Let all that has breath praise the Lord!

God is breathing heavenly life upon His holy people. Those who love Him with their whole hearts are coming through the wilderness to the glory of His abiding presence.

As natural breath is to the life of the natural body, so spiritual breath is to the life of the spiritual body. Death quickly comes to the natural body without breath, and so it is with the spiritual life. Spiritual death begins to set in quickly without breathing the breath of the Spirit of God. Without the quickening of the breath of heaven being drawn into our lives, we are truly the walking dead.

Natural breathing is constant, second by second, minute by minute our bodies must breathe or quickly die. There is no life in us without breath. Natural life depends on our continually drawing air into our lungs and exhaling it out into the atmosphere. Our spiritual life is equally dependent upon our intimate communion with God receiving the breath of His life into our being and breathing it out into the atmosphere of the world around us.

Without breath there is no speech. Words are generated by breath moving across our vocal chords and forming in our mouths and lips. All verbal communication is by breath. Our thoughts and feelings flow out of us to others by natural breath. All singing, shouting, and speaking is by breath.

Our natural breath and words carry the substance of the Spirit or spirit that imparted its essence into them from the spiritual air that we have been breathing. Our hearts and minds are infused with the Spirit of light or the spirit of darkness or some oscillating intermittent mixture of the two by the atmosphere we breathe. Both the Spirit of God and the spirit of darkness are available to the believer.

The spiritual air that we breathe becomes the breath that empowers the formation of the words we speak. Most people reading this are also aware that the words we speak are powerful in affecting not only ourselves but also every person who receives them. Truly life or death is in the power of the tongue, and the tongue will bring forth words according to the breath that formed them.

Notice that the air we breathe does not just come through the eye gate or the ear gate. The air that we breathe is the atmosphere in which we abide. The atmosphere of air around us is normally not visible. Spirits are normally not visible to the natural eye nor heard by the natural ear. Spiritual atmosphere may be filled with nuances or essences of light or darkness that is not discernable by our natural senses. They may only be discernable by the Spirit within us. If our spirit eye is full of light, we will discern the spirit darkness in our atmosphere. If our spirit eye is filled with darkness, we will not see the darkness in our atmosphere and will readily breathe it in (Mat 6:22-23).

This has to do with our conscience. We all know the conscience can be seared or overruled until it is retrained to accept as good that which was previously seen as bad (1 Tim 4:2). Our spiritual sensitivity is the same way. If people remain in an atmosphere with little or no light of God and with increasing darkness, they will eventually accept that which is ungodly as natural and believe that the darkness is right for them.

The words or music or story plot that we are watching and listening to might use good words and could be defended because they are no really bad words. Yet, if it is presented in an atmosphere infected with darkness, it can infect us with darkness. Words usually associated with light, if presented in an atmosphere of darkness, can affect our spirits with darkness.

Therefore, sharp and clear Spirit discernment is the only true measure of our atmosphere. If we are filled and saturated with Spirit God, we carry our atmosphere with us and can enter into bad atmospheres to bring change. Jesus associated with people in darkness and brought light and life to them but NEVER received of their darkness.

Western civilization and culture has been changed by the lack of true spiritual discernment in the spiritual and civil leaders. Excluding the strong influence of the Holy Spirit in our families, churches, schools, higher education, government, and eventually the daily lives of the people have allowed the darkness to control the atmosphere of the land. Most of the people are breathing the breath of darkness and no longer can discern right from wrong or darkness and light. Light to them is darkness, and darkness to them is light. It is simply not possible to breathe the atmosphere of godless education, sexual lust, violence, and demonic plots and activities of daily television programing and live godly and speak Spirit words of light and life. From the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.

The Wind and the Word of the Breath of God

The heavenly wind of Spirit God came as a mighty rushing wind upon and into a prepared people at Pentecost, and the world has never been the same. All history since that day has been affected to some degree by the life of Christ Jesus in His people by the mighty rushing wind of His Holy Spirit.

At Pentecost the breath of God immediately began to flow out of the people. The mighty rushing wind of the Spirit of God brought forth mighty words by the breath of God from heaven flowing out of them to the world around them, and thousands turned to the living God.

Truly life is in the breath. Adam became a living soul when God breathed His breath into Him. Jesus became a “live giving Spirit” from heaven flowing heaven’s life into all who abide in Him. The Word became flesh in Jesus, and today the Word is becoming flesh in us as we breathe in the Spirit life of God in Christ. Moment by moment Christ is being formed in us who are the temple of Spirit God on earth (1 Cor 6:19-20). The breath of heaven flows from us as we breathe out His life.

A powerful wind of the Spirit of God is blowing into our world. Much of what God is doing is at this time not clearly visible to a large portion of the population. If not fully underground, it is at least not clearly visible to those who are seeking to remove Christ Jesus from the world. Yet, a very deep work of the love of God is creating a people in whom the heavenly breath of God is imparting the glorious life of holy righteousness, peace, and joy. Yes, the kingdom of God is now being experienced and planted in a people of His presence by the wind of His Spirit filling our lives with the breath of heaven. The word of the kingdom is flowing into the hearts and lives of many people by the fresh breath of heaven coming forth on earth in the wind and the word of God’s Holy Spirit.

Where two or three come together, His presence among them creates a greater atmosphere of the breath of heaven. The words of our mouths are determined by the breath we breathe in, and the words of our mouths determines the atmosphere of our homes and our immediate area of our work place and everywhere we go.

The fresh breath from heaven now blowing upon us can cause us to be so filled with His life that everywhere we go, the atmosphere begins to change. Every word we speak can carry the breath of heaven to touch everyone and everything we encounter. The breath of heaven is the living love and light of Christ in us flowing by the Holy Spirit through us to the world around us.

Let’s all take a deep breath of God and exhale life to the world around us.

Much love and blessings,

Ron McGatlin

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