God’s Kingdom Spring

By Ron McGatlin

The seeds of God’s kingdom have been mostly dormant and underground for two thousand years, hidden from view of the masses. In the last quarter of the twentieth century a few seeds sprouted and grew into seed baring plants that scattered more seed across the land by the wind of His Spirit. Now in this kingdom spring season many of those seeds have sprouted and are growing into strong fruit bearing plants.

In the first three quarters of the twentieth century the Holy Spirit rain fell upon the land, and the kingdom seed began awakening. The true kingdom of God reality of transforming this world could not grow into place until the baptism in the Holy Spirit moistened the seed. The kingdom of God is in the Holy Spirit. Romans 4:17: ….The kingdom of God is righteousness and peace and joy in the HOLY SPIRIT.

The bright light of the kingdom is shining forth into the darkness of the world. The ruling crust of elite darkness has not been able to hold back the sprouting seed from pushing through the dark crust into the light of heaven that is streaming to earth.

This has caused the once subversive forces of darkness to become wild with fear and hatred toward the light of the kingdom growing forth rapidly into the world. (Rev 12:12). The darkness is arising in a massive move of fierce resistance. In doing so it is becoming blatantly exposed and visible to increasing numbers of the awakening masses of people who had been drugged with the poison of self-indulgence and false religions.

Friends, this is NOT religious talk. This is totally practical and as real as life and death. It is as urgent as food, water, and air are to natural life. Your life, family, and future are hanging in the balance and teetering back and forth. It is now or never for you and I and all among us who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus by the Spirit.

Poison words and images are pouring out in a massive flood of a desperate all-out attempt to destroy the rapidly growing kingdom of God people who are multiplying on earth. No one can overcome the onslaught of anti-Christ spirit driven flood of lies unless they stop drinking from the poison well of mass media news, entertainment, and educational systems and start drinking deeply from the everlasting flowing well of the truth of God by His Spirit and His word.

Drinking from the Well of Truth

The pure crystal clear fresh water of the LOVE of God flowing from Spirit God in Christ Jesus deep within you and I is the well of truth and life. (Rev 22:1) (John 7:38).

The fresh living love and truth of God flowing from the well of the Spirit is perfectly clean and clear. Every mature son of God (male or female) must come to drink directly from God’s fountain of life.

As the pure water of truth flows out and becomes many streams, there is the possibility of contamination. Drinking only from one of the many streams further from the fountain head can lead to having only a portion of the whole truth mixed with contaminants added in from the banks of the stream.

It is vital that we mature as fully adopted sons and drink directly from the fountain Head, Christ Jesus, within us by the Holy Spirit.

If we are in one of the many diverse streams of the water of God, we need to continue to move upstream until we reach the undivided pure flow of God’s perfect love at the throne of God. Thus we actually experience the reality of being seated in Christ at the throne of God to rule and reign with Him in this life.

The Anti-Christ Poison

If the flow from that well is contaminated along the way with the poison of anti-Christ, the poison inputs will flow into our hearts through our eyes and ears. This can cause us to become like the living dead and be soon overtaken in defeat. Our hearts may become spiritually sick and confused. Then poisoned words and actions may flow out of us to those around us. This is the root of the angry words and demonstrations in the world today, even by some Christians. (Acts 14:2) (Psalm 140:2-3)

Extreme Reality

My dear friends and fellow followers of Christ, seekers of the kingdom, we run the risk of being labeled an extremist by the opposing anti-Christ infected forces. It appears that by hearing the heart of God we, or at least I, have become what the world would call an extremist. My heart is so overtaken by the supernatural, spiritual, all-consuming love of God that it seems to require some effort to remain connected to this natural life and world. Yet, it remains that there is yet His work to be done and His kingdom words to plant in the heart soil of the current generations of people on earth, especially in this season of extreme opposition to Christ Jesus and His kingdom people on earth.

There is now a ballooning flood of lies and devilish twisting of real facts into fantasies of deception that is flowing from mass media news and entertainment. These major mind influencers are life impacting agencies that are controlled and operated by people who have been greatly influenced and trained by anti-Christ demonically inspired teaching in our so called “higher” education. This flood of lies and twisted truth is implanting false devilish religion and blatantly anti-Christ beliefs into the people of the nations.


This stream is a stream of life to God’s people, a stream of pure refreshing water of righteousness, peace, love, power, and joy.

This same stream appears to be a stream of deadly destruction to those following the anti-Christ spirits and false religions. It is to them seen as a stream of liquid fire destroying everything it touches that is not of God.

However, for those in transition of being transformed, it is a stream of fire burning away the false and evil planted in their lives, and at the same time a stream of fresh new life of righteousness, love, peace, power, and joy.

The World Will Be Changed by this Invading Kingdom

Be not mistaken, there is no way of avoiding that which is springing forth in this season. Every living person and every living thing will at some level and some degree experience the fire of God’s loving redemption or they will experience God’s love in the earth cleansing fire of His righteous judgment.

Every family, tribe, or nation will be divided by the sword of the fire of God into those who love God and those who do not love Him. However, those families, tribes, and nations in which every person turns to God with their whole hearts will be completely redeemed. On the other hand those families, tribes, and nations in whom none will turn to God will be dissolved from the earth. (Rev 21:27).

No one has to miss the reality of the glorious kingdom of God life in the springing forth age of the kingdom. The loving arms of God await to embrace each and every person who will come to Him with their whole hearts.

Lives will be completely changed as God fills hearts with the beauty of holiness in the glory of His presence. Christ will be formed in all who give up their lives into His hands and allow the Spirit of God to fully possess their lives. This is heaven coming to earth, the reality of everlasting life. It is eternity abiding in the sons of God on earth now and forever.

Love never fails, and
His kingdom never ends.

Ron McGatlin

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