Please Pray For Brian!

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    Brothers and Sisters in Christ please please pray for Brian with me he is having a bronchoscopy this Wednesday 2/28/18 at 8 AM. He has had this procedure done in the past. I don’t think the results were good at all. He has coughing episodes which wear him out and take his strength. He has lung cancer. Couple of the things he is hoping this procedure does is improve the quality of his breathing and stop his extremely bad coughing episodes. This poor man has been through chemotherapy , which I seen him afterwards and he was in horrible shape. After going numerous times he found out none of it worked. Then doctors recommended a new type of treatment for his cancer. He went through all of that and that didn’t work. So now he is going trying chemotherapy again. He can barely walk with a cane.

    Thank-you for your continued prayers for him.


    Your Brother In Christ,

    Gene Garcia

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