A divine shift has come in 2017. Inside the hearts of some, God had done a divine change this year like never before. Most of those He has done this in may not be able to put their finger on what is it, but they know they are different.

They are speaking differently, living differently, and experiencing the Lord in a new way that may not make any sense to them. They have become aware of things they were not able to see before.

They are seeing the Lord deal with them in even the smallest of things in their hearts that are not pleasing to him. They are cooperating with the Lord to be changed in a new surrendered way. They don’t even understand how or why this is. They are just doing it.

In this people an urgency has come in their heart with a new determination that they must get up and move now into all God has for them. They are putting everything else away in their lives and their priorities have changed.

Something new has happened:

Everything about them is changing before their eyes. Their nature is changing. How they pray is changing. How they have been thinking is changing. Everything about them is changing and it is doing so quickly and yet they can’t explain it. They know something is different, but what they can’t yet identify it.

A new love for the Lord is burning in their hearts like never before. A new desire to live Holy and righteous burns in their being. A new desire for the Kingdom of God reality is ever before them and their faith has been released and increased to possess it.

Never the same again:

In this people, they know they will never be the same, and they are ready to leave all they have, all they have known behind to possess the “new of God” that is now before them.

They can’t explain it yet, but they can feel the holy love of God burning in their veins. They can feel a new mind set filling their thoughts. They can sense new priorities beginning to grip them and they are coming out of where they were to go where God desires them to be.

They have been in a place of holy anticipation and even frustration for a long time with where they have been at because they have seen the “more of God” the “Kingdom of God.”

They have had revelation about it and even tasted it some, but now, BUT NOW that which was a foretaste is becoming the reality as they are becoming one with the Lord in ways they have never known or experienced.

Have you felt this change:

What is God doing? Why is your life now so strange in comparison to where you were even last year? Why is what God doing in you so hard to identify? Why is what God doing in you seem to be such a great mystery?  God has shown and spoke to you in the past, why is this change so hidden and the work not easily seen? Is what they are experiencing found in the Bible? What is happening to you?  The answer is yes!

The Miracle of the Wedding at Cana:

In John chapter 2, On the third day there was a wedding in Cana and Jesus was invited to come to. This event is only recorded in John’s Gospel which was written to reveal Jesus as the Son of God.

Why did Jesus have to be there? Why was the focus on the fact that the wine had run out at the time of the wedding? Why did Mary come to Jesus and tell him, the wine has run out? Why did Jesus say “women why do you ask, my time has not come? Why did Mary not respond to that and tell the servants whatever he tells you to do, do it?

Why did Jesus then go tell the servants to fill up 6 clay pots, used for foot washing and fill them to the brim? Why did he instruct the to take only “some out” and take that to the Wedding host? While on the way we don’t see anything, hear anything, but a miracle happens, the water changes to wine?

Did anyone see it change? Did anyone hear it change? Did anyone know it changed until the Wedding host tasted the wine? What was his testimony? Most people serve the best wine first and save the cheaper wine when people get drunk and can’t tell the difference? BUT YOU HAVE SAVED THE BEST WINE UNTIL LAST!

A prophetic picture: “The drawn out some”:

A TREMENDOUS WORK OF GOD HAS HAPPENED THIS YEAR. Something has shifted in the Spirit realm. It is unnoticed by many in the Body of Christ at this moment, but the Lord has drawn out from those clay pots (the body of Christ) the “some” the first fruits of divine change that is going to sweep over the whole earth.

These ” drawn out some” are those who have been changed in their spirit and lifted into a new reality of the Kingdom. They may not even noticed it happened or when it happened by God’s design, lest any man should boast.

But they are different, they have become “air born” in the Spirit. They are speaking differently, thinking differently, living differently, and some even in new apostolic power and love. Yet they don’t quite seem to understand what is happening in them.

Life still seems normal and as if nothing around them has changed, but a real transformation is happening in their lives. The Lord is desiring to bring forth the kingdom fruit, the lasting fruit, the fruit that will remain to bring healing for the nations as His kingdom manifests on the Earth. This everlasting fruit is silently being formed on their branches.

The birds of the air (those hungering for the Kingdom) are going to come and feast from their branches because they have been changed from water to wine, The quality of their life is now heavenly.

They have become new wine and this wine is not like the wine we had in the Baptism of the Holy Spirit in the church age that focused on gifts and ministry
This wine is new and filled with the purest love of God in resurrection power.

This wine is filling them in kingdom reality of pure holy love and is lifting them up to a new seated place with Jesus in the heavens where they will run with him and finish their race.

They are being called “up here” before the throne of God to “see what is to come after” Rev. 4:1 They are gaining heavenly eyes and ears and hearts prepared for the work of the Omega God upon the Earth. This new wine they have become has now positioned them to “finish the race.

The revelation of the Omega God:

These “drawn out some” are experiencing the Lord as the “Omega God” the finishing God. Many have known Jesus as their Savior, their Father as the Creator, The Spirit as the Breath of God, but now those “drawn out ones” will experience the fullness of the Godhead as the Omega God in Kingdom power and love as have never been seen of the face of the Earth.

They have been drawn out from “the many” (for many are called) that all appear to be water  in the 6 clay pots from the end of the church age to become “new wine” as “ drawn out ones” they are (the few that are chosen) who have been transformed from water to wine on their journey to the Master of the feast. They have been “drawn out” to bring forth the pure holy love of God to transform this world to become the Kingdom of God in Christ.

These “drawn out some” are being empowered, trained, and equipped for God’s end time purposes. They will be used to hep bring forth the Kingdom of God on Earth as it is heaven in the very power of the love in God’s kingdom.

Their nature has been changed from water to wine. Water represents the cleansing of the spirit and nature of the spirit. Wine represents the “character of the Spirit.” That divine fullness of His character and nature as full grown sons and daughters in power is now coming forth from the completed finishing work of Jesus as their “Omega Finishing God.”

Beloved’s, We have never seen or experienced this ever before on the Earth. It has been saved for this hour and time in history. The Omega God’s character and nature will finish the work Jesus started in us in all that will receive it. “He that has begun this good work in you will be faithful to COMPLETE IT!”

Getting to the finish line:

These “drawn out ones” have the urgency of this moment burning in them, and they have begun to clearly see the finish line. They have the Omega God faith imparted in them to know to finish the race.They are being supernaturally equipped to help others run their race and finish their course of God’s Kingdom plan for their lives.

They have the vision of Omega God working in them to see the kingdoms of this Earth become the Kingdoms of our God in Christ, and they have been enabled by God to bring it about.

They are the first fruits of an end time harvest of people who will experience the fullness of the Omega God ruling and reigning in their hearts. The Kingdom of God will be fully established in them.

They are now being equipped to bring many sons into glory as Jesus did. They will lead many into the fullness of Kingdom life on Earth now as it is heaven.

The “drawn out ones” are being filled right now with the former and the latter rain at the same time, and this rain (water) is now becoming the best wine saved for the end of this age and the beginning of the 1000 year reign of Christ.
Plans and strategies to finish.

New strategies and new plans:

These drawn out ones are now receiving divine instructions, divine plans, and strategies from heaven to FINISH! The new wine they have become will  bring them to a deeper separation to the Lord for a “new training” from God.

This training work will release the greater works of Jesus on the Earth through them becoming one with Him as never before. They will become His “Kingdom Finishers” as He moves deeper in their hearts with Kingdom life and power to finish what He desires on the Earth.

They have been drawn out of “time” as we have known it to be to be lifted up to the place in eternity seated with Him in heavenly places.  As they continue wait upon the Lord in His presence,  Isaiah 40 says they will be equipped to run and not grow weary and walk and not faint.

These new strategies and plans will change everything about their lives as they have known it to be. Their old life will pass fully away and all things will become new as God intended.

What they were and knew has changed and is now fading away into the glory that will now be revealed in them. They may not fully know this or see it ye
he Omega Finishing God is revealing this in them more and more each day that they are different.

They are beginning to experience the shedding of the temporary shell of this life as they have known it for the eternal life (the abundant life) of the Kingdom of God manifested fully in them. The invisible becoming visible!

Most of the “drawn out ones” may just now begin to recognize that this change  has come. They may not be able yet to express it or even understand the new working of the Lord.

They may know something has changed but don’t realize their divine nature is being changed from water to wine in the fullness of God’s Kingdom. But they will as the Omega God fills them with His Glory!

The Glory of God:

Only as they get closer to Jesus, (the Alpha and Omega) in oneness with Him will they understand the miracle God has done in them to become “drawn out ones” in the third prophetic day we have entered as the Kingdom age.

It is at the wedding feast at Cana God’s glory is revealed. In John chapter 2, John writes “This is the first miracle Jesus did to show forth his glory”  What glory? The Glory of God filling his temple that will change us from water to wine so we can finish the race! The Glory of God that shall fill all the Earth as His finishers arise

Trained in a brand new way:

Beloved, are you one of those God is revealing this divine change in? Do you sense that change but can’t understand what God is doing with you?
If that is you, take heart!  God is doing a divine work in you to be a “first fruits” of kingdom people walking in the power of the Omega God that is coming upon the Earth.

If you are one of the “first fruit drawn out ones,” You are going to be trained in a brand new way. This training is nothing you have ever seen or experienced, so get ready.

None of the present church teachings will ever compare to this training God himself will do in you. No one can get the credit but God.

No one will be able to teach this work of the Omega God as a series of teaching, because it can’t be taught. It has to be experienced. It is a miracle, one minute you are water the next you are wine? Try to explain that by a series of teaching? You can’t.

Beloved’s if this is happening in you get ready by fully surrendering to the work of God for the intense training He must now do in your life. You are called for such a time as this. You have been chosen to bring forth a people within a people to the fullness of Kingdom life to be lived upon the Earth NOW!

You are preparing a people made for glory, and will surely prepare a place for the Lord’s habitation of the Lord, the New Jerusalem City.”

Henry Falcone

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