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    Isaiah 51:9-10 Awake, Awake! Arm of the Lord, show Your strength! Awake as You did in days of old, how You defeated the enemies in ancient times, then how You made a path through the sea for Your people.

    Awake now; Lord, bring on Your judgement against the enemies that now threaten the Holy Land. Act again now, as You did in times past to save Your people and to establish a   rightful nation once again in the Land.


    Isaiah 51:12-13 & 15 Why be worried and fearful of what may happen, of threats from oppressors and of the Lord’s wrath that makes the seas roar?

    The Lord’s wrath….This is the many prophesied Lord’s Day of vengeance and wrath, an event described by the prophets as an explosion of the suns surface: a terrible punishment by fire that will affect the whole earth. One result of this CME will be tremendous ocean movement, Jeremiah 51:42, ‘that makes the seas roar’, Luke 21:25, causing gigantic tsunamis. This soon to occur, blast of superheated cosmic particles will mainly strike the Middle East region, Zephaniah 2:4-5, fulfilling all the prophecies that say how the Lord will clear and cleanse His Land. Isaiah 33:10-12, Deuteronomy 32:43


    Isaiah 51:17-20 Get up now My people, you have drunk the cup of the Lord’s wrath, a double disaster has struck you; havoc and ruin and who can console you? Of all the sons borne to you, there is no one to guide the people, they have all been overcome by the wrath and terrible rebuke of the Lord.  

    Isaiah 51:21-23 Therefore, listen to this in your affliction, you that are drunk, but not with wine. Thus says the Lord your God: I will plead My people’s cause and take from you the cup of wrath, I will hand it to the enemies, who say: Let us walk over you, we will flatten you to the ground like a road for us to trample on.

    Isaiah 51:14, 16 & 11 My people, will soon be set free, they will not be confined, they will not lack food. I keep you covered under the shelter of My hand and I put My Words in your mouth. The Lord’s people, now in exile, will come back and enter Zion with shouts of triumph. Joy will come upon them, while suffering and sorrow flee away. Isaiah 62:10-12                         Ref: REB. Some verses condensed.

    Of the true descendants of Jacob, only the Lord’s faithful Christian  people will survive His wrath, as we are told in Isaiah 17:4-6 On that Day, Jacobs glory will fade…..only the gleanings will be left. Jeremiah 6:9, Ezekiel 20:37-38, Romans 9:27

    His people are ‘drunk, but not with wine’. Amos 8:11-12 explains this: In days to come, I shall send a famine on the earth, not of hunger for food, but for hearing the Word of the Lord. People will stagger everywhere, searching for the truth, but will not find it.

    ‘The cup of wrath, handed to the enemies’. This will be the fulfilment of Psalm 83, Ezekiel 30:1-5, Revelation 6:12-17 and many other verses that detail this sudden and shocking disaster to those who want to take over the holy Land.

    ‘I keep you covered by My hand’. Isaiah 31:5 describes how the Lord will protect Jerusalem, but there are many promises how all who call on Him will be saved. Joel 2:32, Acts 2:21, Isaiah 43:2

    ‘They will gather and settle into the Promised Land’. The great Second Exodus of all the Lord’s people, whether they be true descendants of Abraham or those grafted in, will live in peace and security, at last fulfilling their true destiny being a ‘light to the nations’ and proclaiming the coming Kingdom of Jesus.


    The compromising church

    Like most churches throughout history, churches today compromise on what is taught to their flocks, preferring teachers who rationalize, allegorize, spiritualize or simply ignore the prophetic scriptures. The church that believes Bible prophecies concerning the last days can only be understood allegorically or that prophecy is anything less than factual, is easy prey for Satan’s craftiness.

    Satan, the great counterfeiter, deceives with half truths, often using scripture out of context, as he did with Jesus in the wilderness temptations. The same will be true with churches that say: yes these passages are literal, but they have no application to us, because they are trusting in the false assurance that they will be raptured away before those events occur. Once such people realize their great mistake, it will be too late to avoid the persecution of the Anti Christ. True believers in those churches will not lose their salvation, but they will endure suffering from which faithfulness to God and His Word, would have protected them. Thus genuine believers in the compromising churches may have to go through what Jesus described in His Olivet Discourse as the ‘Great Tribulation, such as has not occurred since the beginning of the world.’

    It is within the context of the Great Tribulation that Jesus warns the [allegorical type] Thyatiran and Laodicean church leaders– Rev 2:20-22 You tolerate Jezebel, whose teaching lures My servants into false beliefs, she refuses to repent, so I will throw her onto a bed of pain and those who commit [spiritual] adultery with her into great tribulation, unless they renounce what she is doing.

    So those teachers who have misled Christians by not properly discerning the Word, will be punished and their flock won’t lose their salvation, but may be subject to the Tribulation.   James 3:1 & Romans 5:9, 1 Thessalonians 1:10

    On the other hand, believers who are spiritually prepared, faithful peoples, can look forward to the fulfilment of God’s great promises to His Christian people: great promises of protection during the next prophesied event – the Lord’s Day of vengeance and wrath, and then their amazing gathering into the new country of Beulah. Isaiah 62:1-5, Jeremiah 30, Ezekiel 36, Zephaniah 3:19-20, Malachi 4:1-6, Hosea 14:4-9 It is those people, the holy ones of God, who will welcome Jesus at His Return with the shout: ‘Blessed is He who comes in the Name of the Lord’.


    Genesis 18:17-19 ....I shall not conceal from Abraham what I am about to do, because he must tell his descendants what is just and right.

    Just as the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah is used as an example of the terrible Day of the Lord, that will strike all the earth, so the Lord has warned us to take care to discern His Word, in order that we may tell our children to keep the Way of the Lord and to be aware of His plans for this end time. Jeremiah 23:14

    2 Peter 3:7 & 10-12 The world is reserved for a Judgement of fire and the Day of the Lord’ wrath will come unexpectedly. On that Day, the heavens will disappear with a great noise, great flames of fire will bring all the earth into judgement. Since all things will be tested in this manner, think what sort of people you must be, what devout and dedicated lives you should live!

    This prophecy does not refer to the New Heavens and New Earth to come after the Millennium and does not match with the descriptions of the glorious Return of Jesus, as many prophecies clearly state that He will not be seen during this forthcoming fire judgement. Psalms 11:4-6, Psalms 18:11, Habakkuk 3:4

    Ref: REB, NIV, KJV verses abridged.


    Questions and Answers:

    Christian believers are at odds with one another. We all read the Bible and keep the Commandments. Why do we understand the Prophesies so differently?

    My approach is to read the prophesies literally, unless they are obviously metaphorical; describing something not known in ancient times, but what is possible to figure out from our modern knowledge.
    I am also a history buff, so I know what has happened and what remains to be fulfilled.

    As for the Jewish State of Israel, the whole concept and realization of that entity is a Satanic construct. Jesus said it would happen, Matthew 24:32, but He never said it was from God.
    The Zionist Congress, headed by Theodore Hertzel, were all, or mostly atheists and their country of Israel was founded on communist principals. Today it is a secular state, run just as every other democracy, with many religions having a say in State politics. Judaism with its denial of Jesus is no better than Islam.

    But what really astounds me, is how people ignore the many prophesies that clearly state the virtual demise of Jewish Israel. Which will happen at the Sixth Seal, the next prophesied event. Zephaniah 1:14-18, Hosea 4:3
    Isaiah 22:1-14; is one of the best prophesies about this forthcoming Day. It describes how they rush about, terrified; as they see their doom approaching. Ezekiel 7:14-20, Amos 2:4-5, Jeremiah 25:30-38
    What will trigger the Lord to act on His terrible Day of fiery wrath, is told us in Isaiah 22:6, where Iran and all the Islamic entities will commence an attack onto the holy Land, something that is only possible now, using nuke missiles, as Psalms 7:12-16 and Psalms 83 tell us, with the result of their actions.

    This scenario will happen; it is what the Bible says. If we reject it, then what else of the Bible is wrong and can we trust it for anything?


    I have received inspiration and a vision from the Lord. It happened to me, when my wife and I lived for 3 months in Israel.
    He made it possible for me to understand His plans for the world and for my future. My task now, is to point out the prophesies about the end times.

    Some people say they have been fulfilled, but the historical record and the Bible prophesies do not match. Any prophesy that is not recorded as having occurred, will occur: sooner or later. Allegories and metaphors are word pictures of the real thing.

    I was brought up in the Methodist Church. I was never taught anything about prophecy or the Jews. I lived among them for a while and they are just like normal people everywhere.
    I totally reject the accusation that I have any bias against the Jews.
    As is so comprehensively prophesied, the entire Middle East will be virtually depopulated in the forthcoming Day of the Lords fiery wrath. Jeremiah 10:18, Amos 1 & 2:1-5, 2 Peter 3:7, Revelation 6:12-17
    Isaiah 29:1-4 says it very well and tells us that just a few, possibly a thousand or so, will survive by hiding underground. That remnant will be joined by their Christian brethren and all will live in all of the holy Land. Isaiah 62:1-5, Romans 9:24-27

    The belief of a general Jewish Redemption, is an immutable tenet of the ‘rapture to heaven’ theory. Just as there is no scriptural evidence of God taking the Church to heaven, nowhere is it said that the Jews will have any prominence in the end times or later. Both ideas are false teachings.

    Another way of viewing the Jewish State of Israel, is they constitute the visible ‘Israel’. The Satanic hatred of the sons of Ishmael is directed toward the Jews, rather than toward the real Israelites of God, the Christian peoples of every race, nation and language. Revelation 5:9-10

    The amazing Plans of God, beyond our human comprehension; are working toward His ultimate goal: to obtain a people who have freely chosen to believe in Him and to be with Him for Eternity.
    We have quite a way to go yet, some very hard times of testing and the proving of our faith, as many have done before us.
    But great and wonderful are the Blessings and rewards promised to those who hold fast to their faith and trust unconditionally in His protection.


    I promote what the Bible prophets said. That this seems to many people; as a ‘blowing of my own trumpet’, is unfortunate, but I realize that personal criticism is one way that people who refuse to believe the Prophetic Word, can ignore and reject it.

    It is plain from verses like Isaiah 42:18-20, that the Lord has placed over people, a veil of inability to understand the Prophesies. Pastors are the worst affected, of the dozen or so that I have tried to discuss the prophesies with, they all not only know nothing about them, but they refuse to know anything.
    I see this as part of Gods plan, He actually wants most people to be surprised and shocked when He takes action. It will be the great test of our faith. 1 Peter 4:12

    And let me say, that I will be surprised and shocked as well, although at least I will know what happens, comes from the Lord.
    I read the graphic descriptions of the Lords Day of fiery wrath, and try to comprehend it all. But what will happen, is so far out from anything any of us has experienced before, a full understanding is impossible for us.


    Psalms 11, 12 & 13     How long, O Lord, will You leave us forgotten, how long will You hide Your face from us?

    Save us Lord, for now people are disloyal and unfaithful to their Maker, they tell lies and in their hearts is duplicity and evil. May the Lord make an end to such sinfulness and boasting of how, by their own strength, they will prevail.

    The ungodly peoples show off their own achievements and things of little worth win high acclamation. What can a good person do against the insidious assault of all that is true and righteous? Now, the enemies of Your people are preparing their weapons for a surprise attack. In You, Lord, I take refuge; for no one can escape Your wrath by fleeing to the mountains.


    <u>Have regard now for Your people, those who revere Your Name and keep Your Commandments.</u> Do not let our enemies say: We have overthrown the people of the Book, do not let them rejoice at our downfall. Now I will arise, says the Lord, for I see the poor abused and the needy call for help. I shall place them into the safety which they long for.

    The Lord is in His holy place, on His throne in heaven. He searches mankind, weighing the just and the unjust. He hates those who love violence and He will rain fiery coals amid a blast of great heat, that will reduce them to ashes.  

    The Words of the Lord are pure, refined as fine silver or gold. Lord, we look to You for protection, your strong hand will guard us from the attacks of the enemy. As for me, I will trust in Your unfailing love, my heart will rejoice when I am brought to safety. I shall praise and worship my God, for He has granted all that I desire.       Reference REB. Abridged and paraphrased.


    <u>Have regard now for Your people, those who revere Your Name and keep Your Commandments.</u>

    The faithful Christian people, from every tribe, race, nation and language. Rev 5:9-10

    It is them who the Lord will protect on His terrible Day of fiery wrath, as He sends fire amid a blast of great heat to destroy His enemies and set the scene for all that must happen before He Returns for His Millennium reign.


    The Fulfilment of the prayer of Asaph :

    Events now unfolding in the Middle East are rapidly bringing closer the apocalyptic scenario as predicted in more than 100 prophetic scriptures, mainly Psalms 83, Joel 3:1-3 Isaiah 2:12-21, Isaiah 66:15-16, Jeremiah 4:23-28, Ezekiel 21:1-7, Micah 4:11-12, Zephaniah 1:14-18, 2 Peter 3:10, Revelation 6:12-17

    As described, the Lord Himself intervenes and destroys His enemies, triggered by a massive attack from the Islamic confederation, using the means of a seemingly natural event – a Coronal Mass Ejection that is accurately described by Isaiah 30:26, Malachi 4:1, Psalms 50:1-3

    Psalms 83 begins by describing a conspiracy against Israel, by their neighbouring peoples. Their aim is total annihilation of the Jewish State of Israel, to occupy all the Land and to wipe out any remembrance of them. Although each of the tribal groups mentioned is a historic enemy of Israel and has fought against them on various occasions, there is no record that they ever joined in such an alliance. All of the modern nations who are descendants of the peoples mentioned in Psalms 83, are currently obsessed with an Islamic inspired determination to completely eliminate the Jewish State of Israel.

    Psalms 81:13-15 O that My people would listen to Me, that Israel would walk in My ways!   I would soon subdue their enemies and turn My hand against their adversaries. The haters of the Lord pretend submission to Him, but their fate will endure forever.

    Verse 15 tells of a people who hate God [Y’hovah] when they think in their minds that they submit to Him. The word Muslims, means submitters to their God. [Allah]


    So then, when we read in Psalm 83:2 “For your enemies raise an uproar, those who hate you hold their heads high”, it is saying that the enemies mentioned, are those who believe they submit to God, but in reality are full of religious pride and are in fact haters of the true God.

    Psalms 83:18 So let it be known that You, whose name is Y’hovah are alone the Most High over all the earth.

    The reason that God will be so powerfully victorious in this coming attack, is to witness to all unbelievers, especially the Ishmaelite peoples, who will then recognize the true religion and Islam will be discredited.


    The writer of Psalms 83, the prophet Asaph, prays that Israel’s current enemies will be just as soundly defeated as were the Midianites, etc, when their armies were scattered and their leaders executed. Judges 7:25 When this prayer is answered, Israel will be a much bigger country, comprising all the area given by God to Abraham. Ezekiel 47:13-23

    There will be a terrible loss of life, as well as large numbers of refugees, who will flee from all the Mid East countries. But a holy remnant will survive in Jerusalem. After the Land is cleaned and regenerated, then all the faithful Christian believers be they descendants of Jacob, or grafted in Israelites: will be motivated to emigrate to the holy Land. There, they will be an example to the world of how all should live and 144,000 of them will go out to all peoples and proclaim the coming Kingdom of Jesus. Isaiah 66:19, Revelation 7:1-13


    God Protects His Treasure

    Zephaniah 1:2-13 The Lord will consume and get rid of humans and all living things from the Land. The wicked will be brought to their knees. Ezekiel 20:47-48 & 30:1-5, Jer. 30:23-24

    Judah will be judged and those who have neither sought the Lord nor enquired of Him will be cut off. Ezekiel 21:3, Isaiah 22:14, Zechariah 13:8-9, Jeremiah 12:14

    Be silent before the Lord, for the Day of vengeance is near. The Lord has prepared a sacrifice and set apart those He has invited. Isaiah 66:15-16, Malachi 4:1, Rev. 6:12-17

    I shall punish all you leaders and officers on the Day of the Lord’s sacrifice. Cry and wail, you merchants and dealers, all who fill their lord’s house with violence and fraud, you will be destroyed on that Day of distress, desolation, darkness and death. Jeremiah 13:19-27.

    I shall search for all those complacent people, those who say the Lord will do nothing. They can build and plant, but all will be destroyed. Jeremiah 12:4+12-17, 2 Peter 3:3-4

    Zephaniah 1:14-18 The Great Day of the Lord’s wrath is near, a Day of destruction and battle cries. Great distress will come on the peoples who have sinned against the Lord; their blood will pour out on the ground. Their wealth will not save them, for He will make a sudden and terrible end to all who live in the holy Land. Isaiah 2:12-22, Habakkuk 3:12-14, Joel 2:1-11

    Zephaniah 2:1-15 Humble yourselves, you shameful nation, before the Day arrives, before the burning anger of the Lord comes upon you. Jeremiah 6:8, Jer. 8:5-12, Matthew 21:41-43

    Seek the Lord, all you who live humbly, obeying His laws. It may be that you will be sheltered on the Day of the Lord’s anger. Isaiah 31:5, Micah 5:1, Revelation 6:12-17.

    Gaza will be deserted, woe to all you Philistines, at midday I shall crush you – your land will belong to the survivors of Judah. Amos 1:6-8, Ezekiel 25:15-17, Obadiah 19-21.

    I have heard the insults of the Ammonites, those who revile against My people. Moab and Ammon will become a wasteland for evermore and the remnant of My people who survive will dispossess them. Ezekiel 25:1-11, Jeremiah 9:25-26. Because, they [the Ammonites, i.e. Jordanians] have insulted My people and encroached on their Land, I will bring terror upon them. Jer. 12:14, Amos 1:13-15, Ezekiel 21:28-32, Jeremiah 49:1-27.

    You Cushites will be slain by the Sword of the Lord. Psalm 83, Jer. 49:28-33. [Cush, a son of Ham; the African peoples] Syria and Iraq will be devastated, becoming a wasteland, all who pass by will scoff at her fate. Isaiah 17:1, Isaiah 33:10-12, Nahum 3:18-19. Then the nations of the coasts and islands will worship the Lord. Isaiah 49:1-6, Isaiah 66:18b-21

    Zephaniah 3:1-8 Woe betide that tyrant city, filthy and foul. [Jerusalem] She heeded no warning and refused to trust the Lord. Her leaders were as wolves and lions. Her prophets are treacherous men and her Rabbis do violence to the Law. Ezekiel 14:21-23, Jeremiah 8:8

    Yet every day, the Lord dispenses justice, but the evildoer knows no shame. Matt 23:25

    I have wiped out this arrogant people, their cities are abandoned. Jer. 9:10-11, Ezekiel 21:4

    I said surely they will fear Me and accept correction, that they would escape destruction, but no, they eagerly continued in their evil ways. Isaiah 22:11, Ezekiel 16:59

    Therefore, says the Lord, wait for the Day when I accuse you. I will gather nations in order to pour My wrath upon them. The whole earth will know the fire of My jealousy. Hab. 3:12, Jeremiah 8:3, Hebrews 10:27, Romans 1:18

    Zephaniah 3:9-20 Then I shall restore pure lips to all peoples. So that everyone may call on the Name of the Lord and serve Him with one accord. Hosea 2:14-23, Isaiah 52:6.

    My worshippers, from distant places will bring their offering to Me. Isaiah 66:20-21

    On that Day, Jerusalem, you will not be shamed because I will have rid you of your proud and arrogant citizens. Isaiah 65:11-12, Isaiah 65:1-7

    Only a remnant of lowly and humble people will survive. They will be righteous and nothing will make them afraid. Isaiah 14:1, Malachi 3:17

    Shout for joy, Israel, your punishment is over, your enemies defeated. Isaiah 35:1-10

             The Lord is now in your midst, He will show His love for you. Isaiah 41:8-10, Psalm 118.

    When that time comes, I will deal with your oppressors. I shall gather you and bring you all home. Ezekiel 34:11-16, Isaiah 65:8-9, Jeremiah 16:14-16

    You will have honour and praise among all the peoples when I restore your fortunes before your eyes. It is the Lord who speaks.  Jeremiah 33:6-9, 2 Esdras 1:35-40, 2 Esdras 2:12-28.                                                Ref: Revised English Bible. Some verses abridged.


    ‘God has Kept His Treasure’: Zephaniah’s name in Hebrew = God hides in order to protect, also means God is a vigilant watch keeper. Zephaniah was a prophet at the time of King Josiah, circa 620 BCE, 100 years after the exile of the House of Israel. God will keep His faithful people safe. Amos 9:9, Jer. 31:36, Isaiah 49:15-16, Matthew 13:44

    ‘The Great Day of the Lord’s vengeance and wrath is near’: This is the next prophesied event that we can expect to happen. It will be an earth directed blast of fire from the sun, as Isaiah 30:26a, 2 Peter 3:7 and Malachi 4:1 informs us. It will literally fulfill all the graphic prophesies about that Day. The results of that terrible Day will be: ‘a sudden and terrible end to all who live in the holy Land, Palestinians, Arabs, Africans and the proud and arrogant citizens of Judah will all die by this sword of the Lord’s judgement’. Jeremiah 11:16, Ezekiel 21:3, Ezekiel 30:1-5 ‘The whole earth will know the fire of My wrath’, a worldwide devastation, that will destroy most of our modern infrastructure and kill millions. Jer. 25:33, Isaiah 34:6, 2 Peter 3:10, Rev. 6:12-17

    When that time comes, I will deal with your enemies’ : It is foolish to speculate about another conventional war or a nuclear exchange in the Middle East, as the prophetic truth confirms how the Lord Himself will instigate His fiery wrath against those attackers of Israel. Psalms 83:1-18, Psalms 18:7-15, Isaiah 22:1-14, Jeremiah 49:35-37

    But those who live humbly, obeying His Laws, may be sheltered on that Day’. Nahum 1:7, Psalms 50:3-6, Daniel 12:1 Then: ‘I will gather you and bring you all home’. Psalm 107, Hosea 2:23, Zechariah 10:8-10 This will be the great Second Exodus of all the Lord’s people, back to a regenerated Land; all of that area promised to Abraham, Genesis 15:18 but never as yet fully owned by His chosen people. Their right of ownership will be proven when the title deed buried by Jeremiah 32:14, is found.

    ‘Then the nations of the coasts and islands will worship the Lord’ : This makes it clear that all Israel is far more than just the Jews. Isaiah 49:12 They are coming from far away, some from the North and the West and some from the South. The true, righteous Israelites are now mostly living on islands or in countries with extensive coastlines and in places to the North, West and South of the holy Land. Those nations and peoples are the ones with a Christian heritage, but have fallen away in the latter years, although many remain faithful and it will only be true born again Christian people; ‘My worshippers in distant places’, who will go to live in the new nation of Beulah. Isaiah 62:1-5, Isaiah 60:21-22, Ezekiel 36, Jeremiah 33, Amos 9:13-15, Acts 26:6-7

    ‘The Lord is now in your midst’. In the same way as He was for the ancient Israelites. 1 Cor. 10:11 This is confirmed by Ezekiel 43:4 – it will be the Shekinah Glory that will enter the new Temple and also the Lord will ‘reveal Himself to the elders and leaders’, in a cloud, like He did for Moses and David. Jer. 30:21, Acts 7:37-38


    All of this is prophesied to happen before the end of this age: The world changer of the Sixth Seal devastation, the regeneration and resettlement of all the holy Land, the establishment of a One World Government, the attack by a Northern confederation led by Gog, a seven year treaty signed between Beulah and the Leader of the OWG, then at the mid-point; the Great Tribulation starts and 3½ years later, comes the culmination, the Lord Jesus Returns for His Millennial reign.




    At the great gathering into the promised Land, as described to us by the prophets, the Lord’s righteous people: every faithful Christian, will march proudly to music as they enter their heritage. Ephesians 1:10-14 Their Redeemer and Deliverer is waiting to show them His favor, He will guide and protect them, in the same manner as He did with their ancestors during the Exodus from Egypt. 1 Corinthians 10:1-5 The Land will blossom and flourish, Isaiah 35:1-10 and they will live there in peace and security, excepting for a 3½ year period of control by the Anti Christ. Then will come the return of Jesus for His Millennial reign.

    Isaiah 30:18 Yet the Lord is waiting to show you His favor, He yearns to have pity on you. Happy are those who wait on Him!

    Ezekiel 20:34-38 By My strong arm and outpoured wrath, I shall bring you out from among the peoples and gather you from the lands where you have been dispersed. I shall bring you into a desert place and bring you into judgement, as I did with your ancestors out of Egypt. I shall pass you under the rod of judgement and count you as you enter Israel. Those who revolt and rebel against Me will not enter the Land.

    outpoured wrath’ refers to the next prophesied event – the terrible Day of the Lord’s wrath and vengeance, that destroys His enemies and cleanses the Land by fire. The Christian Israelites will then march into and take over all that area promised, so long ago to Abraham.

    Ezekiel 36:8 You: Land of Israel – grow your trees and yield your fruit, for the homecoming of My people, Israel, is near.

    Micah 4:6 On that Day, I shall gather those who are lost, I shall assemble the dispersed.

    Micah 2:12 I will assemble you, the whole House of Jacob. [now every faithful Christian] I will gather you together with those remaining in Israel and herd them like sheep in a fold.

    Jeremiah 3:22 Come back, you apostate people and I shall heal you. Here we are, our God, we are coming back to You.

    Jeremiah 31:8-9 See how I bring My people from the ends of the earth, a vast company – they come home, weeping and repentant. I shall comfort them and lead them on smooth paths.

    Isaiah 43:19 I am about to do something new, can you see it? I will make a path for My people.

    Isaiah 58:11 The Lord will guide you, He will satisfy your needs in the desert and give strength.

    Isaiah 62:10 Pass through the gates, clear a road for My people and mark their way.

    Isaiah 42:16 Without fail, I shall lead the blind and guide My people along paths unknown to them.

    Psalms 68:7-9 The Lord, leading His people, marching through the desert– the earth shakes and rain pours down.   Isaiah 44:3

    Isaiah 30:29 For you there will be joyful singing, as you march into Israel, the Holy Land of God.

    Isaiah 40:26-31 Lift your eyes to the heavens, consider your Creator, He leads His people out – each summoned by name, none are missing. He gives strength to the exhausted and those who look to Him will not faint, they march as on eagles wings.


    Obadiah 19:21 My people will possess the Negev, Samaria, Northern and southern Jordan and all the coastlands of the Mediterranean.

    Isaiah 49:8-11 The Lord says: In the time of My favour, on the Day of Deliverance, I will come to your aid, you are My people destined to be a light to the nations and to restore the Land. Go free now and in the Land you will find food and water in plenty. It will not be too hot when the One who loves them will guide them along highways. My people, coming from all parts of the world, will shout for joy as they enter their Land. For God has comforted His people in their distress.                 Reference REB. Some verses abridged.



    <table width=”104%”>
    <td width=”100%”>Hezbollah chief warns US-Iran war would also hit Israel</td>
    <td width=”100%”>
    <table width=”100%”>
    <td>by Reuters, Israel Hayom Staff</td>
    <td>June 2, 2019</td>
    <td width=”100%”>”Entire region will burn” if U.S. goes to war against Iran, Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah says. Trump’s forthcoming Middle East peace plan a “historic crime” that must be stopped, he states.


    It is very interesting that the enemy quotes prophecy of his own demise.

    The Bible has quite a few prophesies that say the Lord will do just that; burn the entire Middle East region.

    The Lord’s judgement/punishment of the nations, by fire from God’s storehouse: Deuteronomy 32:22,34-43, will be an explosion on the suns surface, Isaiah 30:26a, Isaiah 66:15-16, Malachi 4:1, Hebrews 10:27, 2 Peter 3:7, Revelation  6:12-17

    Joel 2:1-11 Sound the alarm!  For the Day of the Lord’s wrath is coming. As the sun rises, a vast host [mass] will appear, the like has never been known. It advances in a devouring fire, behind is a leaping flame that leaves a desolate wasteland. Nothing can escape it, nothing can stop it and as it strikes, the earth quakes and the heavens thunder. Who can survive that dark and terrible Day?

    Isaiah 29:5-8 But, your enemies will become like dust, those ruthless hordes, like blown chaff. Suddenly, in an instant, punishment will come from the Lord Almighty, with earthquakes, thunder, storms and a blaze of devouring fire. All the nations warring against Mt Zion, will vanish, as a dream, like one who is hungry or thirsty; then wakes to find himself empty, so it will be with all those nations attacking Israel. Malachi 4:3

    Isaiah 66:16 The Lord will judge with fire and many will be slain by Him.

    Psalms 37:9-10 & 20 For evildoers will be no more, their place will be empty. Evil people will die, they will be incinerated and will go up in smoke.

    Malachi 4:1 & 3 The Day comes, burning like a furnace…on the Day the Lord takes action, all wicked peoples will be as ashes under your feet.

    Zephaniah 1:3 & 11 I shall destroy humans and animals. Dire distress will come upon all the godless peoples, their blood and guts will spill over the ground. Hosea 4:3

    Psalms 97:3-5 For My sword is ready and it descends upon those doomed for death. Fire goes ahead of the Lord and consumes His enemies on every side.


    The fire judgement on the Middle East, striking ‘in an instant’, will be a Coronal Mass Ejection: a sunstrike of unprecedented magnitude, the like has never been known…..paralleled by Matthew 24:21, and is the next prophesied event we can expect. It will be the Day that ‘comes as a thief’, sudden and unexpectedly. Zechariah 3:9, Isaiah 10:17,  Psalms 83:13-18, Isaiah 34:5, Isaiah 30:25-28 & 30, Ezekiel 30:1-5, Zephaniah 1:14-18, Revelation 6:12-17 – The Sixth Seal worldwide disaster.

    It is quite a different event to what is described about the attack and destruction of Gog/Magog or of Armageddon, both to come later, in that order.</td>


    Here are Bible passages that confirm the fact that the Day of the Lord’s vengeance and wrath is some time before His glorious Return. His people, righteous Israel, every faithful Christian who believes in God and keeps His Commandments, will live there in prosperity and peace. Ezekiel 34:11-31, Ezekiel 39:25-29, Isaiah 35:1-10, Amos 9:13-15


    Isaiah 66:15-24 …the Lord coming in fire [not on a cloud, in His glory, at this time],

    bringing retribution in anger.

    The Lord will judge with fire and sword and test all mankind. All those unclean and wicked will die.

    I will gather peoples of every tongue- they:  [all Christians] will see My glory. 2 Thessalonians 1:10….revealed to His own.

    I shall put a sign on [some of] those survivors and will send them to declare My glory to all the nations. Before the Return –these are the 144,000, Rev 7 & 14, Isaiah 66:19

    From all the world, your fellow peoples will come, on every conveyance, like offerings to the Lord. Some will become My priests. Revelation 5:10

    His Christian people will rebuild the Temple and serve in it. 1 Peter 2:9, Rev. 11:1-2]

    As the New heavens and New earth that I am making will endure, so will your posterity endure.    This will happen at the end of the Millennium, Revelation 21:1-7

    All mankind will come to bow before Me. They will see what happened to those who rebelled against Me.    This will happen during the Millennium. Zechariah 14:16


    Jeremiah 30:3 …both Israel and Judah will return to the Land.  A remnant; only  as faithful Christians.     But, first the Land is cleared and cleansed:

    Jeremiah 30:4-11 The Lord says to Israel and Judah, “How awful is that Day, a cry of terror, anguish for Jacob. [His people, their faith tested.. Psalms 30:4-5, Eze 21:7

    On that  Day, I will save My people. The terrible Day of the Lord/the sixth seal,  coronal mass ejection from the sun. Isaiah 30:26, Isaiah 32:15-20

    Do not despair, [faithful] Israel, I will bring you back safely from afar.  Isaiah 51:3


    Deuteronomy 32:41-43 I will sharpen My flashing sword and take vengeance on those who hate Me. Rejoice, you heavens, He will avenge His people and cleanse their Land .                                        Ref:  REB some verses abridged.


    There is a wonderful logic in the promise that those people who love the Lord will live in the Promised Land and all those prophecies to His holy people will be fulfilled. They will settle there and be “a light to all nations” as God originally intended.

    Isaiah 60:3…. over you, His glory will appear and nations will travel to your light.

    Very soon, there will be worldwide, dramatic events, especially in the Middle East, which will completely change the area.  The Lord’s faithful people will go to live in all of the holy Land.

    When the Lord Jesus returns, He will save those people from the attacking armies of the Anti Christ. The sudden and complete destruction of those armies as described in

    Rev. 19:17-21, does not match the Sixth Seal : Rev 6:12-17, or the many other verses describing the Lord’s Day of wrath and vengeance.   Amos 5:18-20, Joel 2:11

    Then those Gentile people who have refused the “mark of the beast” will join them, Matthew 24:31, and live in the Land, Isaiah 56:8, under King Jesus, for 1000 years.



    The Effects of a earth strike  by a Coronal Mass Ejection:

    Zephaniah 2:4 Gaza will be deserted, Ashkelon and Ashdod left a waste, their people gone at noonday.

    Amos 1:7-8 I shall send fire to consume the houses of Gaza and I shall wipe out the inhabitants of Ashdod and Ekron and all the Philistines who are left will perish.

    These prophecies tell us that at ‘noonday’, the Lord will ‘send fire’ upon the coastal cities of Gaza and Israel. Other prophecies say how all the Middle East will be severely affected:

    Ezekiel 30:1-5...Cush, Put, Libya, Egypt and all the allied Arab lands will fall on the Lord’s Day of Reckoning for the nations.

    Jeremiah 49:2 The time is coming when Ammon [Jordan] will become a desolate mound, their villages burnt to ashes.

    Amos 2:4-5 For the crimes of Judah, [the State of Israel] there will be no reprieve. I shall send fire on Judah, to consume the palaces of Jerusalem.

    From many other prophecies, we know that this terrible fire judgement will be triggered by the commencement of an attack by an Ishmaelite confederation upon Israel: Psalm 83, Psalms 7:12-15, Obadiah 1:15, Habakkuk 3:14. However the Coronal Mass Ejection, as we are  told, [Isaiah 30:26] that the Lord will use on that Day, will affect all the world to a greater or lesser extent:

    2 Peter 3:7 & 10…all the earth will be brought to judgement.  Isaiah 66:15-17 The Lord will judge with fire and will test all mankind. All the wicked will die.

     Zephaniah 3:8 On the Day I stand up and pour My wrath on the whole earth, it will be enveloped by My burning anger.

    Isaiah 24:1 Be warned, the Lord is about to strip the earth… everyone will be affected.

    Some factors to consider with a CME:

    1/ <u>The earth’s rotation</u>. We can see that this direct strike at mid-day onto the Middle East, will affect all that half of the earth facing the sun and as the earth rotates Eastward, the Americas will be next, then New Zealand, Australia, Asia, etc. This will be just a one Day event, because this mass of superheated cosmic particles will be travelling from 2 to 5 million miles per hour, in 24 hours, it will be gone, on its way to outer space.

    2/ <u>The orbital speed around the sun</u>. With an orbital speed of 66,000 miles per hour and the diameter of the earth of 7,900 miles, what will happen is the earth will quickly move away from this direct hit. The countries affected later will receive a glancing blow and it is this that actually pushes the earth and speeds up its orbit, thereby giving us a 360 day year, making the time periods given in Revelation and Daniel a reality. Isaiah 24:19-20

    3/ <u>The earth’s precession.</u> This is the wobble of the earth’s axis, that causes the seasons. Most of the earth’s population live in the Northern Hemisphere and it may be that this event will happen during their winter, because it seems that most will survive there.

    Be aware that because of the severe earthquakes; the earth ‘reeling and shaking’, 2 Samuel 22:8, Isaiah 29:6, Haggai 2:21, Revelation 6:12, Amos 8:8 ‘The whole earth will surge and seethe like the Nile.’.. the oceans and lakes will slosh from side to side and huge tsunamis are prophesied. Jeremiah 51:42 So anyone living near a coast should be prepared to go quickly to high ground. But everyone should heed the warning and have a place prepared to take shelter from the extreme temperatures, storm winds and earthquakes.

    Isaiah 14:24 & 26 ‘My plan for the whole world, will surely take place’.


    Lord, Arise now and set Your Hand to the Task:

    Psalms 10:1-11 Lord: Why do You hide Yourself in times of trouble? The godless boast of their plans, but their ways are always devious. They are full of deceit and violence, reviling Your people and thinking: Their God has forgotten, He sees nothing.

    Psalms 10:12-15 Lord; break the power of the wicked and evil peoples, call them to account. Arise now and set Your Hand to the task. Do not forget Your people. The godless reject You, they think You will take no action. Lord, You see how they love terror and death, we commit ourselves to You – the Light and salvation of Your people.  [The Lord’s people; all the faithful Christians]


    Psalms 9:7-14 The Lord will judge all peoples with justice. He is a tower of strength for the oppressed. Show us Your favour, do not ignore our cry for help, then we will praise You and proclaim Your mighty deeds, for You do not abandon those who acknowledge Your Name and seek You in faith.

    Psalms 9:15-20 The nations are trapped in a pit of their own making, entangled in their own net. The Lord will display His power and all the peoples who refuse to acknowledge the Living God, will depart to hell. The hopes and prayers of Your people will be realized, as You fulfil Your promises to them. For the Lord will arise and judge the nations, they will know they are only mortal.

    Psalms 10:17-18 You hear, Lord, the supplications of the humble, support them and bring redress. Answer now the prayers of the righteous, so that those who promote terror receive their just deserts.


    Psalms 9:2-6 We will praise You, Lord with all our hearts, we will rejoice and exult in You. For You have upheld our rights. You have rebuked the nations and overwhelmed the godless peoples. They are defeated, they fall and perish, totally wiped out, even the memory of them is lost.

    Psalms 10:16 The evil peoples have gone from Your holy Land and the Lord will reign forever!  Deut. 32:43      Ref: REB. Some verses abridged and paraphrased.


    The Lord WILL arise and judge the nations. Psalms 94:1-7, Isaiah 33:10-12, Hab. 3:12

    The Lord WILL display His power:  A massive CME sunstrike will cause all the prophesied effects. Isaiah 30:26-28, Deut. 32:34-35, Psalms 97:3-5, Isaiah 33:10-12

    The prayers of His people WILL be realized. 1 Peter 1:5, as You punish the ungodly nations. Isaiah 13:9-13, Nahum 1:2-6, Revelation 6:12-17

    Those peoples and nations who are full of deceit and violence, Psalm 144:7-8, those who love terror and death, Ezekiel 35:6, WILL fall and perish, they WILL depart to hell. Isaiah 66:15-16, Jeremiah 25:30-33  

    The evil peoples have all gone from Your holy Land. Jeremiah 12:14, Ezekiel 30:2-9 Your people WILL rejoice and praise the Lord, Jeremiah 33:6-26, as they gather and live in their heritage. Isaiah 40:1-3, Ezekiel 20:34-38, Zechariah 10:8-10, Psalms 107:1-3, Hosea 2:14 & 11:10-11, Ezekiel 37:21, Jeremiah 31:8-9, Zephaniah 3:16-20

    The Lord WILL reign forever! Firstly the Shekinah Glory WILL return to the new Temple, Ezekiel 43:4, then later, Jesus will reign for 1000 years. Revelation 20:6 Finally, God and the Lamb WILL be eternally throned in the New Jerusalem. Revelation 22:1-5

    Bruce McKerras


    Isaiah 1:2 & 16-21 Give ear, you heavens and earth – for it is the Lord who speaks; I reared children, but they have rebelled against Me…….Now, put away your evil deeds, learn to do good, pursue justice and protect the oppressed.

    Come, let us argue this out, says the Lord. Though your sins are as scarlet, they may yet be white as snow. If you are willing to obey, you will have the best that the earth yields, but if you refuse and rebel, then the sword will devour you.

    How the faithful people have played the harlot! Your glory has turned to ashes.                                       Your rulers are rebels, associates of thieves, taking bribes and denying people’s rights.

    Isaiah 1:24-31 This, therefore, is the Word of the Lord, the Mighty One of Israel:  Now I will get relief from My foes and avenge Myself on My enemies. Once again I shall act against you to refine you of your impurities. Rebels and sinners alike will be broken and those who forsake the Lord will perish. Your idols will turn out to be false and worthless. You will be like a tree with falling leaves, like a waterless garden. The strongest person and their works will flare up and burn with no one to quench the fire.                                                                    

    I shall make your judges and councilors as they once were.  Then you will be called the place of the Righteous, the Faithfull people. The Land of Israel will be redeemed with justice and her returning people by righteousness.      Reference:  Revised English Bible, some verses abridged.<u> </u>

    though your sins be as scarlet: People are indicted for their faithlessness. Jeremiah4:22, Jeremiah 3:10-11&25, Isaiah 59:12-14

    they may yet be as white as the snow”: There is the hope that although our sins are piled high, we can be cleansed – if we are willing to obey the Lord’s Commandments and Laws and have faith in Him, then He will reward us with great blessings. Psalms 40:1-5, Psalms 80:14-19, Isaiah 45:22-25, Romans 5:6-11, Titus 3:3-6

    Once again I shall actif you refuse and rebel, you will die”  This refers to the Day of the Lord’s vengeance – the next prophesied event, when the Lord’s enemies are punished. Deuteronomy 32:41, Isaiah 66:15-16, Habakkuk 3:12, Malachi 4:1

    All the world will be judged on that Day. Revelation 6:12-17, Isaiah 35:4, Jeremiah 6:9-15  The Lord’s people will be tested and refined, 1 Peter 4:17-18, and those who refuse to acknowledge the Lord will die. Ezekiel 20:38, Hosea 7:1, 1 Corinthians 3:12-15, Romans 1:18-32

    ungodly people and their works will burn to ashes”, On the Day of the Lord’s wrath, fire from the sun will destroy His enemies – a CME sunstrike. Isaiah 30:26, Malachi 4:1&3, Psalms 50:1-3, 2 Peter 3:7

    I will give you wise leaders”: The leaders of His people, in the new nation of Beulah, Isaiah 62:1-5 – resettled in the Land, will be wise and just, as in ancient Israel. Daniel 12:10, Daniel 11:33, Ezekiel 39:25-29, Isaiah 32:15-20, Jeremiah 3:15, Jeremiah 30:21



    Isaiah 8:5-8 The Lord says: Because this nation [Judah] has rejected the gentle water of Shiloh, [Isaiah 5:24: the Laws and Covenant of God] then I will bring against them a flood. They will sweep through Judah and conquer the whole Land.                      

        This was fulfilled by the Babylonian and the Roman captivities.  Isaiah 5:13, 2 Kings 17:18-20. But Ezekiel 21:14 says there will be: 3 swings of the Sword against Judah.

    Isaiah 8:9-10 Take note, you nations, you too will be shattered. Listen you distant peoples of the earth, prepare yourselves , devise your plans, but they will not be carried out, for the Lord is with His people.   Micah 4:11-12

    Isaiah 8:11-15 The Lord told me not to follow the ways of this people, not to agree to any alliance or treaty that they agree to or to fear what they fear. Isaiah 28:14-15        The Lord is the One that you must regard with fear and awe, He is the One you must hold sacred. But for the House of Israel and the House of Judah, He will be as a stone that causes people to trip and for the people of Jerusalem, He will be as a trap, that makes many fall and suffer.   Zechariah 12:3

    Isaiah 8:16 Bind up the message, seal the instruction, so that it cannot be consulted by My disciples. 2 Timothy 4:3-4, Isaiah 29:11

    Isaiah 8:17-18 I shall wait eagerly for the Lord, who is hiding His face from Israel, I shall put my trust in Him. Here we are: all children of our Lordwe are the signs and symbols of Israel, the Lords true, righteous people, You dwell on Mt Zion.

    Isaiah 8:19-22 Others will suggest that you consult mediums and spiritualists, who whisper and mutter, but why ask the dead for instruction, when what they say brings no light?  So despondency and fear will come over those people, in their futile search for the truth, they will rebel against their rulers and their gods. Wherever they look, all is gloom and darkness and there will be no escape for them.        Hosea 4:12, Jeremiah 29:8-9, Isaiah 66:17

    Isaiah 33:13-16 You dwellers afar off, hear what I have done, acknowledge My might, you that are near at hand. The godless sinners in Zion will quake with terror, with trembling they ask: Can any of us live with a devouring fire, in perpetual flames?

            The people who behave uprightly and speak the truth, who scorn to enrich themselves by extortion or bribery. Those who keep their ears and eyes from evil, it is these people who will dwell in safety, with their food assured and water never failing them.  No one living there will say; I am sick and the sins of the people who live in the Land will be pardoned.  Isaiah 44:22, Psalms 103:1-5, Ezekiel 37:20-27

                                              Reference: REB some verses abridged

    Listen you distant peoples, the plans and preparations of the ungodly peoples, to occupy all of the Holy Land and wipe Israel off the map, will not prevail.  Psalms 83:1-18

    you dwellers afar off: Our situation now; Christians scattered around the world. 1 Peter 1:1

    Here we are: all children of the Lord;  Romans 9:24-26. True Christian believers are now the Israelites of God, those from every tribe, race, nation and language are the Lords holy people. Galatians 3:26-29, Romans 9:6-8, Revelation 5:9-10

    it is these people who will dwell in safety and prosperity:  Soon after the Lord’s Day of fiery wrath, that will clear and cleanse all the holy Land, the call will go out to all the people who stood firm in their faith, Zechariah 10:8-12, to gather and live there, Hosea 2:14-23, Jeremiah 31:8-9, as God always intended His Israelite, now: the Christian peoples to be His witnesses and a light to the nations. Isaiah 42:6, Isaiah 43:10

    Bind up the message, seal the instruction, so it cannot be consulted by My disciplesDeuteronomy 29:4, Isaiah 29:11

    It is no wonder that the Christian church cannot sort out or properly understand prophecy. The Lord actually does not want most people to know His plans, however the prophetic Word has been given to us Christians for a reason and for those who genuinely apply themselves, putting aside all preconceived notions and false teaching; then it is possible to discern our future. Daniel 12:4-10,  Hosea 12:10, 2 Peter 1:19



    Zechariah 14:3-21 will happen at and after Jesus Returns.  The belief that nukes are what is described in verses 12-15 is wrong; Jesus does not use nukes or radiation.  We are told the He will destroy the armies  attacking Jerusalem, Revelation 19:21, by the Sword of His Word.

    What I am pointing out in my posts, is the next prophesied event; the Sixth Seal worldwide disaster, that will reset civilization to a similar degree as Noah’s Flood.




    The truth about our future:

    Jeremiah 33:1-3 The Word of the Lord came to Jeremiah while he was imprisoned. The Lord says: If you call to Me, I will answer and tell you of great and mysterious things that you are unaware of.

    Jeremiah prophesied to the House of Judah, many years after the House of Israel was taken into exile by the Assyrians. He foretold how things would be after the Babylonian conquest of Judah, but this was not completely fulfilled then or after the Roman conquest of Judah in 70-135 AD.

    Jeremiah 33:4-5 & 10 The houses of this city and the great buildings of Judah which are now destroyed by the sword of judgement, will be filled with dead bodies. They are those slain by the Lord Himself, because He has turned away from them. The Lord says: See this Land, now in ruins and devoid of people and animals.

    This is not fulfilled as yet. Jer. 9:10-11, Isaiah 4:3-6, Ezekiel 30:1-5

    Ezekiel 21:14…swing the great sword of slaughter three times, whirling about Judah.

    As Ezekiel says: there will be a triple fulfilment of the punishment of Judah. Two of these have happened, by Babylon and Rome but the next is ‘by the Lord Himself’, by the means of a coronal mass ejection, a sunstrike. Isaiah 30:26 This event is prophesied and graphically described over 100 times in the Bible, as ‘the terrible Day of the Lord’s vengeance and wrath’. The entire Middle East will become ‘ruined and devoid of people and animals’. This was not the case with the two previous punishments. Ezekiel 6:14, Zephaniah 1:18, Zechariah 3:10

    But for now, as we await this sudden and terrifying Day that the Lord will take action, we must:

    Isaiah 35:3-4 Brace the arms that are limp, steady the knees that give way, say to the anxious: Be strong, fear not. Your God comes to save you, with His vengeance and retribution. Jeremiah 30:4-11, Zephaniah 3:16-20, Hebrews 10:37-39

    Isaiah 35:5 THEN the eyes of the blind will be opened and the ears of the deaf unstopped.  Isaiah 29:24 The confused will gain understanding and the obstinate will accept instruction. Isaiah 6:9-10

    The truth about this coming event is not generally known among believers. The reason is due to beliefs in false theories, Isaiah 29:9-12, or a lack of interest in prophecy.  They remain ‘in the dark’ about what will happen. 2 Thess. 5:1-11 Only during or after it happens, will understanding be given to all those who have been unable to comprehend the Prophetic Word. They will say: It was there; in plain language, but I couldn’t see it!

    Soon after that, many prophesies say how the holy Land will be regenerated;

    Jeremiah 33:6-9 In this Land, will be heard once more the sounds of joy and gladness, of  weddings and celebrations. People will shout: Praise the Lord, for He is good, His love endures forever’, as they offer thanksgiving in the House of the Lord. By the Word of the Lord: In this place and in all its towns, now ruined and cleared of all peoples and animals, flocks and herds will once more graze. My people will receive all the blessings that I have promised to them. Ezekiel 36:8-12, Amos 9:13-15

    Isaiah 35:10 The Lord’s people, set free, will come back and enter Zion with shouts of triumph, with great joy and singing praises to their God. Suffering and sorrow will flee away.  Zechariah 9:16-17, Romans 9:24-26

    Great are the promises the Lord has made to His faithful Christian people. We will indeed ‘sing praises to the Lord’, when we are settled into our inheritance.  The House of the Lord: the third Temple will be built in Jerusalem.        Bruce McKerras;  website:

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