Beyond supernatural there awaits a heavenly love passion that lifts those who find it into a mountain top ecstasy of peace in fresh pristine righteousness and pools of crystal clear love with rippling waves of joy unspeakable in a fruitful land known as Spirit Reality.

Only a step away from natural reality, just one step through an increasingly thinned separating membrane is the heavenly Spirit reality. The reality of Spirit heaven has come to earth to tabernacle in and with mankind.

Spirit reality is more real than natural reality. All physical existence was created by Spirit. Spirit God created a perfect natural world and placed it in the care of perfect innocent mankind made in the image and likeness of Spirit God in a wondrously designed earthly body. Mankind was placed in a perfect environment of a living natural Garden of Eden to tend it and oversee it.

A Perfect Natural Presentation of Spirit Reality

Everything was alive with the perfect order of God. All grew and prospered continuously renewing and restoring and replacing itself with everlasting life. Every living thing had its seed within itself and every system of life functioned perfectly in its place in harmony with and in support of every other part of the living world.

The perfect picture was lost when the attendant overseer of the created world broke the perfect order of oneness of Spirit reality. Everlasting became temporal as death entered. The way of man into Spirit reality was blocked. All life and natural elements suffered in the tension between life and death, light and darkness throughout the natural world.

When the fullness of time came, God sent forth His only begotten Son to suffer and die to reopen the way for mankind to again enter into oneness with God and His perfect order. The Son of God came to redeem and restore the perfect natural reality of the world.

When the crucified Son of God was resurrected, all of the everlasting life of every living thing and every system of order was potentially resurrected from the curse of death to the fullness of perfect life and order of Spirit reality. It was and is potential only in the sense that it required the agreement of mankind, who was and is the God-given overseer with legal rights to the order of life on the planet.

The fullness of this completed resurrection and restoration of all things is at hand.

It has waited only for the attendant overseer of the created world, mankind, to step through the now thinned membrane into Spirit reality and become the matured Sons of God. Only then will mankind again fully represent Spirit God and order the world in full accordance with the perfect plan, purpose, and design of Almighty God.

The battle is fierce!

The enemies of God and man are pulling out all stops and going after the minds of the people of God with great fierceness. They know fully well that when mankind steps over into the realm of Spirit reality, the full power and provision of Christ Jesus in His people will end their reign of deception and terror. Every form of lying religious and secular deceptions are being poured out to attack the people in their minds with confusion and disorder. Every governmental, informational, educational, or media organization or structure is being targeted with deception and confusion in order to try to use them as a tool to stop the arising of Christ in His people.

Friends, I say this with total assurance and without any reservation or hesitation.


STOP! Stop trying to fix your own life, your family, your church, or your nation in your own strength.

Allow the flame of God to set your soul on fire with love for God! Do whatever you have to do to be in His presence and to hear clearly His voice loving you and drawing you to come fully to Him. Make friends and spend time with loving Spirit filled people. Select close friends who are on fire with the love of God. Do not become close with the religious naysayers or those pretending to be believers with no real evidence of Spirit God in their lives.

Seek God with your whole heart. Make your life all about God. Read the Bible, pray, seek to be filled with the Spirit of God. Read books about the fullness of the Spirit and the miraculous works of God.

What is being said here is to feed your mind on things of God. Truly make God number one priority in your life.

Don’t believe the lie of the devil that says you do not have time for the things of feasting on God and His word.

GOD IS NOT CALLING US TO SACRIFICIAL REIGIOUS ACTIVITY. HE IS CALLING EACH OF US TO SEEK HIM WITH OUR WHOLE HEART. You may have to give up watching television, even the news. You may have to give up some sports and social activities for you and the children. You may not be watching endless ball games and auto races. You may have to stop much of the activities of natural life to make God and His kingdom number one in your life. You may even have to give up a lot of hollow religion and religious activities. We may have to give up endless hours on Facebook. We all have the time to make oneness with God top priority in our lives.

Or we could just continue to choose to spend our time on things of self-pleasure apart from the things of God and believe the teachings of men that make it okay to do so. I think we all know that if we do, we will not enter the Garden of Eden life on earth, the New Jerusalem Spirit reality into which nothing that defiles can enter. It is all by the gift and grace of God, but there must be a willing recipient to make room for God in our lives on earth.

Folks this is serious. If we will turn our hearts fully toward God, He will give us direction and power to accomplish all the needful things of life. He will give us new ways to get things done in less time. He will empower us and open new doors for far better situations or ways of doing things.

This is real. He is God; He has promised, and He does not lie. “Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be added to you.” Blessings will run after and overtake you.

Again, God is not calling us to sacrificial religious activity. He is calling us to seek Him with our whole heart.

“Whatever you do, do it heartily as unto the Lord.” It is urgent that we be sent and move with all assurance and empowerment to accomplish the work that Jesus is doing in and through us. This is not to say to work up your human enthusiasm and stir up natural ability. It is to say, do not continue to allow distractions and soulish lethargy to hinder the fire of God from moving you upward and outward to fulfill the work of God while it is yet day. The world is waiting to see what our lives fully yielded to Christ Jesus will become.

Multitudes of us moving in full obedience and empowerment of God can release myriads of powerful angels to work with us to turn the world around in a very short amount of time. The Garden of Eden is before us and a charred wasteland behind us. There will be nothing to turn back to, and Spirit reality is before us.

Lift up your eyes to the high places from whence your help comes. Set your affection on things above and not on things on the earth. It is from the Spirit God of heaven that we receive the strength, power and authority to become the New Jerusalem, Garden of Eden of Spirit God within us and with us.

Father God, in the name of Jesus, we call upon you to let your fire fall upon us and within us to fill us with your burning love that consumes us. Take my spirit, soul, and body for your dwelling place on earth. Father, let the passion of your love fill my life with your life. Open the flood gates of your love and power to restore your way of life to the world in and through me. God, I am yours alone. There is nothing or no one in my life before you; do with me as you please. I will praise you as long as there is breath in me. Only I ask, please God, may your presence never pass from me. My heart breaks for you – tears of your love flood my soul. My Father, let you majesty and glory be fully known and seen in this world of Spirit reality. Thank you, Jesus. We worship you now and forevermore. Amen!

Be made whole in His love,

Ron McGatlin

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