The response that the couple received from their viral video is encouraging Laura, which is allowing her to encourage others as well.

Serena Carter : Jul 25, 2017 :

[FaithFamilyAmerica] Jon and Laura Grant have been married for five years, and while they have been through thick and thin together, they are currently facing a battle that they never anticipated. On March 17, Jon—[a former Navy SEAL]—got in a car accident and was left in a coma with a brain injury… (Screengrab: Jon’s amazing progress as he leans in for a kiss from his wife/Instagram/via

Just as it was beginning to seem that hope was lost, Jon gave Laura the first sign of a miracle. Seventeen days after the accident, Jon squeezed his wife’s hand while remaining unconscious. Then, two months after the accident on May 16, Jon woke up…

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