An unprecedented move of God is producing the life of Christ on earth within His people consumed by supernatural holy love that releases the power of heaven.

And I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven….. (Matthew 16:19)

Keys of the kingdom of heaven equals authority of the kingdom of heaven.

God is revealing into the hearts of His people the keys of heaven’s life on earth. Literally the keys of heaven enable the reality of continuously experiencing life with and in God now and forever. God is removing the cover from secrets of precious and most valuable keys of enablement to become and function as one with God in Christ by the Holy Spirit.

God is love. The greatest quality, concept, or principle of the kingdom of God is love. The all-consuming pure holy love of God causes the kingdom of heaven to exist and function in perfect order. “For in Jesus Christ neither circumcision avails anything, nor uncircumcision; but faith which works by love” (Galatians 5:6).

Faith or believing is a major principle of the kingdom of God that works by love. Faith matures into the substance of current reality seen and experienced in the natural world. Heavenly Spirit reality is supernatural or above natural reality experience. “By faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that the things which are seen were not made of things which are visible” (Hebrews 11-3).

Faith is not determined by circumstances. Rather circumstances are determined by faith.

Spirit life that creates natural life is first seen and experienced in the Spirit while yet unseen with natural eyes. Always at least two realities concurrently exists: that which is natural and that which is Spirit. That which is Spirit is unseen by natural eyes and therefore inexperienced by natural understanding. That which is Spirit can see clearly in the Spirit realm and in the natural realm. The Spirit sees that which exists in the spiritual realm but is yet to come forth into the natural.

Authority from Heaven

Perhaps the greatest key or authority of heaven given to those who are in love with God is the authority to see and then speak forth that which is in the Spirit into the natural world. The whole earth has been groaning and waiting for the people of God to mature in love to the point that God could trust us with the key or authority to see the will and plan of God in heaven and speak it into being in the natural world. (Romans 8:19, Mark 11 22-24)

As we believe in our hearts, so are we. Our hearts are the creative production center of God on earth that determines the condition of the world. God’s design for us today is for our hearts to be filled with the character and nature of Christ Jesus. More specifically we are to be filled with Christ Himself so that His character and nature will effortlessly become our way of life. The Christ way of life will then flow into the world around us. Thus by the authority given to man the world around us is ordered by the kingdom of heaven. Thereby the rule of Christ and His kingdom flows into the world.

We each are a spirit being with a soul and body designed to relate to God and bring forth His will and plan on earth. The term “heart of man” as used biblically usually refers to the inner man of spirit and soul. As spirit we relate to God, and as soul we relate to this natural earth. We are designed to be God’s interface with the natural world. Man’s job is to be kingly and priestly governors or ambassadors bringing heaven’s order from heaven to earth, thus ruling and reigning with God, taking care of and guiding His creation and His people on earth. Literally as Spirit Christ abiding within works with us, we rule and reign with Him on earth. Christ in us is far greater than trying to be like Christ.

What determines our beliefs and subsequently our production in this life?

As born-again, Spirit-filled believers in Christ, our hearts can receive the desires, directions, and thoughts of God and produce the will of God into the earth. As the birthing and production center of God, there is supernatural spiritual power in the heart of man to receive and believe an idea or word from God and then experience the reality of God’s plan coming forth on earth first in our hearts and then into natural physical existence.

Jesus taught that the word of the kingdom was like a living seed of the plan of God being planted in the soil of the heart growing as a sprout, then a stalk, then an ear, and the full grain in the ear. A word or seed from God contains all the detail or DNA of the final mature plan of God. Jesus compared this process to a man sowing seed in a field and then going on with his life while the soil grows the seed into its full maturity. Because of the dominion authority given to man, things in the natural world begin to change and come together as needed to bring into being the plan of God from the spiritual into the natural. (Mark 4)

Nothing is impossible to those who believe. All things are possible in Christ. We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. As you believe, so be it unto you. “If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes (Mark 9:23).”

The soil or heart of man must be prepared to receive the seed from God. Due to the fall of Adam, the state of the natural man’s heart is such that he cannot hear and cannot receive the word (seed) of the kingdom from God and cannot grow it into fruition in the earth. However, the natural man can and will receive the seeds of the enemy and will produce fruit in his life and the world according to the seed that he receives from the enemy.

The first step is coming to Christ Jesus for a new birth as a new man, a new creation no longer under the linage of Adam but of the linage of the last Adam, Christ Jesus. By the shed blood and the cross of Christ Jesus, all the past sin life is washed, and a new clean resurrection life in Christ and Christ in us is birthed.

This is not a religious step or form, nor is it joining an earthly organization. It also is not turning over a new leaf or cleaning up the old life. It is a whole new beginning of spiritual rebirth as a new creation, a new being in which the old has passed away and the new life of Christ Jesus comes into the life as Savior, Lord, and King. Where we once lived, Christ Jesus now lives by the Holy Spirit. This Born-again new creation man filled with the Holy Spirit becomes as Christ is in this world. (1 John 4:17) (Colossians 1:27) (2 Corinthians 5:17)

Is it possible that in these latter days of the maturing kingdom of God on earth, we can be born again a mature man? There does seem to be some evidence of sudden transformation taking place in some people today. Perhaps this is true for some who have not been planted with strong religious teachings that must be changed or removed to make place for the word of the true gospel of the kingdom to grow to fruition.

However, in many of us there does also seem to have been a wilderness experience at some point before full maturity is manifested in us. It may take some time to renew our minds even after our spirit has been renewed in the life of Christ. We must work with Christ in our spirits by the Holy Spirit to renew our minds to the mind of Christ. (Romans 12:1-2)

The seed of Christ planted in us must be given space to grow or mature into the fullness of the life of Christ fully reigning in our spirit, soul, and body.

The enemy of God and man will send tempting, testing, and distracting spirits, circumstances and situations to divert, delay or destroy the growth of the seed of Christ planted in our hearts and lives.

The enemy has filled the world with alternate ways of life through strong words (seeds) of religion, humanism, intellectualism, secularism, self-worship, materialism, and many other false gods to occupy space in the hearts of God’s people in an attempt to choke out the seed of the kingdom and delay or prevent it from coming to full fruition in this world. We, the people of God, must choose the seeds that we allow to grow in our hearts and lives that will establish the kingdom of God. We choose by what we allow to be planted on our heart and what we choose to plant or speak into others.

Impartation through Education

Take a close look at college and university professors, and you will see what the next generation teachers of children will cause the nation to become. A nation is programmed beginning in kindergarten to become what the university professors were a generation ago when they imparted to the teachers in the land. The teachers who teach the teachers can change a nation in one generation through a universal public system of education. Impartation goes beyond knowledge and reproduces the spirit and character of the teacher to the follower or student.

The people who become the major influences of the mountains of mass influence in the nations received the impartation of their teachers in the educational systems of the land.

The children of one generation become the parents of the next. Therefore, the impartation and indoctrination from the educational systems becomes the family values of the next generation.

If the system is moving toward an ungodly direction, it will progressively become more ungodly in each successive generation. If, however, the system is moving toward God and His kingdom, it will progressively become more of God and His kingdom in each generation.

It is urgent to be making disciples of Christ and His kingdom and not continuing to make disciples of religious and political order of a fallen society driven by anti-Christ spirits.

Ron McGatlin

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