If kingdom was a loaf of bread, love would be the flour of which it is made. The primary ingredient of the kingdom of God is love.
Bread cannot be made without some grain or seed being ground into flour. Without flour you cannot have bread; without love there is no kingdom of God.

The kingdom of God begins with love, functions by love, and is held together by love. God is love. It is God’s love that draws mankind back to Him and into His kingdom rule of love. It is by love that all the many parts of the kingdom work together in perfect order, each part supplying its portion in the whole kingdom body of God’s kingdom on earth and in heaven.

All of the ingredients of heaven’s life on earth fit together in perfect harmony by the love and wisdom of God flowing from the throne of God into every true believer on earth through Christ Jesus in the Holy Spirit of God. There is no other source of the pure holy love of God that cleanses and transforms fallen natural man and earth into the kingdom of God. It is though the way of the cross and the resurrected life of Christ Jesus by the Holy Spirit indwelling human beings that the kingdom of God’s love is established on Planet Earth.

Worldwide Process of Becoming the Kingdom of God

One can make many different types of bread my adding various other ingredients, but you cannot make bread without flour. So it is with the kingdom of God there are many various parts of the kingdom of God. Many different types and flavors of people, works, gifts, abilities, and anointings make up the kingdom of God. Yet it all fits together under the Spirit umbrella of the life and rule of God, the kingdom of God in Christ Jesus by the Holy Spirit.

The great love of God brings the great diversity of the many parts together in perfect harmony in one body under ONE HEAD. Christ Jesus is the only head of the Body of Christ ruling and reigning on earth.

The Spirit kingdom of God is foreign to the fallen world. Both the secular-minded and the religious-minded worlds cannot hear or see the kingdom of God. The strong worldwide effect of the enemy’s darkness has blinded the minds of the masses of people to the light of the true kingdom of God on earth.

The invasion of the light of the love of God is consuming the hearts and lives of His people on earth. Our old lives are passing away and being ground into the flour of the love of God from which the bread of the kingdom is on earth as it is in heaven. The fire of the oven of His presence that has come to earth is perfecting the life of the kingdom now in His people. The same fire that produces the purity of the kingdom in His people, consumes or dissolves all that is not of God in this world.

The darkness is passing away.

We see today the great darkness becoming more evil and more blatantly evident. Mixtures are being dissolved as either the darkness completely takes over the people or the light of the love of God totally rules in the people. The separation must take place as the hearts of the evil ones who will not turn to God are hardened until it becomes impossible for them to continue to pretend and mask their darkness.

As the purity and holiness of the presence of Christ Jesus fills the hearts and lives of His people, the contrast of those of the darkness and those of the light becomes clearly visible. The separation between light and darkness becomes evident and the divide becomes wider. The people of darkness hate the light and will seek to destroy the people of light, thus sealing their own destruction.

The dissolving of all evil will cleanse the earth in preparation for the precious seed people of the kingdom to shine forth as the sun to grow the new world of the kingdom of God on earth. The Body of Christ under the perfect headship of its one Head, Christ Jesus, Savior, Lord and King.

“Do not fear, little flock, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.” Luke 12:32.

Ron McGatlin

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