Amongst Christians, there has been individual understanding for years that now seem to be transitioning, moving in a (full body) corporate understanding. Better said, “understanding of the masses” – the Body. Individually, we were aware of God’s indwelling (in us), and to varying degrees accepted that phenomenon as fact. Change is in the air however, as the ‘Body’ is awakening to His presence within – a true move of God affecting the entire Body of Christ – He in us!
There is an emerging revelation – “It is not I who live, but Christ who lives within me.” It is as if the Body understands “Greater is He who is in me than He who is in the world.” Indeed, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Christ has returned in and through His Body, and He is awakening His people in a massive way. This awakening has purpose – Body Function. Can you imagine a ‘functioning body,’ coming together in one common purpose – glorifying the Father? A Body with identifiable favor and blessing, doing mighty exploits, revealing heaven on earth? It is happening now, as each person brings his/her gift to an appointed body, lays it down for the good of the whole, and begins functioning as a unit. We are seeing it now at Coastal Solar ( in Hinesville, Georgia – a true experiment in Kingdom function on the mountain of business and finance.

We are not humans who happen to have a spirit, but rather Spirit beings who happen to live in a body on a planet called earth. We are on assignment. We were known to God before the foundation of the earth – we are on loan here: Ambassadors of the Kingdom of Heaven, sent to share the Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. It is the time of the body’s awakening, manifestation of sons, the kingdoms of men to become the Kingdom of the Most High God (Daniel 7:27/Revelation 11:15). This Kingdom transformation is taking place through Kingdom Ambassadors whose assignment is the government of God on earth as it is in heaven.

UNTIL we awaken to our assignment on earth, and to the fact that we are ‘placed’ here with specific purpose, we will continue to wander and wonder aimlessly; but when we ‘awaken’ we begin to ‘see’ what we have never seen – our future. We begin to ‘see’ those we are called to ‘converge’ with, to create with, and to flow with. What was not visible becomes crystal clear – ‘We SEE.’ Joshua and Caleb could ‘SEE’ what Moses, the ten spies, and a million followers could not. This is the vision we long for – to escape the trap of ‘natural eyes only.’ We are not to make final assessment on what we see and hear with natural eyes (Isaiah 11:2, 3 – 2 Corinthians 10:7 – Psalm 112:7).

The corporate awakening in the Body of Christ is linking people in Divine purpose as never before. We are birthing our future by seeing it, speaking it, knowing it, and making plans for it. We are moving into an entirely different realm on earth, as we usher heaven to earth with a new mind – the mind of Christ where “all things are possible,” and no limitation exist. The minds of men fight this – it is not natural, but supernatural, as the spirit inside begins to control the soul (not normal, not natural, but oh so freeing!) The Father is my source, not a job, business deal or opportunity, my bank account or credit line. I answer my call to His appointed sphere for me, as this is the ONLY metric for which I will be judged by; not my good works, giving, or church attendance.

The first signs of this (for you) will be a sense of divine connection to others, as almost at the same time emerges a sense of knowing what these connections are all about (what you are supposed to do together). This is not an isolated phenomenon, but rather a major move of God, a Kingdom evidence of the greatest move this earth has ever seen!

Clay Sikes


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