In a land not so very far away in a time of signs and wonders, the people of mystery began a new life in a cleansed land.

They were called upon to build a new life upon the ashes of the past world order. The old world order was completely gone. The heavens around earth were new and very different. Almighty God and all the reality of heaven with holy angels were very near at all times. The dark forces that had occupied the heavens around Planet Earth were completely gone. There was no longer a vast cavern between heaven and earth and no distance at all between God and mankind.

It was a time when righteousness reigned across the entire world. Everyone sought to order their lives by God’s righteous ways of doing and being. As a result peace reigned in every home, every city, and every nation of the world. There was a brightness of joy upon every person and every household.

Every man looked after others as well as his own. There was no longer competition between brothers, and there was real transparency as there was nothing anyone wanted to keep hidden. No need to build emotional walls for protection from one another. Locks were not needed on doors of homes or store houses. Trust was made easy in the atmosphere of the pure holy love of the presence of God in and with mankind.

The atmosphere and the weather of the planet responded to the heavenly environment produced by God through the Sons of God ruling and reigning upon the earth. Pleasant rain or peaceful snow fell in the days of warm summers and cool winters. Vicious storms moderated, and the seas were gentle and remained in their place. The forests, the grasslands, the farm crops, and the fruit trees all grew and produced bountifully. The cattle and sheep along with all the animals of the forest, fields, and mountains prospered and multiplied rapidly.

Christ Jesus was the living head of every person and family on earth. Worship of the one true God of all creation was always in the hearts of the people. The glory of the spiritual Mountain of God filled the entire earth. Every order and activity of life on earth was patterned from the Mountain of God. Entire cities would come together to worship and praise the one true God, and there was none who opposed.

The old ways had passed away.

There was no longer need, greed, lust, nor pride among any of the people. Because these things were gone, there was no longer any fear, jealously, anxiety, worry, or strife. Without any of these negative drives in mankind, there was no more war. There was no crime and no laws to be enforced. Sickness and disease disappeared from the earth.

The life span of the people began to increase until there was no more death in the world, only a gentle peaceful transition from the natural life that is within time into a completely Spirit life without time.

There was plenty of everything for everyone. Since there was no more need for vast resources to be poured into costly destructive wars and no massive expense of hospitals, clinics, medicines, medical institutions, mental institutions, and no need for prisons, there was sufficient monetary and human resources to provide for all the needs of all the people of the world. The most important thing of all was that there was plenty of time for communion with God and glorious limitless worship and praise to Almighty God.

Life was beautiful with plenty of productive activity for everyone without over-burdening anyone. There was no rushing about striving to get things done. There was always plenty of time for lovingly relating to the children and training them in God’s pure love, wisdom, and gentle power. The children were taught from an early age that it was God who worked in them to accomplish their God-given purpose for their lives. Every adult person directly related to Father God through Christ Jesus abiding within them by the Holy Spirit from their youth. Life on earth was a natural expression of spiritual heaven.

The Living Model Pattern for Kingdom Governance

Perhaps the purest and most beautiful part of all was the God-inspired love relationship of husband and wife. It was the most intense and intimate love relationship of natural life. The two truly became one with pure love and care in total transparency and complete trust in one another. The two truly were one as Christ and His holy Bride are one. A perfect replica of God and His people was manifested in the families as a visible message to all creation of the perfect order of God.

God’s family pattern was the root and pattern for all governmental authority structures that brought the King’s order to every cooperative structure in the land. Christ was the head of every husband/father who in turn was the loving head of the wife/mother, and they together were the head of the family. The children growing up in the family obeyed their father and mother. When they were grown they no longer obeyed their parents but honored them all of their lives. They left their family homes and parents to be married and established the same godly ordered type of family in the next generation.

The family and every corporate entity in the kingdom of God was modeled after God’s family pattern that worked by love, was ordered by love, and held together by the love of God.

The entire world became a showcase to all creation and eternity of the glory of God. A natural visible and tangible demonstration of the unseen spiritual reality of Heaven and the Living God of all creation. The kingdoms of this world had become the kingdoms of our God.

THE END of A Modern-day Parable

Back to this day in the year of our Lord 2015 on planet earth.

Would it be too much for me to tell you that all this already exists in the eternal now of God? It is alright if it blows our minds, but can it fit in our spirits? Yes, it is true that the kingdom of God as partially described above in very brief and simple form, fully exists in seed form now in the God of eternal now that is firmly planted and abiding within people of God on earth.

Can my spirit and soul receive and respond to the good news that the seed of the fullness of the kingdom of God on earth is planted inside of me and you now?

With our natural eyes, we may not now see all things under the feet of Christ Jesus in the world. However, if we can see it in our spiritual eyes and feel it in our spirit mind, we can begin to live in it now and become a part of the manifestation of the fullness of it into the natural world. The appointed time of our personal fullness is the moment we see and believe the substance of spiritual reality of the kingdom of God.

More about the now kingdom reality next time.

Ron McGatlin

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