The Biggest Counterfeit of All Time – The Counterfeit Kingdom

By Ron McGatlin

The love of God is the bond of peace among all people in whom Christ Jesus fully dwells by the Spirit of God. (Eph 4:1-6). We are not all at the same place in understanding and personal beliefs due, in part to the complexity of the many callings and unique design of God for each of us. In addition, we are not all at the same place on our journey toward the maturity of our part in God. It is the deep abiding all-consuming love for God and for one another that holds us all together as the one functioning body of Christ. Only in the passionate love from God is there true oneness of the family of God. (Eph 5:30-32).

We are one Spirit family in many places with many functions working together as each part or organ supplies its part to the body. We cannot and should not all think the same. Yet, we all fit together in the unity of the all-powerful passionate love of God flowing into and through us. (1 Cor 12:4-34). It is the life giving Spirit of Christ Jesus that flows abundant love and life in and through us by the Holy Spirit.

Our oneness does not depend on intellectual agreement on biblical doctrine or human wisdom or understanding. It fully rest in our being connected to God and fully saturated with Christ by the Holy Spirit. Actually all disunity and the pain that it causes is used to turn us back to God and His love.

The Opposition to Oneness

There are forces in this world that desperately desire to stop the flow of the life of God in Christ Jesus from flowing in and through the people of God on earth. This is not just an idle obsession with Satan and His anti-Christ agenda. The false reign of the devil and his demonic forces on earth could be quickly ended. The devil and all of his evil spirits now function only by the authority given to them through man by the failure of man to be in love with God. The enemy knows that his illegal reign on earth is over on earth when the people become fully in love with God. (Rev 12:12).

Falling in love with God and His word provides the motivation and the power to walk in perfect obedience to God as we live and walk in the Spirit. Perfect obedience and alignment with God and His plan is accomplished through all-consuming love relationship with God. (Mat 22:37-40).

The Lack of Oneness with God through Love Brings Disorder and Dysfunction

The world is currently under siege by the powers of Satan’s anti-Christ spirit. The cunning deceitful lying spirits are in an all-out effort to stop the love of God in Christ Jesus from spreading to the entire world and bringing a total end to His false reign on Planet Earth.

Dear Friends, please be aware that the Spirit is speaking wisdom to us about something that is occurring today in this world. This is not about something that will only be taking place someday, this is happening today as we go about our daily lives. This also is not a version of some conspiracy theory. It is not a theory at all, it is a work that is happening today while many, if not most Christians are totally unaware.

Most of the current and future leadership of this world has been subversively indoctrinated and programed in the concept of the one most significant counterfeit of all time. Most of the brilliant minds of the elite quality of youth in America and the western world have been and are now being trained into this worldwide counterfeit kingdom that falsely promises a similar end to that which the true kingdom of God promises and really provides.

The true kingdom of God provides righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit in the lives of the people now in this life. The true kingdom is a Spirit kingdom ordered and empowered by love, the pure holy love of God in His people by His Spirit. The true kingdom of God is a heavenly kingdom come to earth in King Jesus to rule and reign through love on earth as it is in heaven.

The false or counterfeit kingdom promises righteousness for everyone according to their own personal definition of rightness. This false concept brings false peace in that one can do no wrong in their own minds. This leads to a false temporary sense of pleasure instead of a deep eternal real joy. Joy is thought to be a type of freedom to live in debased sexual pleasure-seeking and self-indulgence in any chosen form. Anyone or anything that stands in the way of this ungodly insanity is seen as hateful tyrants trying to bring bondage and must be railed against and destroyed.

Satan’s New World Order

A current name for the counterfeit kingdom is the “New World Order” (NWO). The New World Order is a godless secular governance system in which a relatively few elite men establish the ways of life for the world. Many of the people seeking to govern through this system may believe that its concepts come from the minds of benevolent elite men, and do not realize that a powerful spirit force is the designer and orchestrator of these concepts of governance. The spirit of anti-Christ and all the cunning spirit forces of Satan are the originators and orchestrators behind the scenes of the movement.

This whole program is a BIG LIE!

This is the same spirit that was in the serpent that deceived Eve in the Garden, only now the mild enticing serpent of Genesis has grown into the fiery red dragon of Revelation 12:3. This change from a serpent to a fiery red dragon happened by the people giving their God-given authority of dominion over to the enemy. The authority of dominion on earth was first given to the people of God at Adam’s creation in Genesis 1:26-28, and then redeemed by JESUS in the New Testament.

Currently there is a hot increasingly visible war involving the people who are following the spirit of anti-Christ and the people who are following the Spirit of Christ Jesus. This war is not won or lost by flesh and blood. The war is not with flesh and blood but with the elevated spiritual hierarchy of Satan and his anti-Christ spirits or demons that are working through education, mass media, social media, entertainment, religion and every other available avenue to affect and control the minds of the people. (Eph 6:12).

How in this world is this happening?

The NWO is easily sold to post-modern youth as a much more fair and benevolent way of life that causes all mankind in all nations to live in more equality of earthly provision and protection under the control of one world government and police systems.

The belief is that the redistribution of world wealth will bring the people of the whole world to one standard and level of life. It is further believed that the concentration of power into one governing headship will stop strife and wars between independent state governments.

Everyone will be trained to think as a part of the whole and not independently or differently.

The attempt is that no one will consume more of the world’s goods or provisions than all the others.

The belief is that there would not be stress in the people’s lives since everything needed is provided by the government and all decisions are determined for the people. This would make much better use of the planets resources and allow the massive populations to be supported by the planets resources.

This representative partial list of promised or hoped for results of a one world police state governance is basically the same or similar results as the kingdom of God coming forth on earth. Since basically the same results appear to be sought after in the New World Order kingdom of man and in the New Jerusalem kingdom of God why should we be so concerned?

The big difference is that one is Truth that leads to heaven ruling on earth and the Garden of Eden style life for all mankind. The other is a big counterfeit lie that ends in bondage to the devil that leads to death and destruction of hell on earth.

The kingdom of God is true freedom coming from the one true King, Christ Jesus by the Spirit of God living in the people of the world and supplying all need and wisdom for all life to flow as one in the true love of God. There is no need for police or laws in the New Jerusalem reality of the kingdom of God on earth.

Seeing Clearly and Following Truth

Why is it that the kingdom of God, that Jesus came to bring, and that He preached and demonstrated while on the earth, has not yet fully prevailed on earth?

God has not failed. Jesus has not failed. We cannot really even blame the devil. He is defeated and made powerless by the cross and resurrection of Christ Jesus.

We as the body of Christ must arise to bring forth the real gospel of the kingdom of God from within us into all areas of life. We must truly embrace the Holy Spirit as fully God bringing the life of Christ Jesus into our hearts and lives to bring change to the world.

We must leave the rule of the kingdom of man and become the mature sons of God ruling with Christ to take back our God-given authority from the already defeated enemy. God made us for personal love relationship with Him in His kingdom. We turned from seeking His kingdom to building a religion.

The Cure

The cure is to turn back to God and His plan of seeking first God’s kingdom and His righteousness and all we were seeking after will be added to us. (Matt 6:10, 33) To turn is to repent and fall upon the mercy of God to fully return us to the pure holy LOVE of God and receive His grace of Christ fully living and loving in us to redeem the world and restore the rule of God on earth.

God and all heaven waits eagerly for a people to turn from their religious and self-seeking ways to total and complete hope in God – to fall at His feet to be lifted and restored to the kings and priests of this world – mature true sons of God spreading the love and glorious power of His miracle working all-consuming love, power and wisdom to change this world.

God and all of heaven is waiting and greatly excited that the children of God are coming through to become the Sons of God on earth to redeem the planet and all that is on it back to God and His plan for all earth to be filled with His glory showing His perfect love and magnificence to all creation.

I am all in. Are you?

Ron McGatlin

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