By Ron McGatlin

Waiting before the Lord for what He wanted to say to me and to those who will read this, I heard, “THE DREAM IS ALIVE.” The dream I planted in your heart so very long ago is arising within you as if from the dead. Long ago it was left behind in your thinking. However, the dream was never gone, but has followed you through the years tucked away in the baggage of your life ventures. It was never dead as you thought, but dormant as a seed waiting to come alive.

In this day, by My Spirit, I am speaking life to the impossible dream now made possible by My word. Let there be life in the impossible dream now made alive in supernatural power to arise from the darkness into the light. Only believe and all things are now possible and will emerge even as you watch. All that I have spoken shall be, and every word shall prosper as you embrace again with courage and full assurance the dream I have planted in you.

I have prepared for you who love me, more than you could ask or think. Only in the fantastic nurture of a dream could it ever enter your mind. In the fertile ground of your prepared heart of love, My seed grows as the dream seed of promise that is beyond confident hope. It is not by your faith, nor is it by your strength. It is by My Spirit through the covenant that I have made with Myself to love and honor your heart of love and the dream seed that I have planted in you by the overshadowing of My Spirit.

Only the dream seed that I have planted in you will now prosper. The false dreams of false words from others and from ambitious imaginations will not live in you. Cleanse your hearts of any and all that I have not planted, and that which I have planted will arise into life quickly within you, and soon will be seen before you as it is birthed forth into the world. My dream in you is not for your consumption but for My glory in and through you to jointly produce the glorious society of heavenly love clothed in the beauty and magnificence of My glory radiating to all creation and beyond into the eternal Spirit realm.

As the night is darkest just before the dawn, so it is that the darkness shrouding My dream in your heart is most dense before the dream emerges alive and brightly beckoning for your embrace of life-giving love.

Call unto your dream as a man calls for His mate in a time of deep longing as if she had been away for a long time. The deep longing of your lovesick heart anticipating her eminent arrival back into your arms will only be satisfied by embracing her tightly into your chest. Look again deeply into My dream in your heart. See again the beauty of the countenance of the dream and admire its perfection. Open your arms in preparation to receive back the love of your life, My dream in your heart.

Feel the surge of life returning into you as you again embrace My dream. Experience the excitement of abundance of joy of receiving the love that has been missing for so long. Certainly you have found the perfect pearl, the treasure of the field of life and will quickly sell all to make room for the love dream of your life.

My joy is your joy for in that dream I am. I am the dream of your life in whatever form you see it. I am in the dream for which you have longed. I am the fullness of joy, the purpose for your life now and forever. I have prepared the dream in every detail and will experience it with you as it comes forth into this world.

Open your spiritual eyes to see the mystery of My dream in your heart. The dream is My word. My word is a living seed containing My life. I am the life of creation in the seed of My word. The dream is Me. It is My life of creation; My DNA of detail is contained in the seed dream. Within the dream is My power to bring it forth into this world. When the seed is received and connects with the egg of production in your pure heart, a burst of light emits from the new identity of created reality in the natural word. The burst of Spirit light is the signal to all the world to begin to be changed or altered to move into place to bring forth the dream.

Thus you and the world are pregnant with My word, My dream is a part of Me from heaven manifesting into the natural world. I AM THE DREAM and the DREAMER birthing My glorious kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. You are not your own. Your life is not your own. For you to live is Me, and there is no death in Me. The dream is for now, and you in Me and Me in you is forever.

Call to the dream in the passionate longing of the love in your heart and the explosion of connected and completed love will fill the earth around you with the glory and the majesty of our love together as ONE now and forever.

All is fulfilled in our consummated love as one: one Spirit, one mind, one flesh, and one bone, and all the earth shall live and rejoice with great joy.

Think not there is a harvest in the future, for now in the day of My dream in you. I have come to your ripened life, and your harvest is now.

The natural world may pass away, but My word, My dream in you, will never pass away. Behold, I am with you always.


Thank you, Father, we are consumed in your love. Your strong arms holding us tightly to your chest has completed our lives in perfect love and glory. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Holy Spirit of love, goodness, and power. Amen!

Ron McGatlin


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