Paul Cull, Mission News update September 14, 2019

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    Ron McGatlin

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    Subject: [PC-News] Quick update 12 September 2019
    Date: Wednesday, September 11, 2019 10:55 PM


    This will just be a quick update to let you know what has been happening
    over the past month or so.

    As I mentioned in the last newsletter, I spent two weeks in Indonesia where
    I worked with a local ministry, the Alpha and Omega Foundation, and held a
    CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) and CERT instructors course for 12
    representatives from Alpha and Omega and other ministries. This course was
    translated and went very well, and four of these instructors then held
    another CERT course, in Indonesian Bahasa, for a further 15 participants.

    Since I have come back I have heard some very encouraging news about how the
    course was received and of opportunities that are opening up for the folk
    there to be able to take this training throughout Indonesia, including in
    partnership with the governmental authorities, and through the Royal Rangers
    ministry. There is also the possibility that this training may be extended
    to two or three other countries in the region.

    While I was in Indonesia, two of the young folk from CERT Brasil, Kevin and
    Wellington, were also travelling and holding CERT firefighting classes for
    schools and community groups in a neighbouring state. Please could you
    continue to pray for the project there and also for Felipe with his work
    with a local NGO. It now appears that there is a good possibility that
    Felipe will be able to work in partnership with CERT Brasil to take the
    training to neighbouring cities.

    Unfortunately, I picked up food poisoning whilst in Indonesia, and was ill
    for nearly two weeks once I came back home, and on antibiotics for five
    days. I’m normally very careful about what I eat and drink whilst overseas
    and was never ill for this long in the 24 years that I lived in Brazil, so I
    am not quite sure how that happened, however I am very glad that I seem to
    have recovered now.

    As I write this update I am at Christchurch airport about to board for
    another overseas trip, this time to Kaufbeuren in Bavaria, Germany, where I
    will be helping to facilitate a World Health Organisation medical team
    training course next week, and then having meetings with the folk from the
    Humedica NGO. I really appreciate your prayers for this trip, for my travel
    and also for my conversations with Humedica as they are keen for me to take
    CERT to some other countries which is very exciting. However, as my
    down-time whilst I was ill has shown me, I also need to be able to find a
    source of income that will not only apply to those days that I am working
    with Humedica, and I am hoping that something can be worked out, or other
    doors for full-time employment would be opened elsewhere.

    Finally, I just want to say a big thank you to those who have continued to
    support me, as my financial situation hasn’t been the best recently and I am
    not in a situation where I am able to support myself and pay the rent here
    from the money that I have been receiving from contracting. Also, it has
    been great that I have been able to send some of the donations to Brazil to
    support the work there and especially to help some of the young people,
    including Kevin who is at university.

    Thanks so much for your prayers and support,



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