God is a consuming fire of LOVE.

Beyond all natural human knowledge and experience is the Spirit reality of all power, all knowledge, all authority, all wisdom, and all understanding embodied in the boiling, surging fire of love in the heart of God.

All creation, all life, and all time emanates from the one supreme source of all, in the one “I AM” who is now, always was, and forever shall be.

All life spiritual or natural and all substance living or dormant, solid or fluid, is all derived from the one energy source of God Almighty.

The magnitude of God is far beyond the capacity of human thought to even consider. The glory of God cannot be contained and is only partially displayed in His vast creation.

God’s perfect love is the source of all of God’s perfect creation of natural order and design, of all boundaries, alignments and relationships in all of His creation.

All of creation exists and consists in order by the design, authority, and power (exerted spiritual energy) of God Almighty.

Obviously the resources and abilities of God are unlimited. Absolutely anything is possible with God, even far more than human beings can ask or think.

Surely Adam and Eve did not fully realize what they would forfeit by disobeying God. In that act of disobedience, they lost the ability to abide in oneness with God. The perfect order of God on earth and their access to the unlimited resources of God were lost in that moment of disobedience.

God had breathed His life into Adam when He created him. Adam had to completely disregard the life of God to yield to his own independent thought from his own self-governing intellect.

Today God has breathed His life afresh into every Holy Spirit saturated person in whom Christ Jesus fully dwells. The all-consuming fire of the Love of God can abide in our bodies now in this life. All the resources from the heart of God can abide in our hearts and lives now in this life.

My dear friends this is not the normal “Christian life” as we have been living it. This is not a set of negotiable rules or positional standing automatically inherited because Christ died for us. God is speaking to us about truly becoming fully manifested sons of God on earth. This is not the way and religion of past centuries. This is the reality of biblical days as were the days of Jesus on earth in His disciples after Pentecost in the first century. This is the season of Tabernacles, the season of God in and among His people. Christ Jesus is abiding in adopted Sons of God by the Holy Spirit of God Almighty.

The Loss of Resources

Every thought and action outside the perfect will and order of God separates us from perfect oneness with almighty God and His unlimited resources. Christ Jesus lived and walked in the perfect order and ways of God and knew that all the resources of Heaven were available to Him. If he had ever once taken action outside the order of God, as Adam did, there would have been no way for mankind to regain the place of oneness with God. The unlimited resources of heaven would have all been of no avail to mankind.

Christ Jesus did not fail. He fully bore the punishment for mankind’s failures. He now can live His life in us. His life is breathed into His redeemed sons (male and female) by the Holy Spirit of God. By the continuous presence of Christ in us through our obedience in following the Holy Spirit, the unlimited resources of God are available to us.

The Restoration of Unlimited Resources

It is in the heart of God to restore mankind and Planet Earth to its original design of mankind walking in oneness with God. It is His desire to again cause all of Heaven’s unlimited resources and abilities to be fully functioning in His people on earth.

It appears that people today, like Adam, have no knowledge of the cost of independently living without fully abiding in Christ and He in them. Many believers have simply not known that they were here to do the works of God using His unlimited resources to reclaim Planet Earth from the great disorder and devastation that results from mankind following self-government and not fully obeying the will and ways of God. Any act of disorder (disobedience) will always create an imbalance that will cause a corrective action in creation. All natural creation is programed to press toward the designed order of God. Call it sowing and reaping or universal physical law of “for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction” or whatever you choose to call it. It is a law of creation that cannot be broken or changed.

Christ Jesus came to earth for more than getting some people to go to heaven. He came to redeem and empower mankind to again become one with God fully restored to access of the unlimited resources of God for the restoration of the world to the order and rule of God, the kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven.

Only God can be God

Christ Jesus is the one and only person with the ability to live a perfect life in absolute perfect order with the will and plan of Father God. Without the fullness of the Holy Spirit bringing the life of Christ to live His life in us, no human being is able to keep the perfect order of God. Christ by the Holy Spirit can rule and reign in a person who is “crucified with Christ” and becomes a “living sacrifice” as an abiding place for Christ Jesus and Father God by the Holy Spirit.

Faith to receive the unlimited resources of heaven is not possible in natural human beings.

Faith is both a gift and a fruit of the SPIRIT.

It is the faith of Christ in us that hears and obeys every desire of the heart of the Father.

It is Jesus’ faith that can say to the mountain or the tree to be moved into the ocean and see it come to pass. Human intellect can never know enough about God or the written word to have this kind of faith. It is by the SPIRIT that the word of God produces perfect faith and perfect order into this world.

The sufferings of this world are all the result of mankind bringing disorder to the world. Only mankind turning to God in Christ Jesus and being fully saturated in the Spirit of God can turn the great turbulence of disorder in the world back to the order of God and bring peace on earth and goodwill to man.

All things are possible to the one who believes. However, no one can believe (have faith) for the unlimited resources of God and at the same time NOT walk in perfect order with God. It is not enough to say we believe in God and Christ and yet not walk in His perfect order. And again, CHRIST IN US by the HOLY SPIRIT is the way by which we can walk in perfect obedience all the way every day. Walk in the Spirit, and you will not fulfill the lust of the flesh.

Faith will be tested.

Often when we step into a measure of walking in the Spirit of Christ in us, God will pour out some of His great resources to us as a test.

Will we truly obey His desire and instruction and remain fully in His order, or will we allow some self-desire to begin to creep into our pure heart and misuse some of the resources from heaven apart from His direction?

Will we turn to Christ in us by the Holy Spirit to guide each step, or will we turn away from the direction of God just a little and decide in our own minds to use His resources according to our own need or desire apart from God’s leadership and direction? Selah.

When we pass the test, more faith will be given to us for even greater things. However, if we fail the test, then we will go through another process of corrective action from creation around us. Peace will be lost as disorder again raises up in our lives. God’s heart is not to destroy us but for us to be perfectly matured to step up to the next place of greater service. It seems at times it is easy to reckon ourselves dead, and at other times our self-life finds a spot of weakness in us and begins to come back to life.

Mature Sons of God have no will of their own apart from God. Every thought is taken captive to Christ.

Truly becoming one with God means we own nothing in this world, yet everything in this world and in heaven is available to us to use to fulfill God’s plan for us.

We are purchased with a price and our lives are His. We are a being in which God dwells as the unchallenged KING with total ownership of our lives. Our hands become His hands, and all that is in our hands is His. It is at His disposal and discretion to do with as He decides. We are faithful to abide in Him and to be and do only that which He leads us to be and do.

This is life abundantly that Christ Jesus came to bring forth on earth the resurrection life of Christ in His people.

Much love and abundant life in Christ and Christ in you,

Ron McGatlin

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