As a boy I experienced the troubled feelings of a nation at all-out war. Though there have been many wars since, World War ll was the last full-out war our nation has experienced. WW2 was a war that affected every person of our nation. As nation after nation fell to the Axis forces, we were not at all sure that we could win the war. Every day for several years I felt the pressure and concern of the terrible war. Even though I heard no bombs or shelling and saw no bloody ground battles in person, every waking moment the war was on my mind like a frightening cloud hanging over everything that went on. There were lots of evidence of the war visible most every day as war planes often were seen flying in formation overhead and trains carried flat cars loaded with tanks and jeeps and other tools of war. Fighter planes often zoomed about overhead training pilots for fighting with enemy planes in what was called dog fights.

Many of my friends’ dads, older brothers, and uncles went off to fight, and a lot of them did not come home. My uncle Bill flew hundreds of bombing raids in Europe. My uncle Allen fought in the infantry. Almost every family had someone overseas in the war. Everything was in short supply, and everyone gathered scrap metal and other things to recycle to be used to make tools of war. Mommas went to work in factories making war supplies or working at the many jobs left vacant by men who had gone to war.

We may not have known who would win the war, but the grownups and us bigger kids all knew we would fight to the death rather than loose the freedom, peace, and security for our families and future generations. It was unthinkable to be under the tyranny of Hitler and the other Axis powers. We had to try to stop the evil forces taking over the world and try to set the nations free that were already in the grip of the severe bondage of tyranny. Literally millions of ordinary people were being either slaughtered or treated like animals.

Before the war most families consisted of a homemaking mom, a hard working dad, and several children who could play in the neighborhood or walk to the store or barbershop alone without fear. Although it was not perfect, it was indeed a life worth fighting to protect.

It was clear in that war who the enemy was and what had to be done. In America, our entire nation rallied to the war effort. I remember clearly the Sunday attack on Pearl Harbor, the day we officially joined the war. On the day after most of our great naval fleet had been destroyed at Pearl Harbor, lines formed at recruiting offices all over the land as young men rushed to get involved in the fight to protect their families and the American way of life and peace.

This nation and others of the Allied forces proved unconquerable and eventually soundly defeated the Axis forces and set all the captives free that were still alive.

These great nations of people that would not be defeated back then are now being lost to a worldwide war that they did not even realize was going on.

We now sit in the midst of a war that is being lost by default because the people did not even show up to fight. Even today many still do not know that we are very near the point of losing all that our grandparents so valiantly fought for and protected.

Honestly, most of it is already lost. The war that we never saw began in the higher learning institutions of our nations and then filtered down through the different levels of our educational systems. The institutions of higher learning that had been founded on biblical foundations of God and His ways left their foundations for secular humanism principles. The people who would teach and lead in every facet of developing and training the minds of the masses of people were indoctrinated with a godless, antichrist, man-centric, intellectual way of thinking and living. The people were subversively trained to devalue or ignore God and His way of life and to trust in the knowledge of the minds of men instead of God and His eternal truth.

The people who would make movies and write books and other print and broadcast media were trained in the false system of godless reasoning. The people who produce entertainment and news programs for television and movies and all forms of media were trained by the false godless educational and “entertainment” systems. These have had and continue to have a very powerful effect on the minds of the people of the nations. They have been the tools to erode our lives and destroy our nations.

Even the religious systems became tolerant of the secular godless mentality and then eventually became highly infiltrated with the humanistic philosophical thinking of the masses that were trained in the godless antichrist intellectual ways of thinking. Without the influence of spiritually powerful training of God flowing through the educational systems of the nations, there was nothing to stop or hinder the godless antichrist systems from causing rapid and vile deterioration of the once strong nations.

As a direct result of this blatant failure of educational, religious, and cultural systems to train the people in the ways of God, today every form of demonic evil life of violence, immorality, and forms of witchcraft or sorcery are being openly trained into the minds of the people from childhood.

Drugs and alcohol have wasted multitudes of lives. Families and homes lost their strength to raise strong children to replenish the population. Abortion and other damaging practices have killed more potentially productive people than World War ll.

What previous generations had seen as good and valuable to build a strong and prosperous nation have now become seen as bad and oppressive. What was known in the past to be bad and harmful to the people is now seen as fun and acceptable.

Other peoples of other beliefs in other gods are in the process of replacing the dwindling once dominant family-oriented strong American people. Immigrants are arriving regularly by the tens of thousands that will not assimilate into the existing culture but will establish their own different culture and other gods in the land.

The war that was not seen will soon be visible even to the spiritually blind. However, the minds of the people now are so trained in godless violent and immoral life patterns that instead of resisting the takeover of the nations, many are embracing the opposition and becoming a part of the destruction of the once God-centric nations that sought to put down tyranny and lifted up godly moral quality life of peace and opportunity for all people.

The great nations that once so valiantly sustained good life not only for themselves but also improved, assisted, and protected life in much of the less developed world are losing a war they did not even know was going on. We are losing the war for the minds and godly morals of the people of our lands. The strength of the nations are failing because the people are believing lies and are losing the war of righteousness, peace, and joy in the ways of God – the ways of the power of love for God and one another.


At the same time of the national degradation of the culture and the failing of the church systems to effectively prevent or change the situation, God is revealing His way of truth and power to bring a forever end to the evil works of Satan and all evil forces.

Yes, the absolute failure of even the best of man’s ways without God are now becoming fully evident. At the same time the way of God’s love and power is coming fully into view for those who seek God’s kingdom life.

Even the “greatest generation” that fought and won in the Second World War was lacking in the pure holy love and power of the kingdom of God coming forth on earth. Yes, there was trust in God to deliver our nations, and, yes, there was a godly influence in the history of our nations. And, yes, there was much godly influence in the culture. Yet, the truth is that there was also always mixture of the god of self and man-made religion along with our trust in God to save us and get us to heaven when we died.

The end of the past mixtures is coming to pass.

This thing is actually happening in our world and in our season of existence. We can now face the reality of our personal and world condition. We can now see because the love of God has been made manifest in us opening our spiritual eyes and ears to intimately relate to Father God. The love and wisdom of God empowers us to begin to discern and deal with the mixture in our own lives, our church systems, and every facet of our culture. By experiencing the pure holy all-consuming love of God, we are being cleansed from all deceitful mixture of good and evil in our lives.

The colossal failure of all systems of governance and economic function in our nations is a portion of the burning of Mystery Babylon among us.

The covert attack to undermine our military forces is due in part to a lack of God’s heart in the people to stand strong. In some cases there is even a willingness in the heart of the people to join with the opposition in allowing defunding and ungodly disorder to be imposed on our military. This is opening the door for an enemy to run rampant.

This is all part of the colossal failure of human governance without God that is coming down to make room for the kingdom of God to arise and fill the earth with the true governance of God, Christ Jesus, King of kings and Lord of lords in and with His people.

Our peace is in God even in the times of severe adjustments in the world. Our peace does not come from the world.

We are the agents of God to bring the peace of God within us to others in this time of trouble and tribulation of cleansing judgments in the world.

A mighty move of the Spirit of God in and with His people is depositing the peace and great JOY of the Lord in the hearts and lives of His faithful people. The Holy Spirit invasion of the love of God is releasing the JOY of the Lord that strengthens the people.

A mighty fiery wind of God will blow judgment that causes the end of evil mixtures and causes a great JOY in the people of God, even amidst the fiery fall of Babylon – the twisted upside down order of man that is governing most of the world.

A family, tribe, or nation of people seeking the real kingdom of God will prosper and be strengthened. A family, tribe, or nation of people opposing the kingdom of God will be weakened and impoverished.

Seek first the real kingdom of God, and all the things you need and desire in your purified heart will be added to you.

Set your mind on things above and not on things on the earth.

Fear not, little flock, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.

Love God’s people, and He will give you His kingdom.

Rejoice, and again I say rejoice!

Ron McGatlin

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