God has taken us to a new land. We are no longer where we were. Life is no longer as it was even a short time ago. Our old lives of only a week ago, as wonderful as they were, have changed for all who are entering this new land – a land for which our hearts have longed. It seemed from time to time, we had glimpses of it in brief experiences that only made us more hungry and thirsty to fully enter and abide in the new land and to be filled and fully satisfied in the abundant fruit of the new land. Someway it seems that this new place really is not new but was our origin before it became our destination. Selah.

We are like those who dream as the reality of New Jerusalem life fills our hearts with all-consuming love of God. Our hearts melt in His presence among us and within us. Intimacy with God gives way to oneness. We can find no point where we begin and He ends. We are one with God, in love so completely that we are who He is on this earth.

Peace beyond imagination permeates our souls and everything around us. In His presence, our spirits become one with Him and one with one another. Sweet tears gently flow as our emotions are submerged in the warmth of His love. Soft sweet joy ripples back and forth like gentle waves on a quiet sea. All fear is gone; there is no concern, Not even the smallest strife exists. Total acceptance and agreement with one another is no longer based on facts or understandings; it is totally based in the overwhelming love of God within and among us.

Exactly one year ago God gave me a spiritual vision of a glowing Holy Ghost ship gliding through total darkness into the shore of the outer banks on the east coast of the United States of America. You can read that vision here. (It would be good to read that now.)

The full experience of the fulfillment of that spiritual ship’s Holy Ghost invasion came forth this past weekend as the ship’s cargo of PURE HOLY ALL-CONSUMING LOVE was unloaded into the hearts of the people gathered on the outer banks in North Carolina.

(Please bear with me as I speak personally for a moment.) It is my opinion that most likely what God is doing here is also happening simultaneously in other parts of the world. And/or it may soon be occurring among other gatherings of God’s maturing kingdom seeking people across the world. I also believe that this move so early in this year is characteristic of what God will do with us in the whole year of 2015.

This is not hype. In fact it is probably the most understated and humbly presented article that I have ever posted. I will be 82 years old in March and have sought to serve God for over 61 of those years. I have been in meetings where the love of God manifested in His presence before. That which is happening now is far beyond and above anything that I have ever experienced. There is no series of meetings to join and no one to contact about getting involved. This is a work of the Spirit and will not be touched by natural human works.

My belief is that there are those among us who have been prepared through much tribulation and awesome heavenly encounters with God in the Spirit to now be able to stand still in His presence and receive the greatest impartation of His pure holy love into their pure hearts. The absolute annihilation of self-life has made place for the greater fullness of the love of God to bring forth His kingdom and His righteousness in perfect harmony now in this life. Literally, Spirit God, Father and Son, have found room in the hearts of His people. Perhaps these are forerunner people to bring forth now the preparation of 2015 for that which is to come.

Everything of God flows through His love.

All the attributes of God, all that we will ever need to fulfill the full and perfect will of God for our lives and for this world flows through love. All the power to do the supernatural miraculous works of God to change this world flows through love. Ultimate power and wisdom flows through God’s love. All the resources of heaven are available to flow through His love. All that pertains to kingdom life on earth flows in the substance of the love of God. Righteousness flows through love. His very life in us produces His righteous ways of purity and holiness all by the substance of His love.

Love can change a harlot into a pure bride. There is no need of laws and rules, for all is fulfilled in the practical reality of the all-consuming love of God that is pouring into our hearts.

Faith works by this same love. We may have tried in the past to work up faith and sought to bring about some desired actions on earth by trying to believe and speaking out positive faith confessions and trying to convince ourselves and God that we believed for this or that, often with little or no results. Love makes faith work. Almost effortlessly His love consuming us allows HIS faith in us to do His works from heaven on earth, literally bringing from heaven the will of God manifesting on earth.

Pure holy love has arrested many of our desires for many things that once seemed vitally important to us. The magnitude and strength of the pure holy love of God flowing into us literally makes most of those things we tried to bring about in the past to now become of little or no significance. His love is so fulfilling that there is no need for much of what we thought we needed. The things we were waiting for to make us feel good or to enable us to serve God better, things such as a mate or no pain in our bodies or more education or more money or whatever else, it all fades away in the fullness of His pure holy love.

His love in us overcomes all. If need be, we get up and work through the pain in our body or without a mate and with only the little education or money that we have. In the fullness of His love all things are possible. When His love overwhelms us everything changes, and we get up and move out in the calling of our life. The miraculous supernatural power and wisdom flowing through love begins to open the windows of heaven. The things we once sought after that we are no longer seeking are all added to us as love draws us to ONLY SEEK GOD and HIS KINGDOM.

At this time in which we no longer feel need for anything beyond His love, God has already begun to pour out things into our lives well beyond our imagination. While we sought for crumbs, we lived in lack. However, His love has now consumed us, and we truly seek first only His kingdom and the way has open for God to pour out more than we could even ask or think. God is pouring out upon us that which has been prepared for those who really LOVE Him.

“But as it is written: “Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor have entered into the heart of man the things which God has prepared for those who love Him.” But God has revealed them to us through His Spirit. For the Spirit searches all things, yes, the deep things of God.” (1 Corinthians 2:9-10)

The kingdom of God on earth is established by His love. It holds together and functions by His love.

Love never fails and His kingdom never ends.

Ron McGatlin

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