Prepare – Prepare – Prepare

God is speaking to His kingdom seeking men and women to make some specific preparations for the near future.

The love of God is perfect and complete. The provisions of God are also perfect and complete. There is no end to the love God has for His people, and likewise there is no end to the provision God has for His people. Yet for many people including Christians there are times and seasons when the provisions seem lacking and insufficient. Assuredly there is no lack in God’s resources of provisions, so why the lack? We know that we cannot blame God for our lack. We also know that because he is defeated, the devil cannot take or hinder unless he is allowed by our beliefs or actions, mainly by our lack of exercising the authority we have over him in Christ Jesus.

That narrows the problem down to human beings as the cause of hindrances and disruptions that cause the lack of provision for the people of the world. The reality is that man in Adam was given the job of managing all of God’s resources on Planet Earth. Mankind in general has not done a good job of managing God’s world for Him.

As a result of the imbalances created my man’s mismanagement of God’s provisions the world is currently in grave disorder.

There are some primary world management decisions that now urgently need to be made at the level of our individual life business matters.

Up until the fresh revelation of the true gospel of the kingdom came about in many pure hearted holy sons of God, there was not a people on earth who could rule the business of life and world management according to the plan of God.

We can always expect that people, who do not seek the kingdom of God and do not love and honor God, will not manage their lives and subsequently the world according to the will and plan of God.

Fallen mankind will always manage the assets and provisions of God with natural human thinking and earthly wisdom which are always infected with some level of need and greed. The unmet need for God within the people causes a vacuum of real joy and satisfaction in their lives. Their lack of deep joy and personal satisfaction leads to strong desires for pleasure to fill that void. The worldly people will manage their provisions and assets for personal pleasure instead of seeking God’s direction for managing the business of their lives. Collectively, as the people mismanage their lives they mismanage the assets and provisions of the world.

Urgent Kingdom Management for 2015

Good times with increase in money and goods will cause natural minded people to live more extravagantly and to be at ease during the current season of increase. Without the ability to hear from God, the natural assumption for many will be a false belief that the future will continue as today. When sudden changes come about they will be unprepared and suffer greatly as a result.

The good times of this short season are for the preparation for the hard times ahead.

Probably many if not most of you reading this are familiar with the biblical account of Joseph in the book of Genesis. Joseph was told of a coming good year followed by seven very lean years. Through a series of extreme trials and finally favor with the leader of the nation he was given place to prepare the nation by storing huge amounts of grain during the plentiful harvest of the good time to provide for the nation and others in the area during the years of famine. The result was the survival of many people and that all the land and money was brought to the leader of that nation in trade for food to sustain their lives. Israel (Jacob) and all of His sons (Joseph’s brothers) and their families with all that was with them were also fed and sustained through the time of famine.

Today God is speaking to those with ears to hear, His kingdom people, as to how to prepare in the good season of bountiful supply for the hard season that is coming. IT IS URGENT THAT GOD’S KINGDOM PEOPLE SEEK GOD’S DIRECTION NOW AS TO WHAT PART HE HAS FOR THEM IN THIS TIME OF PREPARATION. Only by hearing and seeing in the Spirit what God is doing and what our part is in it, can we know what we should do in preparation.

These seasons including the good and the hard times are steps into the greater fullness of the kingdom of God on earth.

This is all part of the great transition and transformation taking place on Planet Earth. The words of God regarding the restitution of all things for all things is at hand. The harvest of the world includes the cleansing of the filth of the earth and the eventual end of all things that are not planted by God. Then the planting of the LORD shall come forth upon the land and the kingdoms of this world shall be the kingdoms of our God. The holy purified sons of God will manifest the fullness of Christ Jesus King of kings and Lord of lords upon this earth and of His kingdom there shall be no end.

The restoration of the kingdom of God on earth began at the cross of Christ Jesus. Adam had given the kingdom rule to Satan way back there in the Garden of Eden. Christ Jesus began the process of restoring the kingdoms of earth to the rightful owner at the cross. Mankind must first be restored to the status of pure holy sons of God to effectively bring forth the rule from heaven on earth to restore the kingdom of God.

Spiritual Preparation

God has been calling out and preparing a people for a long time. We have now entered a season of final preparation. Absolutely nothing that defiles, nothing that is apart from the perfect holy love and power of God can remain in the mature people that are prepared by God to rule and reign in the kingdoms of this world. All frivolity and foolishness of self-interests and need are washed away in the magnificent glory of His absolute all-consuming love, transforming frail human beings into holy men and women as heaven filled beings on earth – literally the collective Body of the Son of God. One perfect Son of God on earth and in heaven.

This is not just preparation for survival. It is preparation to live and move upon earth wholly by the will and power of Spirit God. True citizens of heaven growing forth on earth walking in the Spirit and glory of the living God bringing heaven’s perfect order to all systems and all creation in and on Planet Earth according to the perfect will and plan of Almighty God.

Personal Preparation

The perfect pearl has come. The treasure has been found. Give all we have and all we will have into the hands of the living God. Buy and sell, do business under the direction of God by the Spirit. Hear all that He is saying to you and hold back nothing from Him. Plow, plant and harvest as God says when and where He says. Move into the center of His will and presence whatever it takes and wherever it is. Bask in His presence and trust in Him with your whole heart. Seek only His kingdom and His righteousness. Quickly abandon all pleasure seeking and began fully kingdom seeking. Serve mightily and do not move where or when God is not saying. Waste nothing and have no relationships with people that God does not establish. Lean NOT to your own understanding but seek Him in all matters.

There is no set formula for everyone. Do not listen to the naysayers or the merchandisers hawking their end time stuff. Nothing is too big for God. Throw off all limitations and move heartily in all that you do for it all is unto the Lord and not unto man. You are dead and your life is hidden in Christ and is now going to come forth in this season of great activity and prosperity for the purpose of preparation.

Corporate Preparation

Connect tightly where God’s love and guidance has taken you. God will lead you to leave ALL CLOSE CONNECTIONS with those who follow the enemy. This may include some family and some long term relationships. Do not expose the king’s treasury to those who are not sanctified by the fire of the Spirit of God. Do not linger in close connections with anything or anyone who is not truly seeking the kingdom. Be prepared to join with others to quickly enter into corporate endeavors of kingdom business and supply. THE SPIRIT OF GOD CAN GUIDE YOU IN ALL OF THESE ADJUSTMENTS.

Bringing it all down to two simple words of guideline or direction: HEAR and OBEY!

Hear God in your spirit. See what He is saying and doing in your spirit. Move quickly with precise actions in perfect accord with what and when God is saying. Do not fear isolation or separation and be ready to make corporate adjustments with kingdom partners but do not fear independent actions when God calls for it. God will blend things together and bring along those who should be there as the work is being done.

Abandon and disregard all previous training and experience that does not align with the reality of the kingdom of God coming forth in your life. Allow the Spirit to work in you miraculously and gloriously far beyond where your natural mind or your previous training could possibly take you.

Love – Love – Love

Love God – Love His people – Love the workings of Holy Spirit in your life.

You are on a journey of love. Be sensitive every moment in every encounter to only move toward love. Love will guide you like sonar in sub marine animals and submarine vessels. Love will radiate from you and will bounce back a signal of love when it meets love. When it does not meet love it will bounce back a different signal of uneasiness or contention. Love is a discerner of hearts that bypasses natural signals which can be falsified. True love from God recognizes love in others and is drawn to it as deep calls unto deep.

Spiritual discernment can provide specific details of that which is ahead and yet unseen. Much like radar that can feed back detail information about a situation that is yet unseen to the natural eye. Also Holy angels can feed back detail information like a digital imaging device on a drone. Also similar to modern drones, angels can intervene to powerfully affect the situation. The spiritual provisions from God are capable beyond human understanding. They are unlimited and are only made available to the fully mature Sons of God to carry out His will and ways to establish the kingdom of God on earth.

There can be no self-life and no will or agenda apart from God in His mature Sons. There can be no other allegiances in the heart or life of the Sons of God. The only seeking of the heart of true sons is God and His kingdom.

Ron McGatlin


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