Help Support This Evangelistic Event

In just a few days our next full-Gospel, soul-winning campaign will take place in Harare, Zimbabwe, Africa. (See pictures below as our team is setting up even now!) We sincerely need your prayers as we are days away from the first service. The Pastors and Church leaders are telling us that Harare, Zimbabwe (and this region of Africa) is facing a “spiritual tipping point.” A “tipping point” is a critical, pivotal time in any evolving situation that can lead to a new and irreversible development.

Help Support This Evangelistic Event

There is a subtle but deliberate infiltration of extremist anti-Christian sentiment that needs to be reversed in the young culture of this nation. The churches in Zimbabwe are praying and crying out for a mighty outpouring of the power of God like they’ve never seen before! What we do together in boldly proclaiming the uncompromised Gospel of Jesus Christ is needed now more than ever!

Help Support This Evangelistic Event

As anti-Christian persecution intensifies in our world, and our witness for Christ takes us into uncharted (sometimes dangerous) territory, our boldness will become all the more necessary. We never come to bash religious extremists. We come to build a bridge into the hearts and lives of these precious men and women through the loving, forgiving, cleansing, healing power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our experience is that when radicals embrace Christianity, they become devout dedicated followers of Jesus Christ. Pastors tell us that these new converts often become an example and inspiration to everyone.

We humbly ask that you:

#1. Stand with us in prayer and
#2. As the Lord leads, please continue to stand with us financially!

Every major campaign stretches our finances to the limits but the Lord is faithful. He works through precious friends like you, who are sensitive to His leading in their giving. We believe that you share a genuine love and appreciation for the soul-winning work we do together.

We would greatly appreciate your willingness to say “YES” to the
Lord’s leading in your heart and contribute towards the Crusade in Harare, Zimbabwe.

We thank God for you!!

Boldly winning more souls and sharing God’s love!

Daniel Kolenda,
(here with Reinhard Bonnke and the entire CfaN Ministry Team)



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