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  1. A Joseph Door

By Lana Vawser


This is a season where there are many surprise twists and turns in the road. This is the season of the unexpected. This is the season of divine surprises and this is the season where the Lord is breaking us out of boxes we have put ourselves in and boxes we have placed Him in.

This is the season of Isaiah 22:22: “I will give him the key to the house of David–the highest position in the royal court. When he opens doors, no one will be able to close them; when he closes doors, no one will be able to open them.”

This is a time to really trust where He is leading and trust the doors that He is closing and opening in this season, for He is leading His people into something completely NEW. (Isaiah 43:19)

I saw many of God’s people grieving, heavy hearted and perplexed over some closed doors. Not understanding why the door suddenly closed that was once open, or doors that they felt the Lord leading them to not open.

He is developing in His people deeper dependence in Him and His good plans that He has for them. He is not closing doors to bring disappointment or to bring heartache, but to lead His people to something BIGGER and BETTER.

I heard the Lord say “Those doors that you have closed, those doors that have not opened, these are the SECOND BEST doors. They are the doors that are not the BEST for you. I am about to open a DOOR to you that is My best for you that is going to exceed your wildest dreams, expectations and hopes. In these doors opening you will see more doors open, greater favor, greater provision and increase that would have been released to you in the door you were hoping would open, or door that closed. Do not be disheartened My people, these doors are turning to springboards to lead you into MORE than you could ever imagine.”


Instantly I saw doors that were dripping in anointing! They were dripping in the anointing of the Holy Spirit and there was a HUGE mantle over the doors. When I looked at the mantle closer I saw it said “MANTLE OF JOSEPH”.

I felt the Lord then saying “I am releasing My people right now in this season through unexpected doors and surprise doors that are going to see them carrying a mantle like the mantle of Joseph. Between the door that closed and these doors opening has been a PIT for many. In that place I have prepared them, shaped them, built their character and taught them greater integrity. Now I open doors before them that will see them positioned in greater favor. In the lessons they have learnt in perseverance and stewardship, and sensitivity to My Spirit and leading they will now see all they put their hands to where My Spirit is leading turn to gold. They will brought before people of great influence, and kings and queens to see radical breakthrough and My Glory released in ways they could never have imagined. I am about to do MORE through them in these new doors than has EVER been done through them in the doors they have walked through in their lives UP UNTIL this point.”

Doors are about to open in the lives of God’s people that have embraced the fire and stewarded their process in purity, propelling them into a level of favor, promotion, increase, responsibility and influence carrying a mantle like the mantle of Joseph.

These doors are going to reveal to God’s people just how big His plans are for you and His heart to see people, cities, nations and the world changed by His love, His power and His Glory.

Many of you are about to move into and further into the governmental and business arenas to see radical fire of His love released and encounters with Jesus happening all through these areas. You are being positioned right now in a place you could never get yourself. You are about to stand before kings and queens of this world, people of influence, and they will be drawn to your light and brightness (Isaiah 60:3), the light of Jesus and you shall deliver the prophetic word in season for their life that will bring radical transformation.


The Josephs and the Esthers are moving forward and joining together in positioning to see a SIGNIFICANT move of the Spirit before people of influence and greater favor to bring city and nationwide shifts.

Where ‘changes’ have bewildered many of you, the Lord is going to USE YOU to bring UNEXPECTED SURPRISING GLORIOUS CHANGE BY HIS POWER AND GLORY into places of great influence and the most unexpected places.

You have been prepared, for such a time as this!

Lana Vawser

  1. Show Us the Father

By Amanda Leonard

This morning I woke up hearing the Earth crying, “Show us the Father!!”

The earth is groaning for sons to know who they are.  Seeing themselves through the eyes of Jesus. I see the cries, the yearning of hearts to know their Father, their brother Jesus and His incredible love for them.  Arise and shine dear ones, we have an incredible opportunity awaiting us. Let’s look into His eyes and see the longing of those searching for Someone they know not yet of.  His name, Jesus.

Can you see it? You don’t have to look far to see it.

Can you hear it? Even the silent voices are shouting for approval, acceptance and identity as sons.

It’s in the one at the grocery store, yelling at her kids.  Maybe she looks like she has it all together but inside she is crying out for something more. The man or woman struggling with their sexuality. There are shouts from teenagers, from young adults, even elderly to see the Father, to know Him.

It’s in the woman driving, yelling and flipping off another, in a rage of anger and hate.

This actually happened the other day while my mother and I were on a trip and my mother said, “I feel sorry for her.” I could feel my mom’s genuine and pure love towards this woman.  I believe, I knew why.  My mom remembered being that woman.  She knew in her heart what this woman needed.  She needed to be shown the Father.  She needed His perfect love and approval that would make her new. Just like He did with my precious momma, she is new.

With all the things going on in the world, I actually can’t help but get excited.


Opportunity to share our Father, to help others remember who they are through Jesus, before sin came in and they strayed away from Him.  It’s an opportunity to shine, to shine so brightly with the love and light of our Father.

He is the Father of Lights, which means we are sons and daughters of Light! We are a city on a hill, shining into our city, our family, our friends, strangers, the nations, you name it……we have the opportunity to shine!

We do also have a choice to hide what is inside us.  We have a choice to arise and shine or hide the Light within, under a bushel.

I saw a picture of many believers who had been going through terrible circumstances and it was as if an avalanche of dirt was piled on top of them. I could see God with a holy shovel and He handed it to us, for us to actually stop crying out for rescue and to trust His majesty.

In knowing His majesty, we could scoop by scoop remove the mounds of dirt that was suffocating us. He has already rescued us, we now have to believe it and walk by faith; actively resting in His death and resurrection. Walking by faith and not by what we see. The light that was covered by the dirt, is being uncovered, re-discovered and you are shining brighter than ever.

It reminds of my dream from a couple years ago, the one with the sticks that were covering my yard (heart). There were hundreds of sticks in my front yard and I was not looking forward to cleaning them up, not one little bit. I was trying to make excuses that they weren’t mine and I just didn’t want to do it.  The Lord sent heavenly reinforcement to help pick them up, to put them in a pile but I had to make a decision to pick them up. I moped around, slowly picking up these sticks to put in a pile to be burned.

The point I’m getting at is this, I had to decide to pick up the sticks. Sure, the Lord could have picked up all those sticks for me but in His love He didn’t. With each stick I picked up, He was strengthening me. With each stick I picked up, He revealed more truth and was shedding off all that my flesh had believed. Each stick I picked up, was clearing out all the junk, the stuff I believed, the darkness, the lies. He was teaching me to walk as a son and still is.  I could have stayed there and went round and round again, but that was not His plan or purpose. His plan was for me to pick them up, to put them in a pile, give them to Him and He would send the fire to turn them to ashes; then to beauty.

Through Jesus, He has made me righteousness and He’s establishing righteousness within me. It’s not earned. In Him, I am complete and He’s teaching me how be complete in Him.  In Jesus I have fullness, and He’s teaching me how to be full.  That is growing up in Christ, walking as a son.

For a long time, I constantly thought that I was to “die to this, die to that.” I believed this was me “growing into the full measure of Christ.” I was constantly focused on what I had to die to, instead of what God was making me alive to.  That old man died once and for all. I am now born again, brand new.

I’m learning that to grow up in Christ doesn’t mean that He is dealing with my old man, that person is dead. He is continually revealing the new me, in Him. I am learning the mind of Christ within me that tells me completely different than the thoughts I had previously listened to. He is always pointing to the truth of who I really am now, in Christ, not pointing out my failure. He doesn’t see those anymore, if anything He sees what’s behind them. He sees the promise behind the problem that is waiting to be manifested.  He sees me now with Christ in me and is pulling out the nature and goodness of Christ within me, and cheers me on to let me know I’m becoming.

So to tie all this together.  As we are learning to walk as sons, He is shining His light through us to the world. When we look at others who are deep within, crying out “Show us the Father”, we can chose to see them as Jesus sees them.  We can decide to see them no longer after the flesh but to have Jesus change our lens and see them through Him.

Just like He was showing me the example of growing up in Him, He is pointing out the truth of who I am really am and He wants to do that through us as well, so others would see the Father. So that the cry of their heart to Him, would be revealed as in a mirror. That as we look at Jesus and He reveals the Father to us by Holy Spirit, others can look into our eyes and see Jesus in us.  Then, they see and are reconciled to the Father.

So Jesus, I just pray right now for a new lens.  A new way of seeing for those who have a pure heart. The pure in heart shall see God. I thank You for new hearts.  Hearts from You that love with an unconditional love.  So many throughout the earth are crying out, “Show us the Father”.  Let us be the mirror reflection of Your face. We want them to see You, in Your glory, in Your love for them; not trying to “fix them” but to love them and You will transform them by Love. We have an incredible opportunity Lord and we want to be on board with You.

Help us to see what You have made us alive to, not to focus on sin but to establish righteousness within us.  Thank You for helping us to mature as sons.  We are so overwhelmed at Your goodness and love towards humanity, towards all of creation.  Let us have that same love, love that is not worked up or plastic, but true, geniune, authentic love for Your people. Thank You for hearing the cry of those who long for You and showing us how we can respond.

Jesus You are amazing……You are the Light of the world!!!

Amanda Leonard
Time in His Presence

  1. Show Us the Father/Come Home

By Amanda Leonard

In the silence, she hears. In the silence, she remembers.

It’s as loud as the crickets, through the Blue Ridge Mountains on a dark night. A sound within her, playing an unending melody. The rooms in her heart play the most beautiful symphony, in unity, composing a piece of heaven. It’s been in her and she recognizes the sound. Yet life has tried to rearrange the composition but the Composer within her, is bringing it back to life again. Her song is recognized by others, even those who she thought would never hear it. When her heart begins to sing, others are jolted with life within their bellies, and they realize that sound, sounds familiar too.

She realizes, this song, may not contain words or even sound to the natural ear. It’s the Love of her “Composer”, Jesus within her that carries this song of Love without even saying a word. In a hug, in a touch, in a meal, in stopping for just one, Love plays His song from within her and people stop to hear it. Sometimes Love uses words but they aren’t always necessary.

It’s not just people who stop to hear it, but the mountains, the fields, the animals, all of creation hears and remembers this symphony and longs for it to be played. The transparency she displays, is as if her heart is walking outside her body, like a movie that everyone can see. HE has healed her hurt and now she is free to be, free to sing the song in her heart, free to let it all out and free to invite people in. Her heart is pure and the pure in heart shall see God and the world is crying out, “Show us the Father!”

She cheers on others to open their hearts, to reveal the Composer of Light and Life Himself, within their very being. Love removes all fear to open up their heart, no boundaries, only transparency. She cheers on others to let Jesus be their boundary, He will not lead them astray, for He’s the great Shepard. He’s also an incredible builder, as He was a carpenter by trade. He built her house and He loves to live with her, as does He with others also, if they allow Him to dwell. Some walls are built by ourselves, which actually place us in a prison, but the house He builds will be completely free, with open doors, HOME. Actually her house has no doors, He built it that way. Jesus is her door, which relieves any fear of intruders. There’s many rooms in my Father’s house, He wouldn’t say it if it weren’t so.

The song she sings, reverberates loudly and reveals rooms within others hearts that haven’t been opened yet, some haven’t even been built. Jesus loves to watch this happen, as He watches, another room opened to Him and others, exuberant joy is displayed on His face and excitement fills His heart. Another room is built. As they see His face, they see the Father. As they see Father, they realize we are one. You are the face of the One they are crying out for to see, “Show us the Father!” Christ in you, the hope of glory.

Philip, even seeing Him in the flesh, says to Jesus, “Show us the Father!” He who has seen Me, has seen the Father, I am in Him and He is in Me. This was before the Spirit of Holiness came to reside within them. Yet, in that day you will know that I am in My Father, and you in Me, and I in you. Jesus is the bridge for us to see the Father and now He lives in us, singing His song to all creation. Holy Spirit helps us to remember. So peace He gives to you, not as the world gives. Do not let your heart be troubled, nor let it be fearful. Let Him make it Home. (John 14)

From the beginning, this song was birthed. It’s as loud as the crickets on the darkest night. You may be able to muffle it for a bit, but it will come out. Many times it comes out, in the darkest times of your life but arise and shine for His Light is within you. The world is crying out to hear it. Jesus is waiting to make His home in you, filling every room, building rooms, cleaning them out, lighting them up. As He does this in one, he does it in another and when we come together, there’s mansions filled with rooms, overflowing with our Father!!! Truly heaven on earth. Home.

And the world cries out, “Show us the Father” and the Father said, “I created man in my image and I see that it is very good.”

Let the melody of your heart sing through the mountains and valleys and fill the whole earth with His symphony, “COME HOME!”

Amanda Leonard
Time in His Presence

3. News Headlines

‘March for Jesus’ 2016: Brazil’s Christians Celebrate Freedom in Christ in ‘World’s Largest Christian Event’ – 6/2/2016
Brazil’s ‘March for Jesus’ gathered Hun”This is a celebration for having the freedom to show our faith, and living with joy because of Christ salvation in us.” Hundreds of thousands of evangelical Christians who took the streets of Sao Paolo, turning it into the “largest Christian event in the world.”The procession 3 miles long followed trucks fitted with speakers.
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80 Muslim refugees find Jesus in Germany, get baptized – 6/2/2016
A church in Hamburg, Germany recently conducted a mass baptism filled with Muslim converts who had become disillusioned with Islam and were looking for truth. One convert said: “I’ve been looking all my life for peace and happiness. Another convert, said: “In Islam, we always lived in fear. Fear God, fear of sin, fear of punishment. However, Christ is a God of love.”
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Franklin Graham Blasts Pakistani Law Allowing Men to Beat Their Wives – 6/2/2016
In order to instill fear into their wives, the proposal advises husbands that using a “small stick” is necessary. “Jesus Christ elevated women.” He also called out Hillary Clinton who refuse to speak out against the abusive treatment of women in Muslim nations. As many as 700 Christian women each year are kidnapped, raped and forced into Islamic marriages.
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Muslims in US leadership including head of CIA, presidential advisors, Homeland Security, Public Affairs, Sharia Czar, Faith-Based Neighborhood Partnerships – 6/2/2016
“John Brennan, current head of the CIA is a Muslim. Obama’s top adviser, Valerie Jarrett, is a Muslim who was born in Iran where her parents still live. Hillary Clinton’s top adviser, Huma Abedin is a Muslim, whose mother and brother are still involved in the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt! Homeland Security, Arif Aikhan and Mohammed Elibiary. Read the list of more…..
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Eleven States Sue President Obama Over Transgender Directive – 6/2/2016
This administration has “conspired to turn workplace and educational settings across the country into laboratories for a massive social experiment, flouting the democratic process, and running roughshod over commonsense policies protecting children and basic privacy rights.” Texas along with 10 other states, are suing the Obama administration over the directive.
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My Dad Was Transgender: Why I Still Think Gender Can’t be Changed – 6/2/2016
“Pumped full of unnatural hormones and chemicals and adorned in women’s clothing, my father died a sad, confused, forgetful and regretful old man.” Yes, we really do live in a nation in which our government tells us girls and boys should share restrooms and locker rooms. But the reality is that transgender people are hundreds of times more likely to attempt suicide.
Full Article »
Largest Anti-Boycott, Pro-Israel Conference Ever Held at U.N. – 6/2/2016
“BDS” refers to anti-Israel movement that aims to get countries, businesses and even churches to Boycott, Divest and Sanction Israel and Israeli Jewish businesses. The largest anti-BDS conference ever was held Tuesday at the United Nations. More than 2,000 people attended. The day began with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu via video-conferencing.
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South Sudan: Civilians in Wau targets of violence from government soldiers – 6/2/2016
“There are disturbing reports from the town of Wau and the region, South Sudanese government troops have been killing and torturing citizens in the area.” Women have been raped, homes looted and burned, and the community is living in fear. “Despite the fact that a month or two ago, a national unity government came into effect.” Pray for “Kids Alive” children’s home.
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News From British Isles, Ireland, Europe and Worldwide – 6/2/2016
USA ‘spiritual awakening’ in West Virginia – USA ‘spiritual outpouring’ on west coast – Atheists and agnostics outnumber Christians in England – New Christian resource for schools – Review of Sharia law – Praying for God’s will in the migration crisis – Canada: update on fire disaster – Iraq: fears for families in Fallujah – Iran ‘destroy Israel in eight minutes’ – More>
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We’re Watching an Entire Nation Collapse Before Our Very Eyes – 6/2/2016
In Venezuela people are eating anything they can get. Dogs and cats are hunted for food. Children are crying for food. All provisions are scarce, food, toilet paper, medicine and electricity. People stand hours in long lines hoping to buy provisions. They’ve not been hit by war, natural disaster or terror attack. When debt spirals out of control, this can happen.
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