“By My Spirit you are becoming kings and priests to rule and reign from heaven on earth, kings to reign in natural creation on earth and Priests to intercede for earth and bring the substance of heaven to earth.”

“I have called through many seasons for My kingdom to be restored on earth among My people to rule and reign in the love of My presence. Now in this season victory is within your reach. In this season of your time on earth, My kingdom is at hand in the hearts of My beloved. My chosen who were chosen before the foundation of the world have now responded in the Spirit to walk with me in heavenly places upon and within the realm of natural life that is becoming supernatural Spirit life in natural existence.”

“Do not look upon the failures of the past or the future destruction of the wicked. Rather lift up your face toward My love, and I will draw you by My Spirit into realms of My glory that you have only seen from a distance in the imaginations of your pure hearts. My word is written upon your hearts and cannot be erased or twisted by the foolishness of evil spirits of death of separation.”

“My heart is to redeem the lonely into myself, for this is the resurrection life from the death of separation. Apart from Me there is no life, and in Me there is no death. My light is life, and in Me there is no darkness. Light and life I give freely upon you and within you. No darkness can remain upon you or within you. Everywhere you go with Me, the light of My love transforms all that comes to the light within you.”

“Many seasons of temporal activity have passed and are passing away from you and from planet earth to make room for the eternal to be fully manifested in you and upon the earth. You will not see with your Spirit filled eyes the dissolution of the wicked who have no part with me. Not one son or daughter of mine shall perish, but all who love Me shall be transported from the fallen life of the disobedient world into My eternal presence to continue to abide with Me in the perfect peace of heaven on earth and in the life to come. Selah.”

Natural Generational Renewal

Spiritual realms are forever. All natural life is temporal and must be renewed from generation to generation. All natural created beings only continue to exist by the seed from within them for the next generation. If the seed is destroyed or made void, life is lost and the next generation does not exist. Altering the pure seed changes the life in the next season or generation.

The pure unaltered seed of God in Christ Jesus, Yeshua Messiah planted in the hearts of His people is the continuing rule of God on earth. It is eternity in the earthly bodies of mankind producing the glory of God on Planet Earth for a witness to all creation of the glory of God pictured in all the beauty of heaven on earth. This is the flagship of all creation and the model of the LOVE of God to the glory and majesty of the God of all creation.

There is one God, one King, one Creator, one Father of all. Father God in Christ Jesus, Yeshua Messiah, by the Holy Spirit abides within His sons and daughters on earth and is the head of His Body on earth bringing forth the rule of heaven, the kingdom of God.

Thank you, Lord Jesus! Praise you, Lord and King! Praise you, God, Father of all and Lover of our souls filling us with Love and Life now and forever more! Amen!

Ron McGatlin

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