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The hunger crisis in South Sudan is claiming more lives every day. Thanks to the support of many faithful partners (including you!), we are working to keep hunger at bay and stop the famine from spreading. Recently, there has been a breakthrough that will help us get food to vulnerable children who we couldn’t reach before.
When some children say they don't have a thing to wear ... They mean it.
Breakthrough in South Sudan can help save lives
A new corridor has been opened allowing humanitarian aid to be delivered to more families we couldn’t reach before. This will give us the chance to get food to over 300,000 hungry people.

There is a short window of time to stop this famine from spreading. Your support has been so crucial and we value your partnership. Are you able to help again?

Your gift today will multiply 7X in impact with the help of grant funds. That means together we can provide 7X as much emergency food, clean water, and life-saving health care to people who are suffering from the hunger crisis in South Sudan and East Africa.

Please lift up the children of South Sudan and families throughout East Africa in prayer. And give today to help save lives.

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