Our fight is not with other people, especially not with our husbands or wives. God has given us the ability to love one another.

It is certainly not with God. God loves us and is for us, not against us

And really it is not even with the devil. The devil is defeated.

So, who or what or where is the source of our problems that we are to fight? What really is the source of the problems of our lives and the world?

Why is evil greatly increasing and threatening to take the world back into the dark ages? What exactly should we fight against or fight for?

There is no doubt that it is high time to arise and fight for our lives and the world. But where is the battle? Is there an army or militia to join? Where is the front line of battle? There may be many battle fronts. However, where is the source or core from which this evil emerges to bring darkness that is threatening to turn our world back to the dark ages?

Okay, yes, we know the answer is Christ Jesus, but how or why is it that the spirit of anti-Christ is rapidly advancing in our nations across the world, in some nations destroying churches, attacking Christians, killing many, and taking their young women and all their possessions? How is it that the anti-Christ spirit is demoralizing western nations, breaking down families, creating generational degradation into violent temperaments, strange sexual promiscuity, and addictions of every sort?

Christ Jesus is fully available. In the western world, we have millions of churches. So, what is the core fault that has allowed the tribulation and persecution to be rapidly gaining ground in our nations? Who or where is the seat of the real anti-Christ stronghold that is degrading our nations and attempting to remove God and His people from the planet?

The enemy causing all this degradation is OURSELVES. More specifically the minds and hearts of mankind is the frontline battleground and the gate through which evil enters and emanates outward into the world and advances wildly across the world.


What determines what we think and believe? What we HEAR and SEE are major factors in what we think and believe. What we hear and see repeatedly, especially from sources that we trust or respect, will determine what we think and believe. As a child we are planted with spoken words, thoughts, pictures, feelings, and ideas through experiences of life that determine how we think, which determines what we release into the world that has an effect on changing the world.


Our first battleground is our own hearts and minds. A child has little ability to choose what they hear, see, feel, or experience. Parents, teachers, and others decide what is planted in a child. Much of what they believe about life, self, and people has been set in their brains as children. Teachers, other people, things they listen to, things they watch and read, along with their life experiences will establish what they believe and therefore what they will release into the world.

As we look at this pattern, it becomes more than obvious that education in its many forms is the major factor in producing either godly people turned toward the goodness of God or ungodly people with a bent toward evil. Most people in the world, especially in the western world, have been trained (educated) into what they now believe through presentations of worldly concepts, principles, and experiences that are void of the reality of God. Without God’s truth their perspective is one of self-fulfillment of fleshly natural and immoral beliefs and appetites. This provides an open door for demonic anti-Christ spirits to take up habitation in the emptiness of God in their lives.


It is time to fight for our own minds and hearts to be transformed and renewed to the truth of God and His Word. Only we can go to battle for our own minds and hearts.

The word from God is the word of God and must be consumed until it consumes us. Consuming the true and righteous word of God until it consumes us is the way to transform our hearts and minds. Christ Jesus is the word of God that is well documented and written down in the Holy Bible by the Holy Spirit. Jesus the Word flows from the written Holy word by the Holy Spirit as well as directly from the throne of God into our hearts by the Holy Spirit.

Dear friends, we do not realize how much we have been trained and formed by the words of godless concepts and principles from the systems of education and entertainment in which we have participated and from which we have received. Remember that we will believe that which we hear repeatedly. That is the way the human mind works. We will become what we believe, and we will believe what we hear and see. Our hearts and minds will grow the seeds planted in them. Whether the seeds are godly or ungodly, they will grow into a plant or way of life and bear fruit according to the seed.

Please do not consider this just another teaching on sanctification or something. This is the core or basic truth of how our nations have grossly degenerated over my lifetime. It is also the core and basic truth leading to God’s solution of being reformed into the design and purpose of God.

The separation of God from every part of our lives and allowing Him place only in the “church” has been the downfall of the western nations. The capstone of the great error is conceptualized in something called “the separation of church and state” and works out in practical application in something called “political correctness.”

The most powerful influential offices of the land were made off limits to God. Humanism and secularism and even what is called “religious freedom” are all platforms for the devil to weaken nations and steal the people. Do not be deceived; there is ONE TRUE GOD and no true religious systems. There is one Father, one begotten Son, and one Holy Spirit who is the God that created all and sustains all. Totally knowing, loving, and serving the one true God with our whole hearts dissolves all religions and “isms.”

One Nation Under God

When there really is “one nation under God” on earth, it will be the most powerful nation in the world and will bring forth truth of God in every aspect of life within its borders and will transplant the truth of God into the entire world. This is the potential abiding in us. This is the kingdom of God on earth. This is the potential we have been given through Christ Jesus in whom is the Father abiding in us by the Holy Spirit of God. This is what we have given up, what we have lost by what we allowed to come into our eyes and ears and become planted in our hearts that is NOT of God.

The Call of God

The power of the love of God is calling now for a radical people who will shut down the godless inputs from the world and turn to the word of God to feast upon God and His words, His thoughts, and His ways continuously until we are consumed. This is the life of mature sons charged with His love, His strength, empowered by His grace, and ordained as His mature sons to pour out His glory upon every child and every person we touch.

This move of God must and will be a season of throwing off all the past limitations by turning off all the inputs of the fallen world and its systems of death and going full speed into the radical reality of God and His pure holy word by His Spirit.

Every man, woman, and child deserves to experience at least one completely sold out and glorified person. Yes, that person is reading this now. It may be only you and I who can be the one glorified supernatural manifest son or daughter of the living God to those around each one of us.

Turn on to God, and turn off the world. Eat what is holy, and God will do unheard of miracles of destruction of wickedness and the glorious return of the Son of God upon earth flashing with brightness of His glory as lightning to the ends of the earth. In every village and every town the manifest presence of the glorified Son of God in many bodies all of one mind and one heart one Spirit.

Offices and terminology of religious verbiage and practices are nothing but smoke and mirrors of the devil for division among the people. There is only one way, and we may have never fully known Him (the Way) in the past. What Christ Jesus is and what He is doing simply blows away many of our previous sacred doctrines and systems of understanding. We are standing looking in the face of the manifesting of the Holy God of all creation stepping back into His people and His kingdom on this small planet called earth. You and I are not ready for this. However, it has come anyway, so let His love and His joy and His word destroy all of ourselves and let only Christ Jesus Himself remain.

Eat the Scroll

Man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God. Eat the Word and drink the Spirit of the life of Christ Jesus, and be set free to bring forth the kingdom of God on earth.

TURN AWAY from eating and drinking from the poison pool of words and visions of cunning deceptions from profane minds pouring through every media and form of godless education and training of the masses for death and destruction.

This is our battle, our fight for life. Fight now those inner urges and demands to tune in and listen to the other voices. Fight by flying fully into the Word of God by the Spirit of God. The power is not in trying to stop hearing and seeing but rather to choose what we see and hear. I promise on the authority of the Word and the Spirit that if we will absolutely turn to eating and drinking the Word by the Spirit, we will see powerful worldwide intervention of God from heaven changing our entire world. There is no limit to what God will do with even a small army of fully matured sons and daughters. Gideon’s army was too large. Jesus was one man with twelve close disciples. Selah.

Love never fails and His kingdom never ends,

Ron McGatlin


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