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    Kevin Barrett

    Word from the Lord:

    My people, listen to your Savior and Good Shepherd this day. Oh, how I love you all with such an intense love that many of you cannot even fathom.   But know this, soon, and yet very soon, many of you will have such a tangible fellowship with Me and then you shall know without a shadow of a doubt the love that I have for you.

    So then, I come to you all this day to bring good tidings and encouragement to you. I see the struggles that many of you have and I tell you once more, give your burdens over to me and allow My peace to be upon you.   Do not worry about tomorrow, for it will have its own troubles. But this day I tell you, come unto Me and rest in My bosom. Lean upon Me and allow Me to embrace you. I love you all so dearly, more than you can know.

    Now then, I wish to share My heart with you all this day regarding the season that you are in. If you have not discerned the times, I tell you, now is the time of breakthrough and for you to make great strides in your walk with Me. Now is the time for you to take hold of My promises for you, both in My written word and from My personal promises to you.

    My dearest ones, I see your hearts and the heaviness that many of you carry. Many of you even carry wounds of the past that you thought were gone. But I can see them and how they still affect you. Therefore, I tell you to come unto Me and sit at My feet. Allow Me to take the wounds and heaviness from your hearts and give you a fresh anointing of My deep love for you. For you MUST have My love abiding in you if you are going to stand in the days of gross darkness that is coming upon the earth. Oh, how I desire for each and every one of you to know this deep love that I have for you. It is My desire that this love for you reaches deep down into your soul and spirit, filling every crevice.

    However, it is with sadness that I must inform you that some of you may not ever receive this deep love of Mine because of your unbelief. Some of you feel that you are too unworthy for My love. But I tell you, it is not dependent upon your worthiness.  My love for you is unconditional.  Can you not receive this?

    My children, I have many things in store for you that you are unaware of. And I have great destinies that lie ahead for many of you.  But you will never fully enter into all that I have for you if you cannot fully receive My love for you.

    So then, I ask of you, get alone in your prayer closets and ask me to make you whole. Ask me to search your hearts and minds for anything that may be hindering you from receiving the fullness of My love.   Do this in faith and then wait in silence for Me to respond. Oh, I may not respond quickly or according to your will. But do this often enough until you hear from Me. And surely I will respond to your faith and expectancy and then you shall rejoice over My great love for you.

    Now then, for those of you who already carry My love deep within you……know that I also have many things in store for you that are just around the corner. Things will begin to open up to you very soon. And then it will seem as though time has somehow sped up as you find yourself in the fullness of My will for your lives. For I tell you, I have MUCH for My people to do before the end comes. And it shall not be burdensome. But instead, you shall take delight in my giftings and callings for each of you.

    My people, I have such glory in store for My chosen ones in these last days. Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor has it entered into the heart of man the great things that I have for those who love Me and My Father. But in these days, My Spirit will reveal to you the tremendous glory and all that I have for you to enter into.

    So then, do as I say and get alone in your prayer closets often and wait upon Me. And by faith, believe that I shall pour My healing balm upon your hearts and heal all that ails you.  I love you all so deeply and you are now in the season of great breakthroughs… surely, if you do as I say, you will not be disappointed. 

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