Spirit Kingdom Glorifies the Natural World

By Ron McGatlin

The natural world and daily life bears the fruit of the Spirit or spirit that exudes substance of its character and nature into the world’s culture and order. (Gal 5:22-23).

Mankind is the created carrier of the Spirit or spirit substance that infuses and dominates the natural world. The spiritual order released by mankind determines either life or death and every condition in between into the natural order of a person, family, tribe, or nation and subsequently the entire world.

Change is a created part of natural creation.

Spirit God created the natural world and set its patterns of natural reproduction or re-creation, transformations, and transitions into place. Natural change is a designed variable process built into creation by God. Generally natural change is a relatively slow process that involves time to take place.

Father God does not need to personally and individually micro manage and speak to every need for growth, transition, or healing of the natural bodies of all living things. He has already designed these things into the universal laws of natural things set in order in original creation.

However, God can override or supersede His universal laws at any time and intervene with that which we may refer to as supernatural miraculous creative works.

Miraculous creative events occur when God releases His power of creation to supersede His designed processes and patterns of natural transition and transformation. Miracles can be instantaneous and are beyond natural created process. Miracles are simply creation events outside the bounds of God’s natural universal creation.

God’s natural or universal creation consist of the boundaries or rules set in place by God in original creation. God’s designed universal rules or laws are the same for everyone and everything. They are unbreakable and unchangeable except by the intervention of God.
(For more on universal law, see Kingdom Growth Guide #024).

Living in Spirit Kingdom of God’s Order

The natural order of life designed by God for mankind and all creation on Planet Earth is created to function in perfect harmony as the kingdom or sovereign rule of God. The perfect harmony is disturbed or broken by the free will decision of man to deviate from the order of natural universal laws of creation set in place by God.

All disorder in the world is derived from mankind’s failure to align with the universal natural creation laws of God. All strife, lack, disease, death, and any other disorder in this world stems from man’s departure from the perfect creation ways of God’s perfect kingdom design.

Mankind walking in the perfect designed order of God’s kingdom life produces righteousness, peace, and joy on earth. (Rom 14:17).

In other words, man’s living in God’s perfect kingdom order will end all strife, lack, disease, death, and any other disorder. As mankind comes into the perfect order of God, the effects and fruit of evil will no longer continue to exist in this world. The effects and fruit of alignment with the universal laws of God that are produced by the love of God in man by the Spirit will bring forth the glory of God in the kingdom of God on earth.

How can we align with the universal natural law of God and walk in perfect kingdom reality now in this life?

The natural unredeemed fallen mankind can never achieve perfect alignment with the universal natural laws of created natural life in the world and will always suffer the results or repercussions built into the natural laws of creation.

Redemption in Christ Jesus by the Holy Spirit is the way of the power of God within human beings to walk in perfect alignment with God’s created universal natural laws. Mankind indwelled and empowered by God, in Christ Jesus by the Holy Spirit of God, releases redemption to all the natural systems of this world.

The entire planet and all that is on it will be restored to the Garden of Eden type life in the perfect harmony of pure holy LOVE in perfect alignment with God and His creation. (Isaiah 11:1-10).

Kingdom Reality Now in This Life

Even in this season of upheaval in the early days of transition from the old fallen world toward the new, we can fully experience the perfect righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit. (Psalm 91:1-13).

As seeds of the kingdom prepared to plant the earth with the renewal of kingdom life, we can and must fully experience the kingdom life from heaven within us no matter how much apocalyptic upheaval is in the world. (Mat 13:36-43). The peace within us extends from us like a glow of light keeping us from experiencing the troubles and tribulations of the cataclysmic events of world cleansing judgments.

Whether we have a little or a lot, whether we live long or die young as martyrs of the transition, we are the Lord’s and live in His presence now and forever. (Phil 4:12-13). The fear of death is gone and has no sting in it. All fear is gone in the peaceful rest of abiding in the Lord by the Holy Spirit. (1 Cor 15:54-57).

Victory is ours now! The kingdom of God is alive in us and is now in the process of transforming this world to “as it is in heaven.”

As maturing sons and daughters we live in victorious supernatural Spirit life with authority to be and do the perfect will of God in our lives and in the world around us.

Practical Kingdom Life Now

With the hindrances and lacks of fallen life removed from us, we are free from that which stole our time and strength. (2 Thes 2:7). With the holy light of the love, wisdom, guidance, and power of the life of Christ in us by the Spirit, we become up to a hundredfold more capable in accomplishing the things of this life now. (Mat 13:23) (Mark 10:29-31).

Because we truly seek the kingdom of God and His righteousness first, much is added to us. (Mat 6:33). As a faithful wife/bride of the Lord we are very capable providers for the family and community of God. (Prov 31:10-31).

We become the best ever parents, teachers, businessmen, entrepreneurs, builders, farmers, fishermen, or any other service to mankind. As God works with us, we are able to produce much more to overcome and rule in life. We know by the Spirit wisdom of God what to do when to do it. We always have enough to complete God’s plan for us and make the best of every changing situation. By following the Spirit we can prepare and make provisions ahead of the changes coming to pass. We can know what and when to buy and to sell in order to provide for the people of God around us.

Courage is strong within us as we fearlessly, with great confidence in God, move without hesitation or reservation in the perfect will of God in every situation. We are the people of the early days of the transformation of the kingdoms of this world becoming the kingdoms of our God. (Rev 11:15).

Love never fails and
His kingdom never ends.

Ron McGatlin

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