Dull and sleeping souls are awakening. Sparks of glory are becoming hearts on fire with passionate holy Love, all-consuming love for God and His creation, unexplainable love flowing like a flood from deep within outward to change the atmosphere and the world around us.

From the deep flowing wells of heaven, refreshing life-giving love flows freely in a never ending stream to bring life to desperate love-starved people.

The all-consuming love of God in Christ by the Holy Spirit is a well of living love that has no end and swallows up every other affection. It fulfills every need and desire of our hearts. Every longing is consumed into one over- whelming flow of intimate love with God. Our bodies are inadequate to contain the rivers of living love that flows out to change and recreate the world to the heavenly design of God.

Do you feel deep within your innermost being, an urgent anticipation of the world moving through a narrow canal of change – a world facing the darkness of the death of all its frivolity and foolishness – a world headed with certainty through the end of life as it was – moving through extreme changes into a great brilliance and serenity of the precious glory of Holy God’s pure LOVE filling and governing the earth with heavenly life and the perfect order of God’s love?


At the cross the precious life of Christ Jesus came to an end and darkness covered the earth (Matthew 27:45-53). On that day the hope of mankind in Jesus faded into grief and darkness. All that had transpired in the life of Christ Jesus seemed lost on that day as King Jesus died and departed this life. This was perhaps the darkest moment of the world, especially in the lives of those who loved and followed Jesus, the one true King.

Beyond the darkest night the morning of resurrection came. The crucified Christ arose in victory over the darkness of death to ascend to the throne of heaven and return a “LIFE GIVING SPIRIT” to dwell in His people on earth establishing His throne of pure holy LOVE and its ultimate power to redeem and restore the earth to the fullness of the kingdom of God. Yet the world did not recognize His return as Spirit.

The world is again in darkness.

A similar despair of the darkness of death is upon many Christians today who are seeing all they believed in being destroyed: their buildings of worship, the ancient artifacts, their homes, their businesses taken away, and many of their loved ones slaughtered like animals. Darkness is again rapidly covering the earth. Multitudes of believers are being driven from their homes and lands as refugees.

The world is turned upside down. Lies are seen as truth, and truth is seen as lies to the darkened minds of many people. Christ is being crucified again in His people.

The world is now passing away, the world that rejected the “life giving Spirit” of the resurrected Christ that flooded the lives of the faithful followers at Pentecost.

Even the godly are losing their old self-life that had crept in to steal the power of love from within.


The solid assurance of HOPE is in the anticipation of the brightness of the RESURRECTED LIFE of Christ Jesus filling our world. The resurrected life of Christ returned in the Holy Spirit at Pentecost to abide in His people to finish the work of establishing the righteousness, peace, and joy of heaven into this world. This is the kingdom of God, the governance of Christ in the Holy Spirit of God.

There are those alive in the world today who have been crucified with Christ and have fully received the life of Christ Jesus being formed in them by the Holy Spirit (Galatians 2:20). Through the experience of the presence of God coming to abide in them and the painful rejection by the secular and religious world, they have become one with God. They are consumed by His love and life abiding in their innermost being.

In this day the great LOVE of Christ in His people is flooding our hearts and all life around us with the resurrection life of Christ the Eternal King that is fully alive now in this world within the hearts and lives of His maturing sons and daughters.

The great darkness coming upon the world is the death of all that is not of God in preparation for the fullness of the resurrection life of King Jesus to shine forth to rule and reign on earth.

The maturing sons and daughters of God have experienced death to their self-life and then the resurrection life of Christ living in them. In this same way the entire world is now facing death to its evil ungodly ways.

The glorious life and love of God in Christ by the Holy Spirit is fully establishing the throne of God on earth to rule and reign on earth as in heaven. The temple of God, not made with hands, is being formed in His people on earth. We are consumed by His love. As His faithful bride we are the temple of God bringing forth the kingdom of heaven on earth.

And so shall we be for evermore with the Lord. To the increase of His kingdom, there is no end.

Today we walk through the valley of the shadow of death in the comforting love of His protection as He leads us to the peace of green pastures and fresh still waters of His love. Secure in His love we fear no evil. We know His rod of power and staff of authority will keep us from within and without.

Though thousands may fall around us, it will not come near us protected in His pure love. Our affection is set upon the Lord of all, the King of glory, our Great Shepherd and Apostle who abides in His holy temple on earth within His holy people. He who sits upon the throne in the hearts of the people rules in this world.


The world that does not receive Him does not receive us. The coffers of God are filled with the blood of the saints that cries out for the full justice and redemption of the world. The mercy of God is long suffering and not willing that any should perish. At the same time the love of God is jealous for his people and for His world. Full redemption is on the way, and the LOVE of God will rule in all of the earth from the deepest sea to the highest mountains and beyond.

Look up for your redemption draws near! The Day of the Lord is upon us!

Ron McGatlin

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