In a land not so very far away and in a time of signs and wonders lived a people of great mystery.

A number of generations back in their history, life was simpler and moved at a slower pace. In the mostly agricultural-based culture, many young men and women did well with only a third grade to a sixth grade education. Generally life was lived in a more limited sphere of social and family relationships.

However, a few of the young men and women were much more highly gifted mentally. Though they lacked the brawn to be truly great at farming or forestry, they were intellectually far brighter than all the other people. Therefore, they grew to seek much higher places of ruling over what they considered were the common simple people. They had been given their exceptional mental gifts to bless and help the people of God. However, something else happened.

They began to consider themselves as elite human beings. The elite few were easily able to out-smart the population of the nations and thereby gain much wealth and power. These elite ones began to function as gods within themselves in a relatively small collective group, as they covertly manipulated the people toward goals and objectives that kept them in control but were designed to look like programs favoring the people.

However, it did not always work out for the elite. Many of the common people in the nations had a strong faith in the true God and His Son, Christ Jesus. Not only did the commoners’ faith in their God sustain them and protect them from being taken over, they also spread their faith to much of the rest of the world.

Because of all this the elite despised the God of the people. They had trusted in their mentality as their god, and it was often challenged and defeated by the Spirit God of the commoners. The elite became aligned with another spirit god that had the same disrespect for the God of the people that they did. This union greatly increased their power to conquer the people as it added dark spirit power to their intellectual power.

Through their manipulation nations were pitted against one another in an effort to take control and defeat the God of the commoners. Among some nations elite leaders who hated the people of God arose with fierce military strength empowered by evil spirits to attempt to defeat and annihilate the people of God from the earth. In spite of all they could do, the God of the common people proved again and again to be superior and stronger than their gods of spiritual evil and intellectual brilliance.

It became obvious to the elite that the people of God could never be defeated as long as their faith in their God was strong. Living in the order and ways of their God caused the people and families to be strong and unified working together in the righteousness and power of their God. The elite people along with their evil spirit god devised cunning but relatively simple plans to conquer the nations that yet were not under their control. Particularly one most powerful nation that stood to strongly influence many other nations had to be conquered.

Their plan was to first separate the common people from their God, and then they could take them over and conquer them. Their plan would require several generations to complete but was sure to work.

As the elite, they had full access to the higher schools of learning and began to take up positions of teaching and authority in the training of the people who would be in responsible positions of teaching and guiding the next generations. They knew to take it slowly, step by step. They could not immediately turn the people away from their faith in their God. They had to devise alternate belief systems for the people to get them to turn away from their one true powerful God.

Through the educational systems they began planting secularism and humanism in the minds of those who would be teaching and leading the people. The students were trained to question the ways of the past with intellectual understanding and were challenged in their faith. Most of the students, both the elite and the common, were convinced after years of indoctrination that the beliefs of the past generations were antiquated and irrelevant to modern scientific understanding.

The elite anti-God spirit also infiltrated the religious training institutions with the alternate belief systems and it quickly spread into the religious church systems creating decades of lukewarm mostly dead religion. The future leaders of the next generations were trained to turn away from dependency upon the God of their fathers who had defeated all the attempts of the elite antis to take control of their nations.

Soon there was little respect for the ways of God and other ways were implanted. All of the natural human temptations were ignited through all avenues of training of young people. Every place they looked there was the implanting of alternate ideas and ways that were against the ways of the God of the common people who had enabled the nations to abide in freedom and to be productive and prosperous.

The pride of life and desire for riches and fame were encouraged. The lust of the natural fleshly desires were inflamed through constant inputs from all avenues of training. The next generations of people began to believe that the old-fashioned God of their fathers was a false limitation to the fun and pleasure of their now self-centered pleasure-seeking lives.

Their strong personal lives and the strong family units were breaking down and the nations were weakening.

Yet, in one most powerful nation, there remained a strength in governmental leadership that still fostered and allowed faith in the God of the people to remain somewhat strong in the nation. Many people would not yet accept another religion that honored not the God of the people but honored the anti spirit of the elite. New top level leadership was needed to weaken the strong militaries and open the way for an anti-God religion to be implanted in the strong nation. A suitable candidate for such a leader was not found among the people of the nation. And the people would never accept a foreigner from another nation and another religion to lead them in the highest office in the land.

A leader had to be found that was part of the elite anti-camp from a foreign nation but who could convince the people that he was one of them while he gradually removed the old leadership from the militaries and governing headships of the nation and replaced them with those aligned with the elite antis’ plan.

The perfect man for the job was found and put into place as head of the powerful nation. He was groomed and coached by the elite antis to trick the common people into believing he was one of their own kind and hide his true religious beliefs and his agreement with the plans of the elite antis. The grand deception worked very well as governmental power linked to the strong media and educational systems along with the failing faith of the common people in the true God, made room for deadly decisions and actions to alter the nation and affect the world.

The many decisions that the leader made that were against the wellbeing of the nation caused many people to believe that he was incompetent and bungling. This masquerading elite anti leader was far from dumb as they supposed. He was simply a part of a brilliant plan of the elite antis to open the door to programs against the God of the common people to bring down the powerful influential nation, thus destroying the major resistance to the takeover of the world under the control of the elites.

Lavish spending on programs that provide for the common people that which had previously been provided by their God would lead to massive debt and eventually the collapse of the nation’s economy.

In order to reduce the population of the common people that could stand against the takeover of the nations, the people were convinced to kill millions of their babies before they were born. Through economic and other pressures the common people were driven and enticed to birth fewer babies. Soon the original population was in significant decline. Hundreds of thousands of people who followed other gods were invited in to replace the population. Immigrants from other nations already ruled by the elite antis’ powerful religion rapidly multiplied after being invited in and funded by the masquerading leader to infiltrate the nation.

The common people had left their God who had been their strength, and the powers of evil were released over the people. The government had been seized, and all that remained was the final militant takeover and the annihilation of the remaining dissenting people who still followed the one true God. Thus the nation of God that could not be taken over by military force had been defeated from within.

At a certain time planned by the elite antis, certain financial tactics were enacted by the elite that completed the collapse of the once strong nation’s economy and created great suffering and disorder in the nation. Other nations were similarly affected, and much of the world was suddenly in chaos. The military of the once strong nation and all law enforcement agencies were called into action to try to control the masses of common people uprising across the land against the masquerading leader and all the leaders that he had put in place to rule over the people. Powerful foreign armies were brought in to stop the uprising and control the people.

The millions of common people in the uprising were no match for the well-armed fighting machine of the immigrant elite anti-God people and the foreign armies equipped with the finest weapons and equipment provided by the same nation that it was attacking.

Almost the whole world was in chaos, and it seemed that every person who followed the true God would be wiped from the earth. It seemed that the elite anti-God people were winning their quest to rule the entire world.


Many people who worshiped and trusted in the one true God went underground and were miraculously kept by the supernatural provision of their God. All of the pretenders who had only halfway sought to follow the true God were either killed, or they turned fully to God and were purified of all the contamination of the past training of the elite antis. All of God’s people who survived through the years of the oppression of the foreign anti-God armies were purified and became totally holy and walked in the Spirit of their God continuously.

When the purified holy remnant of people cried out to their God in one accord, holy angels were sent to confuse their enemies, and they destroyed themselves.


However, it all worked out in the end. The purified holy people of God arose as precious jewels of their God to a land of ashes. They were the holy seed to replenish the land with people of the one true God. Their God gave them beauty for ashes and joy for mourning. The mountain of God ruled over all of the people and over all the earth. All praised the living God and His glory covered the entire earth.

The world was restored to the original plan of the one true God.

Ron McGatlin

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