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1. The Next Move of God

By Ron McGatlin

A deep Spirit inner life is being formed out of the love of God in the hearts and lives of the people of God. It is like white hot molten crystal glass being shaped by the hands of the Master Craftsman from heaven into the perfect living image of Christ. Pure heavenly living Spirit life like a perfect diamond completely free from any impurity is the new life of the reality of God abiding in His people on earth.

All of the awesome moves of God over the past several centuries have been moving us toward this next move of God. God has sent powerful moves with waves of revivals, Holy Spirit outpourings and renewals, healing and deliverance revivals, signs and wonders, great praise and worship gatherings, and much more have characterized the workings of God preparing us for this time. Prophets continue speaking forth this next awesome move of God. Minstrels have been singing about it. Apostles have come forth among us to help prepare the foundation for the new kingdom reality from heaven coming to earth.

One common theme of the prophetic words about the new move is that it is different from the past, so much so that it may even be difficult for some to recognize it. However, one major difference has now become apparent. In the past the great moves of God were focused on ministering to carnally-minded people attempting to break down carnal life and give birth to Spirit life.

Carnal does not necessarily mean a big bad thing as most have interpreted it in past religious teachings. Actually it simply means temporal or earthly as opposed to spiritual. It is naturally thinking about the activities and business of life as opposed to spiritually thinking about all things of life. Earthly or worldly temporal thinking is simply minding the things of life from the mindset of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. It is the normal pattern of thinking in most all of the people on earth including many Christians.

This writing is not about trying to be less carnal or worldly in our thinking or any other self-improvement or legalistic effort to make change. We are talking about a deep world changing move of God into a whole new reality of life of the kingdom of heaven abiding within and filling our beings with the life of Christ by the Holy Spirit. We are talking about a whole new world!

Believers affected by carnal mindedness have difficulty seeing and hearing in the Spirit. God loves carnally minded people and has been working to reach them in past moves.

Carnal minded people needed signs and wonders in the natural realm to be able to see the works of the Spirit that they could not see in their natural carnal minds. God used manifestations of spiritual works in their physical bodies to cause them to realize that Spirit God was present with them and to draw them to seek Him. Miracles of healing and supernatural manifestations such as words of knowledge about a person that only God could know along with many other works were used to let the carnal minded person know that God loved them and was there with them.

These and many other tools and circumstances such as difficult seasons in the wilderness, broken relationships, separation from religious friends and family, along with some very wonderful seasons of great blessings of prosperity and victory have all been used to prepare us to know and trust God and helped to cleanse our minds of carnality. Both the great moves of God and the wilderness seasons have been used to cleanse us and awaken us to living in the Spirit.

To be carnally-minded is death, and to be Spirit-minded is life and peace (Romans 8:6). To be fully alive in the Spirit is to be free of carnality. Life in the Spirit is death to carnality.

For the maturing people of God who have been cleansed of carnal mindedness and now live by the Spirit of Christ, love and faith are expanding without limitation within them. These are now prepared to be the leaders into this next move of God for everyone who will receive it.

This move of God that began as a fresh invasion of the Holy Spirit that came in quietly under the cover of darkness is preparing the way for this move of inner working in the hearts and lives of God’s people. It is a deep work that seems to just come upon and within at the same time. It is a work of God that is not dependent upon any external circumstances. It is a work of faith beyond our measure of faith in the past. There need not always be an uplifting preacher or music or any special external activity. It is all-consuming LOVE coming up from within. In this move external preparation or manifestations are not required for faith and Spirit gifts to arise in pure love to meet the need of every situation.

Literally the hype and performance music and special effects of past moves that ministered carnally to carnally-minded people are a hindrance to the pure flow of God in the pure hearted sons in this new move of God. Everything we do or say or experience is spiritually discerned and applied in our lives. The very tools that we used in the past moves are the things that will hinder or prevent the workings of the deep Spirit things of God and His love in and among us now. God is in and with us and will not forsake us or leave us.

Less Emphasis on Meetings

There will be much more emphasis on one-on-one Spirit ministry throughout our daily activity of life as the ministry of Jesus by the Holy Spirit will be flowing through us from one to another. Small groups will literally become saturated with the presence of God and every spiritual work will be done without hype or religious forms and formulas. The presence of the King will be with and within to love and change every person. Our own needs will simply be met as we continuously seek first the kingdom of God in this most powerful move of all time opens before us filling our daily lives with eternal love, righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit.

The kingdom of God has come and is coming in this move of God.

Yes, there will continue to be the old, but the extreme conditions of cleansing judgments upon a wayward nation will erase the opportunity for continued carnal expressions of corporate church ministries. Purity and holiness from the all-consuming love of God by the Spirit will be the character of the new move of God.

The kingdom has come, and His will is being done. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Father. Thank you for the Holy Spirit bringing the kingdom reality to our hearts and lives. Amen!

Ron McGatlin

2. The Journey into Remembering

By Amanda Leonard

I have been on a journey of re-discovering my Father. I have believed so many things about Him that were so far from the truth. Whether it be what people had told me He was like, my preconceived ideas of what He was like, whatever demonic doctrine I had believed, He is helping me to remember, before all these things. He is helping me come back to that place as a child.

For me, it’s been that I haven’t seen Him rightly, so I haven’t seen myself or others rightly either. I say, “re-discovering” because He knew me before I even came to earth, He was mindFULL of me (His mind was full of thoughts towards me). So I imagine that I knew Him too, so the re-discovery begins again.

A child, is so sensitive to His voice, His leading, His love because they just came from Love Himself. There’s been no time yet, to believe opposite of what they originated from, anything contrary to what they know to be true, would just be ridiculous. Their home is still fresh in their hearts. The thoughts He has towards them are still vibrating within and everything echos His name, His nature, His character. We’ve all seen it, in the face of a child; sheer wonder, creative expression, love that knows no boundaries. The very nature of their Daddy seeps out. I can just hear someone saying to them, “You look and act just like your Daddy!”

Then something happens and life experience begins to speak louder. The mind becomes like static. We tighten up, leaning in to try and hear the familiar tune our hearts once sang.

Often times it fades, but then one day you hear one note and the memories begin to replay. Bits and pieces come and flood your heart and pours from your lips, you remember!!! The more you sing it, the more you begin to remember. You re-member, that you are a member from another dimension, eternity. Eternity begins to tell you again who you really are, why you were created.

I believed at one time, I was created to worship. Sure, I love to worship my Daddy because He is amazing but that’s not why He created me. He doesn’t even need my worship, just as David discovered with His intimate time with Him. Acts 17…says, He doesn’t even need to be worshipped with human hands.

I’ve heard the prophetic community talk about rebuilding the tabernacle of David, the worship tent, with 24/7 worship and this is not a bad idea but I wonder if this is more the tabernacle that it’s referring to. The knowing, dwelling, abiding; the “tent” without walls, (our own bodies) where He created us to BE, to be His image, His likeness upon the earth. The place within us that He can be Himself. The place within where we know ALL His thoughts are towards us and His love cannot be measured. He created us for intimate relationship. This is how His Kingdom comes.

My son is always trying to impress me or others, he gets it honest, as I had always done the same. He longs for attention, mainly because he is learning, as am I, that the Father’s endless attention is upon us, not because of anything we do but because He loves us. We don’t have to fight for His attention or strive for some position, we are in Him and He is in us. His thoughts are forever on His children.

I, at times would try to impress God with my worship, which led to striving and trying to gather my identity from that place. Worship is just a byproduct of our oneness, of our union with Him. He just wants us to BE.

He has always wanted relationship. He is so far greater, bigger, more creative, more, more, more than I have ever known up to this point. His thoughts towards us are always good and His love really is like an endless ocean, a bottomless sea. I use to just sing it, now I’m beginning to believe it. I’m excited to be on this incredible journey of remembering again.

Amanda Leonard
Time in His Presence Blog

3. News Headlines

Letter from Lou Engle concerning Azusa Now April 9, 2016. – 3/31/2016
I write to the body of Christ around the world, all who are connecting with the Azusa Now gathering at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum on April 9th. I have rarely seen such a stirring of expectancy as I am seeing now. It’s really not about a stadium event everywhere, men and women are laying hold of the kingdom in such a way that Azusa Now may be a collective flashpoint…
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Expert: Terrorists Aim at Global Domination – 3/31/2016
This Video helped me understand the truth about Islamic Terrorists. The roots of Belgium’s problem go far beyond March 22. “The roots are really a violent ideology that is spreading among Muslim communities.” When Belgium and the rest of Europe enacted its open-door policy decades ago, it didn’t realize the consequences. Muslim religion is a dangerous political ideology.
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Defeat Radical Islam: ‘Believe in Jesus, Your Values’ – 3/31/2016
America’s massive military won’t save it from Islamic terrorism if it doesn’t have the values and will to fight, an expert on Islam told CBN News recently. If America and Europe want victory over radical Islam, they need to embrace their Christian roots. “The Christian world is a very powerful world if it chooses to be. Historically, when Muslims see weakness they pounce.
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Seriously?! Unfortunately, Yes: the ‘Temple of Baal’ Will Be Erected in Time Square and in London, Next Month – 3/31/2016
Reproductions of the 50-foot arch that formed the temple’s entrance are to be installed in New York and in London, a tribute to the 2,000-year-old structure that the Islamic State destroyed last year in the Syrian town of Palmyra. In ancient times, child sacrifice and bisexual orgies were common practices at the altars of Baal.
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It Could Have Been a Massacre: Memphis Church Security Thwarts Gunman on Easter Sunday – 3/31/2016
“A heavily armed man entered our building today about 11 a.m. He was stopped by our security people before he could enter the sanctuary, and was subsequently arrested by Memphis Police. We are thankful for the diligence of our security people and the Memphis Police Department.” Marcus Donald, 31, entered Bellevue Baptist 4,500 people were inside the church.
Full Article »
Brussels Terrorist Attacks – Caught in the Chaos – Survivor Writes Letter to Her Unborn Baby – 3/31/2016
For followers of Jesus it is during those dark and difficult experiences that we are able to soars to greater heights of usefulness to God and be part of His redemptive activities. It was great to learn of the many who were praying for our safety and return to our families. – “I Knew I Had to Protect You” “I do hope with all my heart that you are born into a better world….
Full Article »
Pakistani Christians united yet wary following Easter bombing – 3/31/2016
At least 49 of the men, women, and children killed in the attack were Christ-followers. A newlywed Christian couple were killed in the blast. “Not all victims were Christians; there were a number of Muslims as well. But, the faction of radical terrorists that claimed responsibility for the attack…made it very clear that they were targeting Christians,”
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Fulfilling her husband’s last wish – 3/31/2016
“After my death, many people, even my relatives will reject you. They will say [unkind] words to you; they will oppose you, but never forget the love of Jesus,” Jyan’s words pierced through Malati’s heart. Today, Malati serves in three surrounding churches. Being a widow, a mother and a missionary doesn’t come without pain. She clings to her husbands last words.
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Mentally ill, he wandered aimlessly in the jungle until Jesus healed his mind – 3/31/2016
In one of India’s most remote areas, in a primitive tribe, he wandered aimlessly in the jungle in his mental illness, seemingly lost. “He heard about the Lord Jesus Christ and walked 31 miles on jungle paths to reach the church. The power of the Word and the Spirit touched his heart and mind. The church surrounded him in prayer “and he has become completely normal!.”
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How Prayer, and New Technology, Are Beating the Odds Against Cancer – 3/31/2016
Today’s cancer treatments offer greater hope than ever before, both with increased cure rates and fewer side effects. Bon Secours Cancer Institute is a faith-based health system that’s light years ahead of the past. Today’s cancer treatments offer greater hope with increased cure rates and fewer side effects. “We’re killing the cancer from the inside,”
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