“Get Radical!” – A Word of the Lord for March and Beyond

By Bob Kloppel

This March (Hebrew month of Adar) I’ve heard the Lord repeatedly say, “Get radical…get radical…get radical!”  The terms “extreme” and “drastic” are synonyms for “radical”, so I reasoned that He was saying that this is a time to begin living in a drastic or extreme manner. When I asked for clarification, He reminded me that the world is being influenced by people who see themselves as “radical”, but who are actually only going with the flow of fallen human nature. They have cut God out of the loop and ultimately decide issues of right and wrong and of good and evil by the tenets of the ideology of secular humanism. (Basically, these tenets are that we are alone is a godless, purposeless universe in which there is no truth, one in which we must create our own values and standards. In other words, we are our own gods.) These people are crass and speak loudly, persistently, and love to beat the war drum, but they are NOT radical, at least not by God’s definition!

It seems to them, however, that they are radical, because they have attached themselves to the “hot button issues” of the day:  gay marriage, immigration control, open borders (a.k.a. “no borders”), HB2, equal income for all, free college, how bad they think Donald Trump is, etc. But God says that He sets the standards for what it means to truly be radical. And His standard has a name: Jesus! Jesus is the true measure of what it means to be radical. He surrendered his life to Father God in order to ultimately turn our lives around and to bring planet Earth back to conformity with the Father’s original paradigm. Jesus loved radically, forgave radically, trusted the Father radically, spoke radically, and healed radically. Everything about his life was fully on the side of God and His Kingdom. He even died radically. But he was so radical in God that even death could not hold him! He had radical courage, radical faith, radical joy, and radical purity. His life was light years from any connection to the dominant false religion of the world today, that is, secular humanism. The Lord said, “They (the humanists) have defaulted to the outcomes of living without Me. They simply live out the emptiness of being disconnected from my order for mankind. I am about more life. Any position devoid of Me, or which creates a mixture of Me and anything else, results in ongoing and accelerating manifestations of death. The world has come to a fork in the road. Choose wisely which way to go. Choose life (Deut 30:19-20).”

Yes, it’s true! The world is increasingly experiencing confusion, chaos, and breakdown. The implications are dire…..but God! Fortunately, He has a people and a plan. His plan is called “the Kingdom of God”, on earth as it is in heaven. His people are those who either already have or will give Him carte blanche in their lives, having asked him to be the Lord of their lives as well as their Savior. This has made all the difference. Making him Lord gives him permission to expand the Kingdom within us until we are so filled with Light that it radiates out into the world around us. The hope of the world is not found in charismatic leaders, political agendas, or social programs.  Neither is it released through religious training and church activity. The hope is what it always was:  our relationship with Jesus himself and what he will do through the willing! The greatest revival is soon coming and it will come through them.

Jesus is the true paradigm of radical living.  He chose God’s order above all else – and He bids us to do the same.  We are called to become radically obedient, creative, active, passionate, and demonstrative about God and his Kingdom – in every aspect of life! The seven mountains of culture are desperate, as is the physical earth itself.  People are desperate, depressed, scared, and angry.  The earth is in catharsis from abuse and neglect. As the world will increasingly see, Jesus is THE answer. He loves unto salvation and restoration. People without him need him now! The seven mountains of human culture need him now! The media, family, arts, education, government, religion, and the economy MUST begin to experience the beauty of the Kingdom of God and shift. Now is the time. March (Adar) is the month Esther made a decision to be radically courageous and a whole nation was saved from Haman’s noose. So, as a popular Kingdom song says,

“As I commanded Moses, I am commanding you,

 Be bold, be strong, for the Lord your God is with you,   

Do not, do not be afraid…”

“Usiogope”, James Vincent, 2012

Are we ready to be the smooth, straight, and leveled Isaiah highway by which God comes into the earth realm (Isaiah 40:3-5)?  If so, it can only happen if we “get radical!”

Bob Kloppel

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