In a place not so very far away in the time of signs and wonders, many of the people of mystery who had not yet ascended the Holy Mountain of God began to despair. They felt discouraged, dissatisfied, and fearful within themselves.

The words of the prophets were being fulfilled regarding the failing of their prized works of human endeavor without God. Their works were corrupting before their eyes. The grandeur and elegance of their secular humanistic godless society had become filled with immorality and violence.

The minds of the once vibrant people were first intrigued and then consumed by evil supernatural powers. Darkness was rapidly infiltrating the highest offices of the once godly nations.

Foreign armies empowered by gods of darkness were invading nations to destroy the people of God and all that they had built in the land.


Pure holy righteousness, perfect peace, and great joy abounded in the brightness of the golden cloud of the supernatural atmosphere of perfect LOVE that surrounded the upper portion of the Holy Mountain of God. The intense love of God filled every cell of the bodies of the people of God every moment of every day. Truly the kingdom of heaven had fully come to earth upon the Holy Mountain of God. The people became as one with God in Christ and one with one another by the ever present Spirit God.

The spiritual kingdom of heaven had now come to rest upon the mountain of God’s people on earth. God remained in and with His people; every tear was wiped away in His glorious presence in the great spiritual city of New Jerusalem, the perfected beautiful Bride Church of God that had been formed from heaven to abide upon this, the highest mountain above all the mountains of the earth.

Everyone in the spiritual city of New Jerusalem knew that they were here for the purpose of establishing the kingdom of heaven on earth. They understood that the patterns of life and ways in the spiritual city were to become the patterns and ways of life in the entire world.

The purified holy Bride of Christ had given birth and produced many Sons all with the DNA of God. The faithful Sons had the same DNA and the same supernatural attributes as Christ Jesus within their fully redeemed natural bodies. The Spirit Christ was actually dwelling within them.

Just as Christ Jesus had been sent from heaven to change the world over two thousand years ago, God had now prepared many Sons and called them together in the Spirit for their time of release to be sent to the world along with myriads of holy angels to establish the kingdom of heaven in all of the earth.

When the Sons were fully grown and prepared, God spoke to them, “Today you are My fully grown faithful Sons. I bestow upon you the full access and use of all of my kingdom resources of heavenly power, wisdom, and love. All things that are mine are available to you to fully bring the world and all of its people back into their rightful place as My heavenly kingdom on earth.”

“I bestow upon you authority over all of earth to fill the earth with the glory that you have received here in this heavenly city. Demonstrate My glory to the people of the world. You have dominion, and every word that I speak to you will be spoken into the world, and not one word shall fail.”

God spoke to them the great secrets of how to establish His kingdom and restore all the earth, how to make all things new as He had originally created them. He told them to obey His every word spoken to them and never listen to or follow any other word, for every voice that was not of Him was to be silenced by His word.

Then Father God called for the many Sons to kneel before Him as the Lord passed among them touching each one of them with the great sword that glowed with brightness of pure white light of His glory. Then they were told to stand as God poured the liquid fire of His love simultaneously into each one until they all overflowed with the liquid fire of His love.

He told them all to go down from the spiritual Mountain of God into all the world to restore every mountain of the world back under the authority of the Mountain of the Lord. Every mountain and hill of earthly authority was to be fully established under the loving rule of the glorious Mountain of God.

The Sons were told to demonstrate the glory of the Mountain to every living thing in the world that all the world would know that Christ Jesus is King of kings and Lord of lords over all the earth.

God assured the Sons that, “No man shall be able to stand before you, for I am with you. All things are subject to the power and wisdom of My love in you. Whatsoever you speak on earth shall be done from heaven through the Mountain of God. The blood of the cross has become the liquid fire of love bringing full restoration to all the earth. Freely you have received, now freely give to all who are worthy. Do not tarry; the entire earth is suffering and groaning waiting to be set free.”

Thus the Sons of God were made manifest in the earth to bring the life from the Mountain to all the world.

The Sons began to appear among groups of the despairing fearful people. Many of the people recognized them by the glowing presence of the glory of God that was always upon and within them, for their glory never faded.

They did not speak as ordinary men but spoke with power of loving authority and complete assurance of their words. They did not placate the people with false words to build their fleshly egos nor did they make room for their impure lifestyles. They spoke the truth that cut the hearts of the people to the quick. As the people turned from their evil ways, their wounds were immediately healed with the supernatural love of God.

The sons told the people things like, “You have been lied to. The mountain you have turned away from is the mountain of heaven come to earth. I know because I have been there and sat at the table of the Lord God Almighty. I have received of the power and authority of the true God of the Mountain.” They then healed all the diseases of the people and powerfully demonstrated the supernatural power of God.

And with many supernatural words and demonstrations of heavenly power, they loved and provided for the people. The people received and many immediately were sent by the Spirit to the Mountain of God to receive the fullness of truth and reality of heaven come to earth.

Soon the patterns and ways of the heavenly mountain flowed out to the all the earth. The glory of the true kingdom ways rapidly spread across the land as each person infected others, and they in turn each infected others like yeast in a lump of dough.

All the people who remained truly carried the pure holy love of God in their hearts and lives. The whole earth began to respond to the ways of God, and all natural life was restored in the land. The plants and animals were restored, the rivers and streams were pure again, and all the earth prospered. There was no more war and no more prisons. The violent storms of the earth subsided and became life giving rain upon the lands. All the earth prospered and became again as the Garden of Eden before the fall of man.

The Spirit of God reigned supreme in those days, and the enemies of God and man were no longer found upon the earth.


Before the Sons from the Mountain were sent to restore the kingdom, the land had to be cleared of all that the anti-God people had built. The cleansing judgment of God rolled across the land like a wildfire driven by a fierce wind.

Even in the days of the great turbulence of the transition of Planet Earth when all that was not of God was being dissolved by fire, the people who had ascended the Spirit Mountain of God were able to walk and live in PERFECT PEACE. Even in the midst of the greatest turmoil of earth cleansing judgments, there was perfect peace in the high places of the Spirit. God was with His people. God’s love in and with His people was like a hen gathering her chicks under the warmth and safety of her wings.

For anyone walking in the bright cloud of His glory, as far as his eyes could see, the earth was already filled with God’s glory. Even though outside of the cloud of God’s glory the judgment fires were destroying all that lifted itself against God, it was not realized or felt inside the cloud of His glory.

The people’s minds were set on the things of the heavenly mountain and not on the things taking place in the lower world.

Their thoughts were filled with things that were true, noble, just, and pure. Only those things that were lovely, of good report, filled with virtue, and worthy of praise filled their hearts and minds. Only these things from the Mountain filled their hearts and minds continuously and perfect peace was always with them.

Fear not, little flock; for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.

To be continued……

Ron McGatlin

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