Spiritual supernatural life is being poured out to prepare the children of God for the season of worldwide change coming upon us in this day of the Lord. Supernatural interaction with Spirit God and holy angels is a portion of abundant life resources from heaven flowing through the pure holy love of God. Kingdom of heaven impartation of power and wisdom beyond human understanding is available for those with ears to hear and eyes to see by the Holy Spirit what God has prepared for those who love Him.

There exist two circles or realms of reality: one of which is God’s order, the other is inverted or opposite. The two realities were originally as one.

Natural human beings as descendants of fallen Adam lost awareness of the original reality and see only the inverted circle of reality.

In the Spirit, those of the seed of Christ have the restored potential to experience awareness of the realm of reality from which all natural life and all that is seen emanated.

Originally the two circles of reality were one. For all practical function the world was as heaven. It was a physical manifestation of Spirit God on display for the glory of God.

The Dimension of Time

Time is a dimensional factor of the continued existence of the manifestation of God’s physical or natural display. Or said another way, time is a dimension of creation. Time is the length of the existence of creation. In the eternal realm of reality, there is no time, only eternal now. However, in all creation there is time. All created things have a beginning and a potential end. The sustainment or continuation of time (a dimension of creation) is a function of the realm of timeless eternal reality. That which can be seen with the natural eye was made by that which is not seen with the natural eye.

Before the fall of mankind in Adam, the now inverted circle of reality or creation was a perfect physical presentation of the attributes of eternal Spirit God. The now two realities were then one in perfect harmony and alignment in every way prior to the fall. There was no death or decay involved in either time or eternity.

The sin of partaking of the tree of human knowledge as opposed to the tree of Spirit life caused an inversion of the circle of created reality to the opposite of its original design. This caused death to enter which defiled the physical presentation of the attributes of eternal Spirit God in natural existence. The inverted reality apart from God went into a gradual but steady decline of decay and death. Death is separation from God.

The redemption of Christ Jesus at the cross was and is for the final purpose of the reinstatement and restoration of the perfect harmony and alignment of the two circles of reality into one again, thus restoring the glory of God through the physical presentation of all of His attributes in fully restored creation on earth as it is in heaven.

God is a faithful covenant God, and His word is forever. God’s covenant with mankind that He made with Adam gave dominion of His created reality on earth to mankind. God will not break His covenant word. Because all mankind had fallen, God had to become a man in Christ Jesus to accomplish the redemption of His created reality including mankind. Mankind had to be redeemed and restored to his original state of life in the circle of eternal reality to restore creation to its original eternal reality. This is the process in which we are now involved at this time.

We are awakening to awareness of the eternal circle of reality.

Blind eyes and deaf ears are opening to the eternal circle of reality. A firstfruits company of God’s people are now taking up their cross, which is really their part of Jesus’ cross, to the loss of their life in the inverted circle reality. There can be no resurrection life into the circle of eternal reality life now unless there has been a death. Death must always precede resurrection.

From Death to Life by Love

The best death is a life laid down for God by love. The invasion of pure, holy love is washing away our limitations of Spirit life. We are so consumed in His love that we are no longer a threat of misusing the all-powerful resources of heaven. God can trust us with the resources to restore the physical creation to its original glorious design. The heavens are opened to us to enter and receive all that is needed to restore the inverted kingdoms to the holy kingdoms of our God. Mysteries are being unveiled. Wisdom and power are being released all in the bountiful resources of God’s pure, holy, all-consuming love.

More people are becoming aware and discovering the open heaven access to the eternal circle of reality along with its resources and empowerment to transform the inverted reality on earth. The inverted reality will eventually be completely transformed. The same power of creation that spoke the world into existence is available to restore, renew, and recreate Planet Earth and all that is on it.

The sometimes empty and powerless form of Christian religion will give way to the truly purified holy Bride of Christ moving as one with the Spirit of Christ, the Head of the Body. The mature sons of God are arising on earth to take back the land given to the enemy by generations that have turned from God’s ways to their own fallen ways. Cleansed and empowered by love, a holy generation will stand strong in the Lord aided by myriads of powerful angels and led by the glorified King of kings and Lord of lords.

The Babylonian style world has fallen and is now burning before our eyes. (Revelation 18)

The folly of entertaining ourselves with the foolishness of empty pleasure-seeking and placating our minds with weak religious form is over. While merchandisers became rich we played our games and titillated our flesh and generally turned away from the way of the Lord God. We have become as a generation of foolish people without real understanding. Our sin has reached heaven, and judgment has come. A fierce and blood thirsty people are arising upon the land – a people foreign to God fit only to destroy and to be destroyed.

Their rampage will only be stopped by the completed work of destroying Mystery Babylon and removing the false gods from the people of God. The great harvest of the earth has come, and both the godly and the evil are ripe to be harvested. The fruit of the generations is coming to harvest. That which God has sown has come to a harvest of glory, and what the enemy has sown has come to a harvest of destruction.

New Jerusalem is Coming Down from Heaven. (Revelation 21)

For those with spiritual ears to hear, New Jerusalem is a clear picture of life in the kingdom with the presence of God within and among His people. All this is in the complete absence of any of the darkness of the old Babylonian lifestyle. This is the purified holy Bride in perfect union with God. It is the one true circle of reality on earth as it is in heaven – the full expression of the attributes of God displayed in the physical circle of reality to the glory of God.

Beyond the scope of natural reality, the Spirit reality is coming into increasingly clearer view in the hearts of the Bride/Wife and the mature sons of God birthed and maturing in the Bride/Wife Spirit reality on earth.

At the same time strong delusions are given to those who have chosen to follow the evil inversion and will not turn. Their foolish minds are darkened, and they cannot see or perceive the eternal Spirit reality of New Jerusalem life on earth. However, every knee shall bow to God either in judgment or in the presence of the majesty and glory of God in peace, righteousness, and joy.

Today, in this season, is the time of the fullness of the gospel of the kingdom coming forth on earth that began over two thousand years ago. This is more than the end of the world as it has been. It is the beginning of the redeemed and restored world as it shall be.

Love Never Fails and His Kingdom Never Ends.

Ron McGatlin


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