The most precious commodity on earth is love expressed in pure holy relationships with God and with His holy people, our brothers and sisters in Christ by the Holy Spirit.

There is no greater life on earth than abiding in God through Christ Jesus and God abiding in us. Our life exists in our connection with God in heaven and with God in His people on earth.

Many of us that have loved God have suffered disappointments of broken trust among people we once trusted. This may have caused us to have difficulty in trusting people. This may have also subversively damaged our trust in God to some degree. As a result our lack of being able to truly completely trust God and His people, our life sputters along like and old worn out car. The old car is not very powerful or dependable and does not have all the new equipment and accessories.

In this move of God’s kingdom coming forth today, God has a whole new life of pure holy love and trust coming forth in which we can once again have complete trust and faith in God and in His people. This new life is like getting into your brand new car that smells fresh and clean. It is much more powerful and runs so smoothly. All the new equipment and accessories are exciting and work perfectly.

The potential of our lives on earth is directly related to our connection with Christ Jesus in heaven and in Christ Jesus in His people on earth.

The production and value of our lives on earth is directly related to our openness to God and His people to receive and share the resources of God from heaven.

Pure Love Brings Trust.

Our openness to flow pure holy love and nurturing, encouragement, strength, and sustenance for both spiritual and natural life is dependent on mutual TRUST that only comes through pure holy LOVE.

Through the experience of LOVE relationship with God, we can TRUST God completely. Through experiencing God’s LOVE in people, we can TRUST one another completely.

Yes, we can really trust other human beings in whom Father God dwells in Christ by the Holy Spirit. In the New Jerusalem lifestyle of the kingdom of God coming forth from heaven into the hearts of God’s maturing people, complete trust and faith are being restored to His people.

In the past Babylonian style culture of mixture, we were rightly taught to NOT trust in man. In recent years trust in governments and other authorities have also greatly declined. A lack of national trust in God leads to a lack of trust between people that causes a divided nation. A nation divided against itself cannot stand. Babylon and all that live by its ways are coming down. Great failure of the once prideful and arrogant Babylonian style systems of ungodly, unloving, and non-trusting ways is imminent.

The enemy knows that to destroy a godly people, their trust in God must be destroyed which will lead to a lack of trust in one another and eventually the fall of the house.

Jesus taught that a house divided against itself cannot stand. The opposite of that is also true. That is to say, a house connected in loving trust will stand. A group, family, tribe, or nation that loves God will trust in God. The nation whose trust is in the Lord will stand and is blessed of God.

The move of God on earth that is bringing forth the New Jerusalem life in the kingdom of God will never end. This move of God is coming forth now in the hearts and lives of God’s kingdom people in spots across the world. It is a supernatural inner move of the Spirit of God transforming our once Babylonian style life into New Jerusalem life of LOVE that produces complete TRUST in God and between the purified holy people of God.

Discernment abides in a pure heart.

Experiencing the pure holy love and trust of the life of God in our lives causes us to be able to quickly discern anyone who is not abiding in the pure holy love and trust of God. We are able to discern and know, without trying to figure it out, whether people do or do not have the pure holy love and trust of God abiding in them. If they do not, they are not fully trustworthy.

There are levels of connection that Jesus exercised that we need to also employ.

Jesus ate with and greeted sinners. Yet He did not trust them with the pearls of an intimate close relationship. He did express the love of the Father and the desire that all come to repentance. Yet, He never became one with them until they had turned from their past life and followed Him in their new life.

There is a very special oneness between Christ Jesus and those who truly love Him. There is also love toward those who do not love God or do not even know Him. However, it is a one-way giving of love and not a union of oneness. Christ Jesus in us by the Holy Spirit will discern the hearts of the people we meet and will quickly draw close to those in whom the love of God abides. This opens a greater level of full trust in one another and a flow of giving and receiving to one another.

Jesus did not fully commit to everyone who believed in His name because He discerned what was in people. “Now when He was in Jerusalem at the Passover, during the feast, many believed in His name when they saw the signs which He did. 24 But Jesus did not commit Himself to them, because He knew all, 25 and had no need that anyone should testify of man, for He knew what was in man” (John 2: 22-25).

The human kind of impure love within us can cause us to be unable to see clearly. This can cause us to give more trust in the wrong places – more than the Lord would have us to give. Doing this will usually result in our loss or waste of some of the resources that God has given into our hands to be used for His work or plan. Often a bad experience like that can cause a person to become fearful of trusting and to miss the fullness of some God-designed connections.

Keen discernment is vital in this time of many deceivers seeking to stop the works of God on earth. A pure heart can learn to recognize the prompting and voice of Christ Jesus and Father God by the Holy Spirit within us.

Knowing the real will always enable the discernment of that which is of God and that which is the counterfeit of a deceiver.

In a nation ruled by democratic vote, the lack of pure hearts in the people can cause a lack of discernment that can lead to a great deceiver who pretends to be a Christian being elected to the highest office in the land. A deceiver as chief executive of a nation can do great harm to the nation and the people. The same is true in families, churches, businesses, and any other structure of human relationship.

There is no political, economic, or military solution to problems of the people or nation with impure hearts that are without love and trust in God.

The people must turn to God with their whole hearts.

The only real remedy for failing nations is for there to be a great filling of the pure holy Love of God in the people, restoring complete trust and faith in God of heaven and God in one another on earth. The only available source of the pure holy LOVE of God to man on earth is the Holy Spirit of God implanting the life of Christ Jesus in the people.

The greatest manifestation of the filling and saturation of the Holy Spirit upon and within us is an overflowing of the pure holy love of God. The presence of God is manifest in the abundance of overflowing love poured into us and out of us by a real encounter and connection with the living Spirit of God forming the life of Christ in us.

The kingdom of God does not exist on earth apart from the fullness of the Holy Spirit. The kingdom of God is righteousness, peace, and joy IN THE HOLY SPIRIT. (Romans 14:17)

The enemies of God know that the only way to conquer a nation that is under God and that trusts in God is to destroy their trust in God by keeping the people from believing in and receiving the fullness of the Holy Spirit so that Christ Jesus cannot truly dwell in them. There is no pure holy love of God and no complete trust in God in the people called by His name without the work of the Holy Spirit.

The last big move of God that will never end is the kingdom of God coming forth in pure holy love of God filling to overflowing the hearts and lives of the people with the life of Christ Jesus by the Holy Spirit. Trust and faith are results of the Holy Ghost of Christ Jesus abiding within His kingdom people and the people abiding in Christ Jesus by the same Spirit. It is the Bride truly becoming one Spirit and one flesh with Christ Jesus in the Holy Ghost.

2Cor 3:17: Now the Lord is the Spirit; and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.

If we live in the Spirit, let us also walk in the Spirit. (Gal 5:25)

Ron McGatlin

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