[PC-News] Update 27 April 2020 – Paul Cull

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    Ron McGatlin

    From: paul@paulcull.org

    Subject: [PC-News] Update 27 April 2020
    Date: Sunday, April 26, 2020 9:45 PM


    I realise it’s been a number of months since I sent out a newsletter and,
    perhaps even more than usual, so much has happened since then. I started
    working for the Wellington Region Emergency Management Office in
    mid-January, initially on a three-month induction phase for the position of
    Emergency Management Advisor for Community Resilience. I was able to make
    contact with a number of community groups in Lower and Upper Hutt and
    assisted with an earthquake drill at a local school.

    During this time, I also undertook the training that was available for the
    emergency operations side of the role, and I was two months through the
    induction phase when the regional Emergency Coordination Centre (ECC) was
    activated for the coronavirus response. For little over a month I have been
    working in the ECC where I have been mostly on the Operations desk and have
    also been assisting with volunteer coordination. It’s been an interesting
    time and I’ve learnt so much through it!

    I am so grateful that our government took the necessary steps when it did
    and I have no doubt that many thousands of lives have been saved as result
    of that. There are a lot of good projects on the way to work with
    communities to help deal with the economic and social impacts of the
    pandemic, and I’m looking forward to whatever role I might have in some of
    this going forward.

    I am very blessed to have rented a small house in Trentham, Upper Hutt that
    is in a quiet area while also being close to the local train station. I’m
    also very thankful that I am no longer doing international consulting as a
    full-time job as this, of course, would have shut down completely due to the
    pandemic, although I was saddened to learn that Non Rawung, the founder and
    director of the Alpha and Omega Care NGO in Indonesia where I held the CERT
    training last year, passed away recently from COVID-19.

    Things in Brazil aren’t looking good at all with the pandemic and I don’t
    believe that the true numbers are coming out yet. The hospital systems are
    very close to collapse and, with insufficient testing being done, it is
    still uncertain just how quickly the virus is spreading.

    Sadly, Felipe who was working for Humedica Brazil, was laid off at the start
    of the pandemic, and due to what might be called an accounting error, has
    been unable to receive the full amount of the unemployment benefit to which
    he was entitled. His unexpected dismissal was despite have a full-time
    long-term role with Humedica and no explanation was offered as to why this
    happened. Please could you keep him and his family in prayer at this time,
    along with the others in Friburgo and the Cordoeira slum.




    Homepage: http://www.paulcull.org

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