Today, in this writing and by a flaming sword in the mouth of many prophets, God wants to ignite an explosion of joyful powerful life beyond measure, passion and strength aflame with joy unspeakable and full of glory. Forget your circumstances and your woes and lift your eyes to the mountain of God. Hear the heavenly music of glory lifting our spirits into the vast expanses of heaven’s abundance of righteousness, peace, and joy.

Let our souls be ignited with the holy fire of His heavenly love and irresistible power to conquer the enemies of God. No man can stand before us because God and His glorious power from heaven is with us. No evil, no foe, nothing can stand against the supreme power of Holy God in us and with us.

Let the fire begin in our hearts and explode into the atmosphere around us. Leap into His presence without reservation or hesitation. Shout for the glory that is fallen upon us in this hour. Abandon our fearful and tired bodies and mindsets, fly into the realms of Glory, and receive the impartations of the joy of the Lord.

Be strong in the Lord and mighty in spirit and heart to conquer all that rises against God with the contagious joy of Christ in us. This is our time to arise in spirit and inner strength of the Lord’s joy. Let the strength of holiness of God within flow out of our mortal bodies transforming us into flaming ministers of the fire of God. There is no enemy that can stand against us, none that can dampen the holy enthusiasm of God in us the reality of the glory of God now and forever.

The World is the Lord’s

This world does not belong to the devil or to any enemy of God. As we arise in the great joy of the Lord, the power of heaven is released in us, and powerful Holy Angels are instantly with us to work with us in delivering the fire of love that destroys our enemies and brings complete victory over all darkness of the world. The light of Glory has arisen upon us.

Eat and drink of the Lord and all He has provided. Shout and dance in His presence for the end of the long season of depression and restraint is past. The lid has been removed – prison doors are opened, and the streets are filled with the glory of God. Run and not walk, shout and not whisper, sing loudly the joyful melodies of heaven come to earth.

Our deliverance has come, the light is here, and the glory of God is round about us. Peace on earth is in our hearts and flowing out of our mouths. Our tongues are on fire with the heavenly words of the oracles of God. Our time of full redemption has come and nothing shall remove it from us. The Spirit has taken up full residence in every heart that welcomes Him. Rejoice for the Lord has come to bring us to His full life and the full expression of the life and love of God of heaven exploding into our world.

The Spark that Ignites the World

You and I are the spark of heaven’s life to ignite the fire of God in every believer in the world. Our lives in this world are the fire of God that will release the supernatural spiritual heavenly explosion of God to cause the world to become the kingdom of God.

Oh, you say, “I can’t do this. I am just too weak and weary from the journey of fasting and fighting.”

Take a big mouthful of the honey in the Rock. Open your mouth, and eat again of the body and blood of the fullness of God. Feast upon His every word and promise. Open wide and ingest the strength and the power of the JOY of the Lord. He is our victory. He is our strength. He will never leave us nor forsake us. Arise and shine for our light has come. There is nothing more for which to wait. Reject all that is from the past life of darkness and open to the brightness of the glory of God pouring out upon and within us. There is no foe, no other god that can stand before us, for the Lord God is with us and will never leave us or forsake us.

Abandon the life of striving, doubts, and fears and joyfully leap into the sphere of glorious joy that is in front of us right now. There is no reason to wait or hold back. Shout from the house tops that which God is speaking in our hearts and hold back nothing from the life of Christ Jesus now abiding within us. Let it now be released out from us as the shot heard round the world – the spark that ignites a firestorm of God’s love and power exploding into the atmosphere of our lives, our homes, our communities, our cities and across the country side to the entire world – the world of maturing sons and daughters praising God in the strength of the Joy of the Lord.

The battle is the Lord’s. Set your minds, your affection, upon the things of heaven not on the things of this world. Be strong and very courageous in the Lord. Do not go to your grave taking with you anything God has put within you to deliver to this world. Now get up from the sick bed of despair and walk in the joyous victory of the Lord. Empty your God-given cargo of love and joy to the world now while breath is in you.

Death of the Ominous Giant

Who are you, O giant who stands to blaspheme the Lord God Almighty? Who are you that plants fear in the people with your threats and terror? Who are you that the sons of God should bow before you? Who are you but a demonic giant of darkness that for a moment swings a sword of judgment upon a wayward world? Who are you but one that shall perish by your own sword? Sons of the true God shall finish you and your evil works; with your own sword shall you perish?

Saints of God, all failure is behind us. All lack and foolishness is behind us who have turned to God with our whole hearts and thrown off the works of darkness to kiss the Son and embrace the fullness of His life now in us on earth. Glory and power are unto the Son, the Lord, Savior, and King of glory. Lift up your heads, oh you gates, and the King of Glory will come in to our world. Now is the day of the salvation of the world. Fierceness of the darkness and evil spreads fear and terror among the people who have turned away from their God. Now is the day for all who fear to turn back to the God of heaven now on earth whose arm is not shortened to save all who will come unto Him with their whole hearts.

Losing Our Life to Find Life

There is little value in deliverance for those who will only turn back to their foolishness as soon as the terror is past. Only those who turn with their whole hearts to be consumed in the pure holy love of God and thereby purified forever can abide in the secret place with the Most High God for preservation and to bring forth the fullness of the reality of the kingdom of God from heaven on earth. Do not be deceived, a cry out to God to preserve your foolish sinful ways of life for your own pleasure will not suffice. Turn now with your whole heart and live in the strength of the joy of the Lord forever.

All who will lose their life now for the sake of Christ Jesus and His gospel of the kingdom will be saved to become a firebrand in the hand of God to administer His love and power in the time of harvest. Everyone who finds their life in the things of the mixture of light and darkness of this world will lose their life. That is, they will lose the life of God’s love and power doing the works of Christ in them now in this life.

The joy of the Lord in us is the greatest tool we have to cause people to turn their lives over to Christ Jesus. Everyone needs and desires strength and power in life. People seeing the joy of the Lord in us is our front line witness that attracts their attention. Then when they experience the miraculous love and power of the Lord in our lives, they are drawn toward Him. Those who had in the past found their own lives in this world will be drawn to the Lord to lose their old lives and find the abundant eternal life in the kingdom of God now and forever.

The joy of the Lord in us in the midst of a world in darkness will affect the world. Everyone around us will be affected by the joy of the Lord. Those who are willing will be drawn to the light of the joy of the Lord and become firebrands of the kingdom of God. Those who are not willing to be drawn to the Lord will be repelled into further darkness and eventually removed from the earth. There shall nothing enter the New Jerusalem ruling city of the Kingdom of God life that defiles. (This is not necessarily addressing their eternal destiny. It is assuredly addressing their life destiny on earth in this life now.) Many lives may be shortened by an unwillingness to come toward the glory of the joy of the Lord pouring forth in the people of God on earth.

This is an extreme time that calls us to higher life in God. Extreme darkness demands extreme light. The joy of the Lord is the light of our souls that turns weakness into the mighty power of the living God releasing all that God has put within us into the world.

Darkness cannot prevail in the brightness of the light of God shining forth. It is fully time to remove from ourselves anything and everything that shrouds or covers the unlimited brightness of the joy of the Lord releasing the glory of His LOVE and POWER transforming a frightened and weak world. Now is the day of the Lord, the day of the coming of the Lord into full power as Head fully connected to His Body here on earth. The day of victory in Jesus our Lord, Savior and King.

Thank You Jesus! Amen!

Ron McGatlin

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