God desires that you and I enter and sustain a flow of eternity in the fluid stream of temporal life. A temporal life without God’s eternal purpose at its core is an empty life. It is the eternal that gives temporal life meaning and purpose.

There are two ways that you and I can easily miss the eternal purpose of God in our present reality. One is to focus our lives on temporal life. The other is to focus our lives on future eternal life. God said to set our minds on things above. He did not say to focus on things in the future. Selah.

The eternal kingdom of God was and is and shall be. The “was” and the “shall be” are important to us. However, the “is” or the now is by far the most important, urgent and significant to you and I while we are alive on earth. The Lord’s focus and purpose in us is to flow the eternal kingdom of God into temporal life now on earth.

Eternal life is a Spirit substance that can be likened to an everlasting building. It has a solid and forever stable foundation that cannot be moved or changed. And it has a superstructure of stones fit together perfectly. The Spirit building of eternal life cannot be shaken. It is forever sure and stable. It will stand through all storms, floods, and earthquakes forever.

Our present reality in this life emanates from the eternal to flow through the moving river of time to accomplish its eternal purpose and eventually return back to the eternal from which it came. Every child of God has an eternal mission from heaven in our temporal life on earth.

There is great purpose in our ever-moving life journey on earth. However, there is also strong opposition to the eternal purpose of this fluid life that is moving through time on earth.

Every unredeemed natural person born of the linage of Adam bobbles about through life carried to and fro by every natural wind or current without connection to their potential eternal purpose in life.

Every redeemed spiritual person born of the linage of the last Adam, Christ Jesus, is potentially reconnected to their eternal purpose in this life. They no longer are tossed about to and fro by every wind and current of the river of life. They are given a course to navigate and are continually updated with instruction for navigating through the river of this life that brings them into the goal or finished purpose of their life in the river of time.

The core of our present daily life reality is the eternal substance of eternal purpose prepared for us and implanted into our DNA at our conception. There is a God-given plan and purpose for your life and mine in Christ Jesus.

We were all equipped with gifts from conception to carry out our God-given eternal purpose in this life. These gifts are thought of as natural gifts or talents. However, until we are fully redeemed by the work of Christ through the Holy Spirit, we may not truly know and walk in our eternal purpose. Therefore, we may not fully develop our natural gifts, or we may use them for some other purpose apart from God’s plan.

Only when we are fully connected into Christ Jesus by the Holy Spirit are we fully connected to our eternal purpose. The supernatural Spirit gifts and anointing are then released to us and in us to accomplish our eternal purpose in this life. We are fully connected to our eternal purpose and to open heaven connections of communication and empowerment directly from the throne to fulfill our eternal purpose in this life.

Our Unique Eternal Purpose

The purpose for the life of each of God’s children will be uniquely fitted to him or her and to the plan and purpose of God’s kingdom on earth. Our individual purpose for life is tied to and a part of God’s eternal purpose for mankind. God’s purpose for mankind involves a place called Heaven and a place called Planet Earth. It involves a King and His kingdom from heaven ruling and reigning on earth.

Our purpose in this river of life on earth is greater than getting back to heaven after we die and leave this life, though that is a very vital need. If our purpose was to successfully leave this life, then what was the purpose of coming into this life?

Some might say it is to serve others or to get them saved and discipled, and that also is a very vital need. However, God’s ultimate purpose for mankind is more than getting others born again and discipling them. If this was the ultimate eternal purpose for mankind, then what would be the purpose for those we discipled. That would be like training a mighty army for the purpose of them training others. The army must have a purpose beyond recruiting and training more soldiers. Otherwise, for what are we training?

The purpose for mankind and therefore our lives involves establishing the kingdom of heaven on earth. Not only does the eternal purpose for mankind involve the kingdom of heaven on earth, it and all things on earth and heaven involves the GLORY of God.

The whole earth and the celestial heavens proclaim the GLORY of God! The glory light of God sings out and shouts forth the awesome GLORY of God Almighty and Christ Jesus creator and Lord of all. The beauties of the holiness of God’s perfect LOVE in and through our lives shines forth the glory of God to all creation.

The darkness of the enemy occupation of portions of Planet Earth with his false kingdom of darkness is to be overcome by the light of the glory of God in you and me and all of His people on Planet Earth. We are a latter part of a long chain of maturing set-apart sons and daughters who are here to be a part of redeeming and restoring this world to the full Glory of God.

King Jesus has already defeated the darkness and now lives in His people by the Holy Spirit to bring forth the glory of God in the fullness of the kingdom of heaven on earth. The enemy and all of his powers of darkness have no power to do their dirty work on earth except that which is released to them by mankind.

The dominion mandate given to Adam is fully restored in Christ Jesus. Christ Jesus abiding in man by the Holy Ghost has full authority to completely destroy the works of the enemy and fully restore God’s design and purpose for all of Planet Earth and mankind.

Conversely man apart from Christ Jesus will be led by spirits of darkness to release the powers of darkness upon the earth. A portion of our purpose on earth is to bind and destroy the works of darkness by releasing the pure holy light of the Love of God into the world, thus redeeming and restoring mankind and the world into the glorious kingdom of God from heaven on earth.

All things are possible to those who believe. We are more than conquerors through Him who loved us and gave Himself for us. If we have faith and doubt not, we can speak to a mountain to be moved from here to there and it shall be done. We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. Yet, the greatest asset of Christ in us is His LOVE. Without LOVE our temporal life on earth and all our gifts and faith are useless and vain. Faith works by LOVE.

The hidden mystery is Christ in us, the hope of GLORY.

Do not fear, little flock, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.

Ron McGatlin

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