Mankind has been allowed for two thousand years to explore and pursue every conceivable path of governance and life apart from the true God. Now in this day a strong remnant of people are seeing that there is no other way to real life apart from intimate relationship with Father God through Christ Jesus by the indwelling Spirit of God.

Now for the first time in this two thousand year historical journey since Christ Jesus first proclaimed the GOSPEL OF THE KINGDOM OF GOD it is again being widely proclaimed and demonstrated. People are beginning to hear and receive the true gospel of the kingdom. For the first time in history since the first century there are many people that are ready and willing to proclaim and demonstrate the gospel of the kingdom.

There are at last two major things happening now!


Great tribulation is the result of the real gospel of the kingdom coming forth in a world that is serving other gods. The resulting conflict is widespread tribulation that eventually consummates with the destruction of all that lifts itself against God.

The troubled people and nations in tribulation are offered a pardon and release of all condemnation by the mercy of God through receiving Christ Jesus and His kingdom. The Spirit of God will transform them and place them in the army of kingdom people. Thus the end of their ungodly lifestyle of pursuing false gods and the kingdom of God grows in them and on the earth.

Those who are troubled by tribulation and yet will not receive Christ Jesus and His kingdom will come to a sudden end brought about by the natural results of evil in this world. This will end their portion of evil disorder in the world that was caused by their serving false gods. This is not God’s plan and desire for them. It is caused by the natural results of evil disorder.


A pure and holy people are being formed who love God with their whole hearts who are receiving the revelation of the true gospel of the kingdom. People from many parts of the world and many ethnic groups are receiving the gospel of the kingdom. The kingdom of God on earth is becoming their passion and their reality. Every aspect of life is being or will be touched by the message of the kingdom of God.

God sent His only begotten Son with the message of the kingdom of heaven on earth and mankind made a religion of it. He has now sent His resurrected Son into our hearts by the Holy Spirit to bring forth His kingdom in us and then on earth. Religions are now or will be fading away making room for the relational kingdom of Christ on earth in His people.


The plan and purpose of God from the ancient ages is coming to pass in our time. People and nations will now be conformed to the will and ways of God and His kingdom.

We all have a part in the manifesting of the kingdom of God.

It is time to rise up and step into the fullness of our part and place in the kingdom. The supernatural spiritual works of God are available to all who will fully turn to God with their whole hearts.

Babylon is burning, and the New Jerusalem is coming down from heaven to earth to rule and reign in His pure and holy people.

Today is our day of the Lord. Arise and shine for the Lord your God is upon you!

Ron McGatlin

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