Experiencing the pure holy love of God is the substance of Spirit life that supersedes and changes natural life.

All that has gone before in our lives, whether we would consider it good or bad, was for the purpose of moving us toward the continuing life experience of the fullness of the love of God.

The expression of the love of God from heaven flowing in and through us is for the purpose of establishing God’s kingdom of love on earth as it is in heaven.

Every written word from God, every created thing and happening, whether positive or negative, has as its rudimental purpose and function to move mankind toward the fullness of love experience with God and to sustain us in His eternal love. The purpose in all this is to order the earth and all that is on it to His heavenly pattern of pure holy love for the glory of God.

Natural physical existence is a parallel expression of Spirit God for the glory of God. It is an example to mankind and all of creation. It is an example of the unseen and far greater Spirit reality of God of all creation, the Father from which all creation and life emanates.

Because natural life is a parallel of Spirit life, we, like Jesus, can teach the reality of Spirit kingdom with parables of natural life. God’s design of a love relationship between a man and a woman is a parallel of the love relationship between God and His Bride. Perhaps it will help some who are seeking the continuous full-time love experience with God to consider the intense reality of the love relationship between a natural bride and groom.

(The following is an excerpt from Kingdom Growth Guides #025)

The number of those who really know the love of God in a personal, intimate experience is increasing. Many may be heard to voice a desire to know God and to know Him better. To know God is to know love. God is love.

The spiritual union and intimacy of knowing (experiencing) the love of God is the greatest fulfillment in life. Earthly accomplishments and human desires all fade into the distance. Life’s highest highs pale in the rapture of experiencing God’s love. There is nothing one would not do, nothing one would not give, to please Him. The only fear is the fear of disappointing Him. The heart’s greatest desire is to hear His voice, to do His bidding, and to be pleasing in His sight.

The intense love between a man and a woman is a natural parallel to the love of God. In the Bible, the Song of Solomon is an expression of spiritual love in natural terms. Anyone who has truly been in love with someone knows to some degree the feelings of loving God. A man in love will do anything to be with the woman he loves. When they are apart, a deep aching and longing fills his chest. Only embracing her and pressing her against his chest will stop the ache and fill the longing. Her every characteristic, even her flaws, seem intensely beautiful and desirable to him. He will look deep into her eyes and say, “I will change the whole world for you. I will climb the highest mountain, defeat the fiercest enemy for you.” They kiss and she melts in his arms and replies, “I am yours forever. I will serve you with my whole heart; only, please, never leave me nor forsake me.” He promises, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.”

The world may have difficulty understanding why one in love with God will leave the activities and things of the world to be with Jesus. Religious people, with their rules and strife, may demand for the person in love with Jesus to be more involved with their religious activity. They may never understand why their ceremonies mean so little to the one who is personally experiencing the loving presence of God.

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As beautiful and intense as the experience of love between a man and woman in love can be, the experience of pure holy love between God’s mature pure-hearted people and God is of a much greater magnitude in every way. I am not saying here that natural love experience between a man and woman is equal to our love relationship with God. This parable is only a means of understanding more about the real love relationship with God and a bit about its life-changing intense inner all-consuming power.

It is a very good thing to know that God loves us. As in the natural, it would be a good thing to receive a written letter from someone telling us they loved us. It is far and away greater thing to come together and experience a deep love relationship with the one we are in love with. There is a difference in loving God and being in love with God. Reading the Bible, our love letter from God, is wonderful yet the actual experience of the pure holy love relationship by the Spirit of God is the far greater fulfillment of the promise of the written love letter.

This is the best that I can do to express the absolute love, peace, joy, and purification of being completely consumed in the reality of experiencing being in love with God and becoming one with Him in His manifest presence on earth continually.

Becoming one with God opens the doors of heaven’s store house. There is inheritance and our stored treasure in the bank of heaven. The power of our perfect obedience that exists in our love relationship with God creates the laying up of all we shall ever need in our account in the bank of heaven. As true Sons of God our treasure source is in heaven to be brought down and used to establish the kingdom of heaven on earth.

We are fully satisfied lacking nothing. It does not matter whether we have much or little, it is always enough. All fear and every work of the enemy cannot touch us no matter whether we are persecuted or lovingly received. In whatever state we find ourselves, His continual love experience is sufficient for us. If we are lifted up and given great position and recognition as kings, there is no sorrow with it. We are not tempted and our heads are not turned by any of it because of the continuing intense perfect all-consuming and all-sufficient love abiding in and around us. We know we can call ten thousand angels to our aid. However, we will not do one thing to save ourselves without the full agreement with the One who loves us and guides us in all matters.

Trust in God is unending, and faith is fulfilled in His love. We know we have whatever we ask, but we only ask for His perfect will and plan to be done. Great mysteries of God are opened to us in unfathomable spiritual sight into heavenly things as Wisdom and Truth abide within us always.

We have come to the mountain of God and been elevated up the mountain by the pure holy power of His love. Our view from the mountain upon the valleys of earth is that of a loving overseer from which Christ Jesus within us will administrate the words and thoughts of Father God to the earth, and all who receive will be blessed in the kingdom of heaven on earth.

Having died to self-life and made alive in His life and not our own, we are completely humbled by His love. There is not even a touch of pride but a great humility to abide in His presence and He in us in a pure holy love relationship.

The life and nature of Christ Jesus is fully released in His mature sons to carry the love of God to change the world. Eventually, love will reign on earth bringing peaceful order to all life. In time every aspect of planet earth will be brought into the perfect order of God in response to the all-powerful love of God.

Eventually the world will become perfectly ordered under the kingship of Christ Jesus abiding in all people on earth. War and strife will cease. Violent storms will moderate. Wild animals will abide in peace with man without fear. Everyone will seek the well-being of others as their own bodies. The land will become increasingly fruitful. There will be plenty of everything for everyone as love brings order to Planet Earth. Sickness and disease will moderate. God will be praised and worshiped in sincere love across the entire world. There will be peace on earth in the rule of the kingdom of God as it is in heaven. There will nothing enter that will defile.

Now is the time in the midst of our enemies to follow our great Shepherd and be guided in all things by His great love in us. We can now walk in the reality of the kingdom fullness within our own hearts and lives and among those who are walking in His pure holy love by His Spirit. The joy of the Lord and His kingdom is now fully functioning in our hearts and lives in the continuing experience of love in His presence.

Today He prepares a bountiful table before us in the presence of our enemies. We have no fear as His love leads us through the valley of the shadow of death. His love flows through His rod and staff of protection, correction, and direction. He guides us to fresh green pastures and cool fresh water in meadows sprinkled with flowers. His love causes His goodness and tender mercy to be with us always, even as thousands may fall at our side yet it will not come near us.

Walking in His love even in the valley of the shadow of death in the presence of enemies is the now reality and foretaste of the beautiful kingdom of God filling the earth as all enemies are being removed through the extreme time of cleansing judgment now very soon coming upon Planet Earth.

Never has there been a time like this which is very soon upon us, and never shall there be such a time again. The fulfillment of the ages has begun, and the love is poured out among those who loved not their lives to the death to overcome evil by the blood of the Lamb and their life testimony of the never-ending kingdom of His never failing love.

Brothers and sisters, you have lived to see the move of God upon the earth that shall have no end and shall never be lessened. The move that no man can capture or no evil can infiltrate. The full experience and manifestation of the pure holy love of God is the final move of the earth’s redemption to the unspeakable glory of God Almighty to whom is the power and the glory forever without end. And you are here in this time.

His Love Never Fails and His Kingdom Never Ends,

Ron McGatlin



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