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    Ron McGatlin

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    Subject: [PC-News] Important Update January 2018
    Date: Saturday, January 27, 2018 9:33 PM

    Happy New Year,

    I hope that 2018 got off to a good start for you – it has certainly been
    exciting for me so far. My year started in the departures lounge of Rio’s
    international airport, and I arrived in Miami on the 1st, and then flew on
    to Dallas, where the temperature was well below freezing, before catching a
    bus up to Abilene.

    Upon arrival I stayed at the Iris Abilene base at Camp Barkeley and have
    just moved to the Iris “House of Hope” in downtown Abilene. Most of this
    time has been spent in planning and discussion about the upcoming Iris
    Relief Leaders School, which will be held here from June to August, and in
    developing the training structure for Iris Relief and an international Iris
    Relief Network. This has been an intense, yet very rewarding time, and I am
    excited to be able to utilize some of the emergency management skills that I
    have acquired for what I believe will be a significant contribution to
    missions in situations of crisis and disaster.

    I also had the opportunity to spend four days in the city of San Antonio,
    where I completed two courses and obtained certification in Critical
    Incident Stress Management, which is an important part of our disaster
    response training, and spent three days in the city of Kerrville at a
    conference with Heidi Baker, Will Hart and others from the Iris Global
    leadership team. That was a very special time in the Lord’s presence, and we
    were also able to record a video about the upcoming Iris Relief school.

    I’m now working on the specifics of the disaster response training component
    for the school, although I also have an upcoming trip to Austin to revisit
    the Disaster Relief Network there, a two-day Christian disaster response
    seminar to attend in another city, and a trip to Puerto Rico to discuss
    disaster response training for over two hundred churches there, before I
    return to Rio on the 12th of February.

    You might remember that in the last update, which I sent out just before
    Christmas, I mentioned that I have some big news to announce. Well, here

    Recently, Massey University offered me a place in their Master of Emergency
    Management programme, which I believe is a strategic opportunity for me at
    this point in my ministry. Although this is a distance learning course, I
    would need to spend the first term, from late February until early June, in
    New Zealand as one of the courses has three compulsory classes in Wellington
    during that time.

    Consequently, I have booked a flight back to New Zealand which arrives in
    late February, and am currently looking into options as to where I could
    stay for this three month period.

    Obviously, the cost of the course is also a major challenge for me, and I am
    in the process of finalizing the sale of my car back in Brazil to help
    towards this expense. I would definitely appreciate prayer that the funding
    would come in for the course, text books and associated flights.

    As the Iris Relief school will start in early June, I am planning to return
    to the US, through Brazil, to teach and help out with the school. Iris
    Abilene have offered me the use of the House of Hope where I am currently
    staying, and so I might be able to then stay on in Abilene, continuing my
    studies and volunteering with the ministry, or I could return to New Zealand
    until the exams in November. This would depend on whether I am granted a US
    visa, and also on my own financial situation.

    The work with the young people back in Cordoeira, in Nova Friburgo – RJ, is
    continuing in my absence with the help of some of the older youth, and the
    oversight of Felipe Lisboa, who has been part of the project since the
    beginning in 1997. It has been agreed that this base will become part of the
    Iris Relief Network, connected to the Iris Abilene base, which should allow
    for future interchange of missionaries between the US and Brazil in both
    directions. I envisage that I will still be very much involved with the
    Cordoeira base in the near future, as we wait to see how and when the Lord
    will bring it into the next phase of the ministry there.

    In fact, you may remember that I mentioned a few months back about one of
    the young men from Cordoeira, Kevin Campos, who was interested in doing a
    missions school this year. Kevin has been offered a place on the Iris Relief
    school, and we are currently praying about how he can raise the finances for
    his airfares, which would cost his family some four months of their income.
    If anybody has any suggestions, or would like to contribute to this, please
    let me know.

    Finally, I just want to say a great big “thank you” to all my supporters who
    have been so faithful over the many years that I have been on the mission
    field. I am aware that I still require financial support during this
    transitional phase, yet I also totally understand if you decide not to
    continue supporting me at this time when I will no longer be based full-time
    in Cordoeira. If anyone else would like to help contribute to my ministry
    during the next season, I would be happy to provide the bank details for

    Thank you so much for your prayers, support and encouragement,

    Wishing you His very best for 2018,

    Paul Cull


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