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1. The Spiritual Showdown of the Ages

By Ron McGatlin

It is impossible to make reasonable sense of current world events without considering the great spiritual showdown of the ages taking place in the heavens and worldwide on earth. The ongoing war of the ages between two kingdoms for the rule of the world is coming to a showdown.

The kingdom of God has begun to arise in recent times. The revelation of the real gospel of the kingdom of God coming forth on earth as it is in heaven has begun to be widely proclaimed for the first time since Christ Jesus and His disciples introduced it to the world two millennia ago.

The false kingdom of darkness that has dominated the world since the fall of Adam is now being greatly threatened. The victory won in Christ Jesus is now coming alive in many people, especially young people who are beginning to spiritually sense the potential of the kingdom of light within them changing the world.

This spiritual war is first a battle for the minds and hearts of people. That which rules in the minds and hearts of mankind rules the world. If the light and life of Christ fills the minds and hearts of the people, the kingdom of God will rule the world. If the darkness and life of antichrist fills the minds and hearts of the people, the kingdom of darkness will rule the world.

The love, power, and wisdom of God is imparted and established into the world through redeemed mankind in whom Christ fully dwells by the Holy Spirit. This awesome leadership of supernatural heavenly strength coming forth in the world means the end of the false rule of the evil darkness that has burdened the entire world for millennia. Christ is coming forth in His people to save and rule in the world as the kingdom of God. This is the enemy’s worst nightmare.

In this day the ruling kingdom of darkness is waging an all-out offensive to stop the advance of the light and life of Christ Jesus and destroy the kingdom of God from the earth.

With great cunning and deception, the enemy has enslaved millions into a vicious army of enraged people bent on the removal of Christ by the elimination of all of God’s people form Planet Earth. Education and entertainment media are primary tools among many others used to capture and mold the minds and hearts of the people. They are not out to destroy just the religious lukewarm Christians. Their primary target is to convert or kill any and all who carry the life of Christ Jesus and the light of the kingdom of God.

The spirit of antichrist now occupies high places of religious and political leadership in the nations of the world giving the offensive against God’s people the very effective power of the deceived masses to rise up in direct conflict of all that is of truth and righteousness.

The Showdown

The situation now is much the same as it was in Elijah’s day as recorded in 1 Kings 18.

Evil had been enthroned in the political leadership of the nation. The prophets of God had been slaughtered by Jezebel, and the nation was in famine because God had withheld rain for three years. Ahab, the king, had become involved in worship of foreign false gods and brought in the evil Jezebel as his queen. Jezebel became a strong force in the nation, and Ahab became weak and tolerant of the evil Baal worship and ungodliness in the land. It was not a good time to be a follower of God in Israel.

It was time for a showdown between God with His prophet Elijah and 450 prophets of Baal. God spoke to Elijah to call for the showdown. You probably know the story how the 450 prophets of Baal set up a sacrifice and cried out for their god to send the fire to ignite the wood for the burnt offering. Nothing happened even after the prophets cried out all day and cut themselves till they bled, seeking to get an answer from their god, to no avail.

Elijah then rebuilt the altar of God with twelve stones – one for each tribe of Israel, dug a trench around it, and stacked the wood upon it. The bullock was cut into pieces and laid upon the wood. Then he called for water to be poured over the whole thing three times. Then he called upon the LORD.

1 Kings 36-39: And it came to pass, at the time of the offering of the evening sacrifice, that Elijah the prophet came near and said let it be known this day that You are God in Israel and I am Your servant, and that I have done all these things at Your word.

Hear me, O Lord, hear me, that this people may know that You are the Lord God, and that You have turned their hearts back to You again.”

Then the fire of the Lord fell and consumed the burnt sacrifice, and the wood and the stones and the dust, and it licked up the water that was in the trench.

Now when all the people saw it, they fell on their faces; and they said, “The Lord, He is God! The Lord, He is God!”

The Great Showdown of the Ages and You Are There

World history is shaping itself for what may be the final great showdown, between the light of God and the darkness of evil, to turn the hearts of the people of the world to the Lord God Almighty.

We are now in the phase of the enemy gaining great strength and systematically killing the people of God who will not yield to the powerful deception of evil training and mental conditioning from cunning deception through secular education and media. The deceived masses, if not participating directly in the destruction of God’s people, are at least tolerant of the vicious killing of the people and destruction of the things of God and Christ across the world.

A people of God after the spirit of Elijah will arise – even in the midst of the darkness of evil oppression – to challenge the masses of evil prophets of Baal now marauding across the land and in high positions of authority ruling over the masses. In impossible circumstances of great oppression by the powerful spirit of antichrist leading the nations to worship Baal, a prophetic people of the true God will arise to demonstrate the awesome power of God establishing Christ Jesus as LORD and King of this world and all creation.

From out of the darkness of wilderness is coming the Spirit of God in a people prepared to stand in the power and presence of God to release the absolute authority of God of heaven upon Planet Earth. This awesome work of God is now preparing a people after the spirit of Elijah – a mass of people of Christ who regard not their own lives but present to the world the life of Christ Jesus by the Spirit of God from heaven.

In the deep darkness the light of God is brighter, and the great contrast of godliness and evil will once and for all bring the great showdown that will turn many of the people of the world to the kingdom of God and to Christ, the rightful King Who will reign forever. Everything that exalts itself against God will be consumed in the fire of God demonstrating once and forever the LORD is GOD of all.

The greatest move of God of all history is before us now. Be prepared to experience the fire of God beyond imagination and understanding. Only believe, and all things are possible to the people of God who believe. Faith grows in the presence of God in the time of desperate darkness and need.

Rejoice even in the desperate times of utter evil and foolishness in high places bringing the madness of the enemy upon the land. Know that the enemy is rushing to his own end. The greater the darkness, the greater the light will come forth to bring forth the real kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven.

God is now finding a people without fear, full of faith and who will not relent until the kingdom of God reigns and the glory of God fills the earth.

We are the people upon whom this time has come. There is no reason to hold back and no reason to procrastinate or look for some future event. Biblical history is being made, and you are there. This is your day of the Lord. Awaken and look unto the hills of heaven for the Lord is near, and even in His holy temple His purified body on earth. Arise and shine for you light has come.

Love never fails, And
His kingdom never ends.

Ron McGatlin

2. Checkout the New Website

We finally have the new site online. Hope you like it. It has all of the features of the old site in what we believe is a better form with lots of pictures. All the most important things are on the home page for easy access and quick reference.

The forums are much smaller since some other things have their own section now. On the old site we used the forums to list all of our articles and publications. In the new site these different items each have their own page and listings. The new forums will require a bit of getting used to since they are different from the old. You will need to register on the forums and then you will be sent a confirming email before making your first post. If you have any problems please contact me. We value your participation.

The predominent features of the new site are the free resoruces such as kingdom books and articles, news that affects the kingdom of God and archives of older material,

A link to the old site is on the home page providing availability of the wealth of kingdom prophetic publications and conversations from the past.

Be sure to explore the new site and let us know what you think. It is still a work in process in some areas. We are open to suggestions.

Ron McGatlin

3. News Headlines

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