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    He who delights himself in the presence of the Lord shall abide in the abundance of grace and truth.

    This is the day of the great falling away, and at the same time it is the day of great rejoicing and blessing in the presence of the Lord. Our Savior delights when we come into His presence and we abide with Him, when we sit at His feet and listen to what He has to say. He wants us to take the time to come apart from our busy life just to be with Him just to bask in His presence to delight in His secret place.

    We need to have a close and lasting relationship with our King of kings. We need to delight in His presence not doing it because it is something we have to do or supposed to do but it is something that we delight in doing.

    Yes, this is the day of many falling away from the King of kings. They chose to do their own thing to justify sin but to justify sin is opening the door to the enemy to deceive and that is the root of the great apostasy. It is the justifying of sin. We need to immediately crucify the flesh not harden our heart to it but come to the place where sin is not tantalizing to us.

    We want to see the presence of God manifest in our life and to be able to have that we have to walk in His holiness because without holiness you cannot see God. You cannot experience God. You do not desire God. You go through the motions as one who is religious would go through not as one who is His child

    Be still and know that He is God that He is in control of all that you experience each day. Delight to know Him more. Cry out for wisdom, for discernment for these are evil days and many have chose the wide road to destruction.

    They have resisted the way of holiness. They have chosen their own way, the wide way where they feel they can do whatever they want, and still have their sins forgiven. But when there is willful sin, when you know there is an opportunity to turn away to repent of the wickedness, and you choose to walk then your heart becomes hardened.

    And before you know it you do not discern sin, and you lose your discernment for truth, and you are an open target for the enemy to draw you right back into the world. And it is too close for all hell to break loose to be dabbling too close to the doors of hell.

    Because when you backslide, your heart becomes hardened.

    You become like the world and what drew you to Him before would not be the same. It is an act of great mercy for some to return to God after choosing to walk a life of sin. Many do not return to Him.

    He draws the prodigals because He knows the heart. He knows what caused them to fall away. Many hadn’t chose to do it because they just wanted to sin. Many have gotten greatly hurt in the church. Many have gotten deceived by the religious hypocritical ways from the taskmasters that have used them, to serve them, who made them feel guilty if they didn’t give them all their money, and all their time, to build their mansions, to build their kingdoms.

    But God knows the heart of the true prodigal. He knows what happened in their heart and He is more gracious to them than the ones that have hardened their heart through sin.

    For I say this is the day to pick up your cross and to delight to follow Him to see that resurrection power flow through you, to see Him live His life through you, to heal the sick through you, and to set the captives free.

    We need to discern the true signs and wonders, the true glory of God from the counterfeit. We need to discern the true prophet from the false. Yes, we need to discern what is light and what is darkness and not try to mix the two because you end up with pure darkness when you try to mix it.

    This is the day God is calling His bride to His side. He is calling them to prepare to search their hearts to see if there be any wicked way of manipulation, of competition, of jealousy, of pride, of religious activity, of spiritual pride, and every other sin the enemy uses to draw us into His snare.

    Yes, believe and receive the goodness of God is upon you this day. In Jesus name.


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