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    Kimberly Fowler

    (This was a word from my journal from 2014 but really spoke to me today, so I wanted to bring this word back up for anyone else who may need this for this time.)

    weight – measure    foreknowledge, (a unit of knowledge?) a measurement of knowledge , a capacity for knowledge        the capacity or “measure” you are given
    A measure of faith, a capacity for faith. Faith is increased as you use it. Capacity is increased as well. You “fill it up”. As you increase your knowledge, you fill it up. You are able to obtain more. (The one who used his 5 talents wisely was given MORE talents.) Spiritually, the more you are able to use (wisely), the more you are given.
    Use what you are given. I have given you all things to profit withal. (1 Cor 12:7) Use your gifts. Use your talents. Use your abilities. I have given you skill, use that. Whatever I have given you, INCREASE.  Flow in the Spirit, as you use it, I increase it. Flow in your abilities. I have given you skill, wisdom, utilities, use those. They each have a purpose in me. As you flow in it, I will use it. Have you been given an ability to speak? I will use it. To give unto others? I will use that. Whatever your ability, your “usefulness”, I will use and increase as you use it. To each one, I have given an ability, a “purpose under the sun”. To each person called in my Name, I have given a “usefulness” that only he can fulfill. I have made each one unique and incomparable. To each one I have given a gift. I have made each one “special.” So it is with me. I have that ability to handcraft each person. I alone can bring out what I have created for each individual. I love each and every individual as if they are “special” and they ARE because I made them so. I alone can bring out each one of the unique gifts I have handcrafted for every person. Each gift is specifically handcrafted into the body. Each person plays a part as each body part functions correctly. Each will play a part into bringing out the full functioning use of the body. But each person must play his part and not leave it to the rest of the body to fulfill his function. I require every person to play his or her role or function within the body at large. No one is left out. All have a function in Me. All have a part to play in this end-time plan. I have left no one out. I require it from all of you to use your abilities and skills or gifts within the body. Do not leave it for someone else to play your role or function. I have created you for that role and function. To every person is a purpose and a role to fulfill. And I have given you my ability to fulfill it. I have made like me to fulfill your destiny. I “preplanned” you from the beginning. From the very start, I ordained your destiny. You have an important function within the body of Christ. In wisdom I created you. You were foreknown by Me. All your days seen before you were ever born. You were made in my image, in my likeness, I created you. You were made for such a time as this. I handcrafted you specifically for this time and season. You were thought out, preplanned and made in my likeness. To each, a skill, an ability, a gift to hone and function in. All were thought out and completed in me. All to be pursued by you. Each have been given “talents”. Use them wisely, and I will give you MORE!

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