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Autism Healed!
March 26, 2008

Jesus healed my son Jacob of autism! Read Jacob's healing testimony:

Healing For Autism
Is there healing for autism? Yes! There is healing for autism! Read the account of my son Jacob who was supernaturally healed of autism. We did not use any psychological, chemical, medical or dietary interventions to find healing for autism.

"You shall name him Jacob"
In 1991, the Spirit of God spoke to me and told me "You are going to have a son. Name him Jacob". Seven years later, in November of 1998, my son Jacob was born with Down's syndrome.

A Double Blessing
Before he was born, I did not know, medically speaking, that Jacob had special needs. But, I had heard a word in my spirit during pregnancy that if he were to be born with special needs, it would be "alright." When he was delivered, I was not expecting a special needs child, but was not too surprised that he had Down's syndrome. By God's grace, Jacob was born without the congenital heart and bowel defects common in Down's syndrome. He was so adorable and petite, with such lovely features; I had trouble believing the diagnosis of "Trisomy 21" even after receiving a confirmation report from Mayo Clinic.

While I was pregnant, and soon after his birth, the Spirit of the Lord spoke through three different prophetic sources, including a messianic rabbi, that Jacob was going to be a "double blessing". One elderly and seasoned intercessor called me and told me, "The Lord is smiling on Jacob. He is going to bring a love into your family that couldn't be there without him." Another said, "Always remember Who's he is … and what a privilege it is to take care of him."

Afflicted with Autism
Jacob was a happy, outgoing toddler but became afflicted with autism by three years old following a routine immunization. Jacob was diagnosed as autistic at age 4 by a pediatric neurologist and school psychologist. A dual diagnosis of Down's and autism is rare: in the 1 percentile range. Jacob is now 9.

By 2004, Jacob had suffered from autism and chronic bowel disorder for three years. He had such painful abdominal cramps that he often missed school. Sometimes he would have to go on prescription cream to treat the raw and painful skin rash that resulted from his bowel trouble.

Jacob was more social than most autistic children, but he would often become fearful in group situations. In these settings, he would hide his face or squint his eyes shut. If he were very afraid, he would kick his legs and cry to leave. Other times he would drop to the ground in a tantrum. Although he bonded easily with adults, he was not able to form peer relationships with children his age. He would play beside them, but not with them. Even if a child liked Jacob, he could not recognize a special relationship in the making.

Jacob was terrified of unusual loud noises and would scream and cry if we attempted to ride through a car wash or attend a public picnic. The first time he had his hair cut in a public salon was the last time: although I physically restrained him, he cried and thrashed so violently that the stylist nicked his ear. In kindness to her and her other clients, we left without finishing the hair cut. I then began to cut his hair at home, but he would writhe and cry through the whole ordeal.

One of the most upsetting features of the autism was Jacob's non–compliance and chronic tantrums. Sometimes it would take 15 minutes to get from our front door to the car. If I took an unexpected turn on the way to school, he would kick in his car seat and cry in fear. Jacob was required to wear a special safety harness on the school bus because of his behavior. Jacob's non–compliance interfered with his ability to learn at school. He had great difficulty allowing others to show him things, like hand–over–hand activities. He would quickly protest, "No! All done!"

Another characteristic of the autism was his routine driven behavior. Just to get a yogurt out of the refrigerator required a several minute ritual. Jacob fixated on certain videos and toys and refused to play with any others selections. He showed no imaginative play skills. To transition from one activity to another would usually trigger a tantrum. In autistic terms this is called "insistence on sameness". Jacob had a ritual for getting up in the morning, for eating breakfast, for getting dressed, for playtime activities, for bath and bedtime. Every moment of his day, and mine, was driven by meaningless routine.

Jacob was extremely insistent on sameness in his food choices. If I switched the brand of yogurt, he would not eat it. He would slap his thigh in protest and say, "No, all done!" He also limited what foods he would eat. For two years, his primary diet consisted of bite–size tortilla chips, potato chips, and yogurt. Jacob would tantrum if I tried to serve him more than one kind of food at a time: he could not mix foods (like chips and salsa). He usually protested if I served a drink with the food. The school nurse helped me develop a special list of a few foods Jacob would eat at school. Because he would not eat anything else, he had a special standing lunch order for pizza everyday for an entire school year. He ate a severely limited diet of low fiber foods and suffered from loose stools. We tried soymilk, a potato based milk and rice milk. Eventually, his pediatrician prescribed prescription milk, with vitamins and minerals, to help compensate for his poor diet.

A Search for Healing
Professionals had told me that autism is a lifelong disability: they don't know the cause and they don't know the cure. I spent countless hours online researching diets and behavioral interventions to alleviate Jacob's suffering. I completed surveys with, and ordered literature from, an autism research institute. I bought highly acclaimed books on the subject written by medical specialists. The more I studied the problem, the more overwhelmed I became at the monster tormenting my son. Our local physicians had no answers for treatment.

Because of his social strengths, Jacob enjoyed playing in the church nursery while I attended church or led worship. But he refused to enter the sanctuary with me for service: he was afraid. Once I tried to carry him in but he grasped the double wood doors with supernatural strength. He weighed less than 40 pounds at the time, but I could not pry his hands free from the door. I had to get others to help. That Sunday, I asked our elders to pray for him for healing. The elders laid hands on him and prayed that he would be healed and restored in the Name of Jesus. At the time, I had hope, and some faith, that Jacob would be healed. The elders continued to pray for Jacob regularly in their prayer time. I thank the Lord for their faithful intercession. Other prayed, too, including pastors and friends. And then, we waited on the Lord.

The Breaker Anointing
Jacob's older sister Jessie attended the Healings, Miracles, Signs and Wonders conference at Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship in November 2004. On Friday night, November 19, Fresh Fire Ministries evangelist Todd Bentley held a service. He called out an anointing for healing of Down's syndrome and autism. Jessie received a gift of faith and, with it, that word for her brother.

The week of the conference, Jacob had missed three days of school due to bowel disorder. He had been in pain and was irritable when he went to bed that night. At 11:50 p.m., Jessie called me from the service in Toronto, Canada via a cell phone. I could hear the sound of the saints in the service at TACF over the phone. I have never heard a sound like that. It was like the sound of many waters. It was a sound of celebration and victory. It sounded like a scene in heaven to me. I knew I was encountering a new realm in the Spirit. It made me want to live at a higher level of faith!

"Mom, Jacob is healed!" Jessie decreed. Then she asked me to lay hands on him. Jessie was weeping heavily under the anointing and was adamant that Jacob had been healed. She prayed for Jacob's healing as I laid hands on him in the US. Jacob was asleep during most of the prayer. At one point he began to cry.

TACF Pastor Steve Long also prayed over the phone with me for Jacob to receive his healing and fulfill his destiny in God's kingdom. He prayed Jacob would not only be healed but that he would lay hands on the sick –and they would recover. Three other TACF ministry school students also prayed over the phone for Jacob. Altogether, the prayer time lasted about 20 minutes. When the prayer was over, Jacob smiled and went back to sleep.

The Healing Began to Manifest
The morning after the prayer, Jacob woke up full of the joy of the Lord! The anxiety, fear, and look of confusion were gone from his face. The dark circles were gone from under his eyes. I saw immediate improvement in his countenance, cognition, speech and diet. Jacob had not eaten cereal in months and would usually tantrum at the suggestion. He ate a full bowl of cereal for breakfast that morning and cheerfully said "thanks." I was very surprised. His chronic bowel condition was healed overnight and his diet began to improve.

The day after we prayed, Jacob began demonstrating independent skills he didn't have before the prayer. He dressed and undressed himself– shirt, pants, socks, shoes, everything! He even dried himself off after getting out of the tub.

A few days after the prayer, Jacob called me "Mom" for the first time in his life! This was a huge break–through for us. Before, he would call me "THE Mom" and refer to me as an object. Since then Jacob's language skills continue to improve.

The Sunday morning following the miracle prayer, Jacob joined some children at church in a game of duck–duck–goose. This would be normal for most children his age. I was getting ready to explain to the other children that Jacob wouldn't know how to play when he took his turn and played the game normally. I was amazed. That game requires sequencing of thought beyond Jacob's prior mental ability to process. He demonstrated a remarkable new level of cognitive ability right after the prayer.

Jessie noticed the change in Jacob when she got home from the conference. He was happier, more compliant and more communicative. He began saying words and phrases he had never said before. He began really having conversations with us for the first time. Jessie brought home a gift of faith that she imparted to me. After that, I was better able to receive and perceive Jacob's healing. Here are some "before" and "after" pictures of Jacob.

Jacob attends a class for cognitively impaired students. He had a rough start at school in September of 2004. But within three weeks after the healing prayer in November, Jacob met all of his physical therapy goals at school. Jacob's physical therapist determined Jacob was doing so well she discontinued PT services. His occupational therapist remarked of his sudden improvement, "this is not normal progress for a child his age with autism."

The Healing Continued
In January of 2005, Jacob's sister attended the Signs and Wonders Ministry School at TACF. FFM's Todd Bentley taught part of the school that week. During a testimony time, Jessie shared about Jacob's cell-phone healing. After her testimony, Todd Bentley laid hands on her and prayed again for complete healing for her brother Jacob from Down's syndrome and autism. We have seen an even greater measure of healing since then.

In addition to the physical and emotional healing Jacob received, he has been filled with the Holy Spirit. Now he loves to worship! He ministers in prophetic flags, dance and healing prayer in the sanctuary of our local church, Dwelling Place Ministries. He receives Words of Knowledge and intercedes for others beyond his natural understanding. He sings worship songs now, too, and plays the ukelele. Our senior pastor has commented several times about the anointing in Jacob's hands. Jacob loves to receive prayer, too. We have seen other break–throughs in speech, cognition and spiritual gifts as he regularly receives healing prayer at our church. Jacob loves the anointing!

The Healing Confirmed
October 13th, 2006, was Jacob's 3–year autism re–evaluation. In attendance were his teacher, school psychologist, social worker, speech therapist, occupational therapist, an autism consultant and our director of special education. They unanimously determined that Jacob was no longer eligible for services under the "Autistically Impaired" label at school because he no longer shows autistic behavior at school. They acknowledged he still needs intervention in communication (speech therapy), but attribute that impairment to Down's syndrome.

Although I was pleased with Jacob's progress at school, at the time of the re-evaluation I was still having a few behavioral issues with him at home. I wrote a letter to the school addressing my concerns and considered requesting another re–evaluation just to be sure their findings were correct. But within the week following the evaluation, I saw remarkable improvement in those few areas of concern. Within a couple weeks they were no longer issues! Healing had manifested. (For example, until the evaluation I had never seen Jacob point out things of interest. Shortly after the eval, he began to use his index finger to point to things of interest). I wrote a follow–up letter to the school informing them of all his progress and formally accepting their professional determination.

I specifically asked at that re-evaluation meeting if anyone still considered Jacob autistic. The psychologist who had evaluated him said, "From my data…I don't see that he is autistic." This is especially meaningful because the Michigan state definition of autism says it is a "lifelong disability". But not for Jacob! Hallelujah! Jesus set Jacob free from the prison of autism. (I believe a deaf and dumb spirit was involved. See Mark 9:25).

The Healing Goes On
Jacob is now the highest functioning student in his class. In fact, he is now taking (and doing well in) regular first grade education classes in music and art. He is getting 100 percent marks on his computer reading lessons. Jacob's speech is continually improving. He continues to amaze us with Words of Knowledge and speech patterns not typical of a child with his "issues".

Jacob is now trying a variety of foods at home and school. His teacher reports he eats salads now as a favorite lunch selection. Dinner has become an enjoyable time as we fellowship together at the table. Jacob is now eating salmon, stir–fried vegetables, seasoned rice, and all kinds of new foods. He especially likes to sprinkle cheese on things. He is also mixing food groups now and is happy when I serve him a balanced meal. He is exploring spices, dressings and condiments too.

Jacob has become an outgoing, social, and exceedingly more compliant child. He no longer wears a harness on the bus. He has friends his age, now, at church and school, whom he recognizes as special pals. I cut his hair on a regular basis and he often laughs with me during the haircut. He is no longer afraid of unfamiliar loud noises, but shows normal curiosity and interest. He has eating and playtime habits, but he is no longer driven by meaningless compulsive routines. Jacob now has very active imaginative play skills. He has normal eye contact. He is very affectionate and gives hugs and kisses. He enjoys cuddling again. I have my son back! Praise Jesus!

Fall 2007/Winter 2008 Update
Most recently, Jacob has taken up drawing, painting and cooking. He is learning to play the Djembe (hand drum). He is demonstrating gifts in the creative arts. A pastor from Nigeria prophesied over Jacob that he is anointed for ministry. A prophetic minister from the Kansas City House of Prayer staff prophesied Jacob will be an evangelist. I am so excited for Jacob's future and all that the Lord has for him!

In December 2007, I received a call from our former area district coordinator of Special Education who had overseen Jacob's placement when he was autistic. She had not seen Jacob in over a year and was substitute teaching his class that day. She was so impressed with his progress, she called me at home to rejoice and say: "He's a completely different person!"

Need Healing for Autism?
Jesus healed Jacob. Jesus delivered Jacob from the bondage of autism. Jesus set Jacob free! We did not use any psychological, chemical, medical or dietary interventions to find healing for autism.

Do you need divine healing for autism? If you have a child with autism, or know someone who needs prayer for healing of autism, please contact me at our Contact Page. I would love to pray with you. Jacob will pray for you too, in the Name of Jesus…Expect to be healed!

Barbara Kort,
Jacob's mom

Healing Resources
For further information on healing and how Jesus heals today, visit our Healing Room.

Read Fresh Fire Ministries teaching on The Breaker Anointing (Part One) by Todd Bentley which includes a portion of Jacob's testimony (Jacob's name was changed to 'Mark' for this publication).

I highly recommend an informative teaching by Todd Bentley (Fresh Fire Ministries) on the Deaf and Dumb spirit. This teaching helped me pray with revelation power for my son's healing. The Deaf and Dumb spirit teaching is disc 3 of the "Overcoming the Spirit of Leviathan" CD set. Bizarre title, but it includes the important teaching on taking authority over the Deaf and Dumb spirit (see Mark 9:25) which can cause deafness, muteness, siezures, learning diabilities, ADD, autism and other impairments. To order the CD, search "Deaf" at the FFM store and click on "Overcoming the Spirit of Leviathan".

Read Jacob's testimony at the Bethel Church website.

I do not oppose using other treatments for autism; but I found that they were not effective in our case. I wanted to share the true story of what worked for us. Although I believe a demon was involved in Jacob's case, it is not the intention of this testimony to "demonize" those suffering with autism. Jesus commanded his followers to cast out demons. He said: "Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, cast out demons. Freely you received, freely give" (Matthew 10:8) and "These signs will accompany those who have believed: in My name they will cast out demons, they will speak with new tongues;" (Mark 16:17). Although it is biblical to say that demons oppress people and cause sickness, disease, infirmity, and oppression, it is not the person or child who is sick or oppressed that is demonic! Jesus loves the person or child with autism. Do I consider autism an oppression? Yes. I have lived with my son when he was autistic and now that he is not. He was oppressed. Now he is free. If you or someone you love is battling autism, and you are offended that I say a demon might be involved, please forgive me. God loves you whether or not you choose to pursue divine healing for autism. He respects your free will and so do I. I write this testimony to offer hope and freedom to those who want to be free of autistic behavior and are seeking divine deliverance and healing for autism. My list of families I pray for is growing weekly and I am already receiving testimonies from other parents of healing breakthroughs in their children through deliverance prayer in Jesus Name. The Lord Our Healer bless you! ~ Barbara

Location: Traverse City, MI, United States