You have come to this world for such a time as this.

Our godly forefathers (the modern patriarchs of God) were planted with the seed of Christ Jesus in the soil of their hearts and grew into fruitful plants bearing a harvest of many seeds. We are the fruit and the seeds from their lives.

Now we are planted into the ground of this world to die and sprout forth new life that grows into a strong stalk that will bear much fruit and multiplied good seed. The stalk must be strong to stand and bear good fruit even in the winds of adversity. If it is weak and falls over before the fruit and seed are matured, the harvest will be lost. As we grow in close groups, our strength is combined and increased to stand against the storms of life until the fruit and seeds of our lives are fully matured.

John 12:24: Most assuredly, I say to you, unless a grain of wheat falls into the ground and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies, it produces much grain.

Inside each of us there is an implanted strong desire to be of significance in the process of affecting the world toward the desires of God – of bringing forth the plan and desires of God on earth.

Many may not know what it is they are feeling within but feel an unrest of lack of purpose or of not knowing who they really are.

The world and the devil will offer us many substitute plans and purposes that falsely promise to satisfy our lack of purpose and of knowing who we are.

The only true satisfaction and significance of our lives on earth involves the process of producing the fruit of the plan and purpose of God from heaven into the world.

God is restoring us and the world into alignment with the kingdom of heaven. Layer by layer the revelation of the kingdom of God is coming forth on earth. In every season of change the layer-by-layer revelation of truth is bringing restoration of the kingdom of God. Different strengths and gifts are needed in each progressive season. God calls and prepares a willing people to do what needs to be done in each season.

As each advancement of the kingdom flows into place, it becomes a strong offense to the kingdoms of darkness ruling in the world. The greater the advancement of the kingdom of God, the more violent and hostile are the enemy’s reactions.

In recent decades the kingdom of God has advanced across the world more than any time since the first century 2000 years ago when Christ Jesus and His disciples first proclaimed the gospel of the kingdom. The real gospel of the kingdom is again being proclaimed by Christ Jesus in His Body of followers on earth: those who have willingly laid down their lives that Christ might fully live in them. The word of the kingdom of God in love and power is again being demonstrated by those who stand boldly and allow Christ to speak and demonstrate the love and power of heaven on earth through them.

One of the confirmations of the reality that Christ has come forth in His kingdom on earth in this day is the horrendous reaction of the religious/political hordes of deceived people who are in great darkness. Truly a wild frenzy of evil insanity has gripped people driving them to murder anyone who even looks like they might be a follower of Christ.

Matthew 11:12: And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by force.

Before the restoration of the power and presence of God in the Holy Spirit was restored, there was little or no persecution for the powerless lukewarm church systems. In the past few decades the revelation of the gospel of the kingdom of God has come forth, and there is great resistance in the form of persecution.

Religious form without power had weakened nations and allowed darkness to prevail in the world. Having a form of godliness while denying the power of God in their lives had led to spiritual weakness without the strength or the will to stand. Many people were and are yet blown about by every false wind. They quickly accept the word of the enemy and are unable to hear and receive the gospel of the kingdom. They have been trained in either incomplete traditions of men or false doctrines of demons.

A New Generation is Arising

A new generation of kingdom believers is arising without the limitations of the lukewarm religious systems.

A generation without fear of the fierceness of the fascist regimes of evil war mongering false religious/political systems that are viciously attacking believers worldwide.

A kingdom generation is arising filled with the love and power of God – a people who love not their lives to the death and have full trust in the one true living God.

A generation that will guard and nurture the seed of Christ Jesus within them and grow it to full maturity.

A generation zealous for the kingdom of love to rule in every facet of life in the world.

A generation that will stand strong and will not faint or draw back.

A generation that will not be distracted by the lust of the flesh and the pride of this life.

A generation that can fully release the powers of heaven to destroy evil from the earth and leave no residue or hiding place for the evil one who has deceived mankind and tormented the people of God.

A generation that will become the Lord’s army of Spirit and Truth trampling the enemy under their feet.

A generation of kingdom people empowered by the Holy Spirit and accompanied by powerful holy angels.

A people in whom Christ Jesus is fully manifested as Lord and King of all the earth.

A generation that will stand strong in the holy boldness of God in them.

The kingdoms of this world shall become the kingdoms of our God.

We have to ask ourselves, am I a part of that generation that will in the pure holy love of God stand in holy boldness and call forth the powers of heaven to fill the earth?

Can we truly allow Christ Jesus in us by the Holy Spirit to fully manifest His life of perfect love and great power to proclaim “the kingdom of God is at hand” to a world that has turned its back on God and gone mad? Can we be the ones that arise and proclaim the reality of the Lord with us and His kingdom reign on earth?

Who is ready to agree with God in the sacrifice of continual praise that shouts to world and lifts up the arms that hang down and lifts the heads toward heaven that hang down?

Who will arise and step into becoming the spiritually mature manifested sons of Almighty God? Who will be the Joshuas of this end-time generation to lead the people of God into the fullness of the kingdom of God?

Arise now and shine forth the glory of the Lord, and in the midst of great darkness a great increase of the substance of heaven will flow into your being that empowers every word from your mouth to impact the people of God to arise in the strength of God to bring forth the kingdom of heaven on earth.

Let great praise go before the army, and the enemy will be overcome. Gather the young men and women and rejoice loudly in the Lord in the midst of darkness, and the light will come. Victory belongs to the Lord of hosts. He that is within us is greater than he that is in the world. We are more than conquerers through Him that loves us. We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. All things are possible to those who believe. God is for us. Who can be against us?

Rejoice, He is in the world today in you and me. Truly we have come to the world for such a time as this.

Arise and shine,

Ron McGatlin

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