A “Great Unseen Awakening” is occurring within and among pure-hearted maturing sons and daughters of God.

We are being awakened to a work of God that is beyond anything we have known in our lifetime – a work that is at least equal to the significant works of God recorded in the New Testament.

A final all-consuming work of God has begun that will have no end but flows seamlessly into eternal resurrected life now and forever.

Immortality is conquering mortality within the people of God who have become fully aware of the reality of Christ within and have become one Spirit, one flesh, one life with Christ – a life in which we no longer live but Christ lives where we once lived in His temple, this earthly body, His body on earth.

This is not a new thing. It is a part of the finished work of the redemption of the Cross – a work of God for which Christ Jesus came to earth and gave His sinless life on the cross and arose from the tomb alive. He then ascended to the Father and was seated at His right hand. Christ Jesus became a “life giving Spirit” and returned in the Holy Spirit at Pentecost to abide in those who abide in Him – Christ in the Holy Spirit becoming one Spirit and one flesh with us (His Bride) on earth. The two becoming one is the greatest marriage of all time and eternity. While at the same time, we are seated with Him at the right hand of Father God in Heaven.

IN CHRIST we are seated with Him at the right hand of the Father establishing the reality of our connection into the throne of God, our source of LOVE, wisdom, and power. CHRIST IN US in this world is the release of God’s LOVE, wisdom, and power from the throne into this world to bring forth the kingdom of heaven on earth.

The new part of all this is that this is now being revealed to His prepared sons and daughters. This revelation causes the agreement of man with God that is necessary to experience our crucifixion and the resurrection life of Christ to arise in us for the purpose of being fully released into this world.

The recognition of the reality of God in us through Christ by the Holy Spirit crucifies our past life including all of our sin and tendency to sin, all of our past man-made religion, all of our vain glory of past human accomplishments, and all of our noble deeds that were derived from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Recognizing the reality of God in us fully activates and releases the life of Christ in us and out of us into the world around us.

The overwhelming LOVE of the nature of Christ living in us dissolves our adamic natural nature and floods our spirit and soul with the all-loving, all-powerful Spirit of the living Christ. God’s supernatural nature of LOVE humbles us completely. The faith of God has full freedom in our being to form the will of God on earth and to change the world around us. We no longer are a hindrance to the faith of God in us. The perfect obedience of Christ is in us by the Holy Spirit that only does and says what the Father is doing and saying.

Thus the kingdom of God is coming forth on earth according to the model prayer Jesus gave us. “So He (Jesus) said to them, ‘When you pray, say: Our Father in heaven, Hallowed be Your name. Your kingdom come. Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.’” (Luke 11:2)

Our natural lives are becoming as one with eternal God. King Jesus is present on earth in His people to bring forth His kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.

In this the spiritual fulfillment of Tabernacles is manifesting in our time. Tabernacles is the last of the three major Jewish feast that prophetically foreshadowed the then future works of God. The people of God who have fully experienced the manifestation of Passover and Pentecost are now experiencing Tabernacles.

The experience of Passover was and is manifested in the blood redemption or born again experience of salvation. Pentecost was and is manifested in the fullness of the Holy Spirit filling and saturating us. There is much detail involved in Tabernacles. However, the greatest characteristic of Tabernacles to me is the reality of GOD WITH US on earth. God intimately in us and among us – the fullness of the reality of Christ in us the hope of glory.

The kingdom of God on earth is coming forth as the people of God are fully prepared through the world-changing redemptive works of God pictured in the Jewish feasts of Passover, Pentecost, and Tabernacles. In this the third millennium since God became a man in Christ and this the seventh millennium since Adam was created, the fullness of God intimately within us and among us is bringing forth His kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. The presence of Almighty God is within and among His people in Christ by the Holy Spirit.


Everything which is not of God will be dissolved, and all that is of God will arise in the brightness of His glory on earth as it is in heaven.

Christ Jesus is alive and well on earth in the hearts and lives of His holy people.

Take heart and be of good cheer. Be strong and very courageous. Yes, the journey has been long and at times very tedious especially for those called as apostles to open the new territory of each new era of the progression to the fullness of Christ in His people bringing forth the kingdom of God from heaven to earth.

Paul wrote: “My little children, for whom I labor in birth again until Christ is formed in you.” (Galatians 4:19) 

In some of the words of an old Hymn, as I remember them, we sang about Christ in us and yet did not fully realize that Christ had really returned to earth to literally live in us. “He lives! He lives! Christ Jesus lives today. He walks with me and talks with me along life’s narrow way….. You ask me how I know He lives, HE LIVE WITHIN MY HEART!”

“Do not fear, little flock, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.” (Luke 12:32)

Ron McGatlin

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