospital, but she showed very little sign of brain function by the time she arrived. Doctors prepared Alexander for the worst—going so far as to discuss organ donation options—yet he refused to give up on his wife. More than five years later, Beatrice has made what can only be described as a “miraculous” recovery, and the couple have welcomed a beautiful baby girl. (Photo Credit: Evening Standard via Faithwire)

“The doctors insisted Beatrice had very little brain response and that there was no way she could ever improve,” Alexander told The Daily Mail.

“If she did wake up at all she would barely respond to others. She would also be blind.”

Despite the dire prognosis, Alexander requested for Beatrice be moved to a neurological unit, where she could receive more specialized care. Four weeks later, she regained consciousness.

“A lot of words were exchanged. In no uncertain terms I told them, ‘Don’t switch off my wife’s life support,’” Alexander recalled of his conversations with doctors. “I was stunned, angry and felt they were ending my wife’s life without considering further treatment. I was adamant that more could be done.”

Though waking up from the coma was in and of itself a miracle, Beatrice’s recovery had only just begun. For the better part of the next year, she underwent intensive physical therapy and rehabilitation to help overcome the paralysis of her left arm and leg. The couple, who had always dreamed of having a family, believed Beatrice’s condition would prevent her from getting pregnant, but she once again defied the odds. Last year, the Ways welcomed baby Rosemary to the world.

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