This to me was the strongest and most commanding word for the nations that I have heard from God in a long time.

America and all the western world must now, “Draw near to God and resist the devil and he will flee from you.”

This word is to the nations but must be carried out by individual believers. Yes, that is you and me and every believer in the world and especially the western world.

Drawing near to God is an internal thing in the hearts and minds of those who name the name of Jesus. This is not a church thing or a patriotic political band wagon to get on. This is a personal in the heart Spirit issue of total love and marriage to Christ Jesus in the sense of becoming one Spirit with God in Christ Jesus by the Holy Spirit.

The first order at hand is to DRAW NEAR TO GOD.

There will be no lasting victory of good in rising up to resist the enemy before having drawn near to God. Neither will there be victory in drawing near to God and then failing to resist the devil. The will and the power to truly stand against the evil forces that are robbing, killing, and destroying in the world comes only from God and is only available to us as we draw near to Him in a total and complete marriage of becoming one flesh and one Spirit with God – the true body of Christ on earth – the place of His abode – the temple of God.

In a practical real sense HOW DO WE DRAW NEAR TO GOD?

Please bear with me as we first look at a few things that are not how we draw near to God. First, it is not by just going back to church on Sunday and sitting in a pew to watch the platform people perform. When the enemy took down the twin towers in America killing thousands, the churches across the land were filled the next Sunday. However, in a few weeks the nation was back to the same old routine of life except more fearful than before. The people went to church looking but clearly did not find the way to truly draw near to God and the strength to resist the devil.

Many great waves of revivals have come and gone in which God demonstrated the drawing power of His love and miracle working power. However, the mixture of the old fallen ways of man always crept back in and caused the Holy Spirit to withdraw, and each revival or outpouring became another powerless religious organization or disappeared completely. All of the past revivals faded away. However, they did not pass away before each revival had left its mark deep in the hearts of some sincere people who were truly seeking more of God.

Drawing near to God involves the cross of Christ Jesus. The brokenness of the cross is the only way to come to God. Drawing near to God involves our death on our cross of recognition that all of our valiant efforts of mixtures of man-made religion have failed. All that has gone before was only looking forward to the days in which we now live. All that mankind has built and done in an attempt to become as God is at best mixture from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. And at its worst is an abomination.

The awakening to the way of drawing near to God Almighty.

We must awaken to hear the call of our Bride Groom in the darkness of night and arise in the Spirit to meet Him in the marriage chamber of complete consummation in His pure holy love. The preparation time has passed, and the moment is at hand to become one with our true Husband, Lord, and King Christ Jesus. His embrace melts our hearts and lifts our Spirits into the heavenly bliss of perfect peace. All is righteousness, peace, and joy in His arms of love. Not one spot or blemish remains upon us. There is no past to regret or to cause pride. There is perfect harmony in the now of eternity in perfect union of heaven and earth in us.

We awaken in the morning fully strengthened and empowered with all the love and power of God. Everything in and around us has changed. Every false word of the enemy is exposed and is burning away in the presence of God within His pure holy people. Great power and full authority flows through perfect wisdom of holy light to fully resist and destroy the works of the enemy who flees in total defeat before the glory of God in us and the myriad of holy angels with us. No enemy of God, no darkness or evil can remain in our presence.

This is not a pleasant grandiose dream. This is the manifesting of the purpose and presence of Jehovah God, our Father in Christ Jesus by the HOLY SPIRIT of GOD within and among His mature Sons and perfected Bride. This is the fullness of the kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven.

The treachery of tribulation which is the self-destruction of mankind is ended. Selah. Redemption of the world and all that is on it is completed in the pure hearts of the maturing sons of God.

In and through the purified holy seed people who have drawn near to God working with powerful angels of justice and righteous glory, the enemy must flee before us.

The greatest treachery of all time is now becoming manifest on earth. Betrayal of the highest order is in full view in the governments of our land. This great treachery developed only after invading the people through all systems of education and training including all institutions of higher learning down to elementary. All organized systems of secular and religious education have been invaded with the covert work of anti-Christ spirits. The nations have fully partaken of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

The great return to the TREE OF LIFE is forever restoring Planet Earth to the Garden of Eden life of the rule of God on earth as it is in heaven. Beyond the dissolution of the great treachery of tribulation (tribe or family degeneration) the Sons of God will shine forth as the sun to bring forth what is already planted in their hearts, the kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven. Multitudes of Sons of God, brothers and sisters of Christ Jesus are being formed on earth now as the people called of God are DRAWING NEAR TO GOD truly becoming the purified and glorified Sons of God.


Ron McGatlin

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