Prepare for Extreme Sudden Upgrades

By Ron McGatlin

Spiritual increase in surge bundles of extreme love and power will accompany waves of persecution. The more the enemy pours out evil, the greater the pure love, power, and wisdom of God will blow in on the wind of the Spirit bringing peace and joy beyond understanding. (Mat 5:10) (Mark 10:30).

Victory will no longer be measured by possessions and comfort. The leanness of natural appetite satisfaction will bring the richness and fullness of spiritual reality of drawing from the well of the love of God with all of its abundant life. (John 4:10-13) (John 7:38).

Surges of miraculous encounters of supernatural healing and provisions will create the once illusive but now present return of the presence of the Lord in and among us. That for which many have looked to the sky to see coming to take us to heaven will come up from the pure heavenly well of Christ within us bringing heaven to earth. (Luke 17: 20.23).

On the horizon – the glow of a white hot fire of heaven’s power vaporizing the evil works of the enemy occupation of the cities of lost sons – whole nations turned in a day from feasting on foolishness and filth of chronic deception to dining at the table of the Lord in purity and glory of His presence. (1 Cor 10:21) (Luke 22:28-30).

No more striving for that which does not satisfy but only robs God of our communion with Him. (Isa 55). In the perfect splendor of His glory is rest in eternal peace and joy now and forever. To be present with the Lord is to be free from the overburdens of striving for independence from God in our own self-glorifying false kingdom of self-indulgence. (Heb 4: 9-11)

Heaven has come down to us who believe.

That which we hoped for in the someday by and by to come down to take us to heaven is now springing up from the overflowing wells of living water of the Spirit of Christ Jesus abiding in and with us now. (John 7:38).

NOW, TODAY we are the sons and daughters of God, alive in His presence, filled with abundance, and overflowing His love and life to a world in deep destress. (Rom 8:14-17).

The world cries out for the pure holy river of the unconditional never-ending love of God flowing across the land in the pure holy sons of Almighty God. (Rom 8:21-22) (Gal 4:6).

That for which we only dreamed has emerged from the unseen of the Spirit as the light of the world.

All the world will bow to the love of God standing in glory upon the mountains of this world spreading to the vast plains and to the depth of the bottomless seas. All the earth shall bow before the Living Creator of all life now and forever. (Rom 14:11) (Phil 2:9-11).

Be strong and of a good courage for the Lord your God is with you. It is His good pleasure to give you His kingdom. (Josh 1:7) (Eph 6:10) (Luke 12:32).

Ron McGatlin

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