When brought into the life of the Kingdom of God, men and women are positioned for incredible realities. What stands before them is a whole new realm of existence. Its beauty and glory are unfathomable.

However, as this incredible freedom is being discharged, a corresponding response is necessitated. Actions must be made in light of this astounding revelation. Each of us has been invited into a magnificent interchange.

The sons and daughters of the Most High need to fill their imagination with the endless possibilities of the Father. We cannot live or even think like we did in the past. As God’s designs are intentionally embraced, environments and cultures are utterly transformed.

When believers immerse themselves in the declarations of God, it reorders things. As we intentionally speak what God speaks, we’re freed from wicked entanglements. When we prophetically affirm our righteous destiny, sin envelopes us no more.

There is an astounding biblical passage that speaks to all of this. It firmly declares, “Reckon yourselves dead to sin, but alive to God in Christ Jesus” (Romans 6:11).

The term “reckon” is utilized in the field of accounting. It is often used to describe the process of calculations, the settling of accounts, and even determinations made according to a ‘fixed basis.’ Many of the dynamics that take place in the financial realm also transpire in the spiritual.

In this ‘day of reckoning,’ God is calling us to advance as if the debt is already paid. We are to proceed as if the ugliness and unrest in the world have no claim on our lives. We reckon ourselves dead to sin and full of the glory of Jesus.

The secret to victory all comes down to the reckoning.

JD King
World Revival Network


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