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Islamic State will conquer Europe, militants tell embedded German journalist - 12/30/2014
“We will conquer Europe one day.” “It is not a question of IF just a matter of when. But it is certain. For us, there is no such thing as borders. There are only front lines. Our expansion will be perpetual. When we come with our weapons, those who d... Full Article »

Billy Graham Evangelistic Association To Release New Documentary Film About Unbroken’s Louis Zamperini - 12/29/2014
Hot on the heels of the Universal Pictures’ movie ‘Unbroken’ the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association will release a new documentary film called ‘Louis Zamperini: Captured by Grace.’ A compelling, documentary-style film on his journey – from Olympic... Full Article »

Sex ed: ‘Parents sidelined in favour of named persons’ - 12/29/2014
Parents are being marginalised by Scottish sex education guidance that encourages teachers to speak to a child’s named person about any wellbeing concerns. Under the Named Person scheme all children in Scotland will be given a state guardian to monit... Full Article »

Unbroken movie: hope, despair, redemption - 12/29/2014
When Louie Zamperini boarded a World War II bomber in 1943, dangers awaited the Olympic runner and war hero. He later said he'd prefer suicide to repeating his castaway and POW ordeal. Zamperini, who died last July at age 97, became close friends wit... Full Article »

Bereaved Israeli and Palestinian parents work together for reconciliation - 12/29/2014
Although Israeli-Palestinian relations are probably best known for conflict, a group of parents from both sides has spent 20 years working for reconciliation, inspired and united by the common experience of bereavement. More than 600 families belong ... Full Article »

Russia’s economic implosion opens doors for Ukraine peace - 12/29/2014
Many economists say Russia is on the brink of economic collapse. The tail-spin of the ruble against foreign currencies plus the 50% decline in oil prices–key to Russia’s economy, means Russia’s political machine is focusing on recovery, not invasion.... Full Article »

International Fellowship of Christians and Jews Bring Hundreds Of Jewish Refugees From War-torn Ukraine to Israel - 12/29/2014
As an effort to support the embattled Jewish community of eastern Ukraine, has led to widespread violence and chaos Fellowship organized a flight to Israel for 226 new olim (immigrants). This flight is the first of many which will bring thousands of ... Full Article »

Welcome to Their Toilet - 12/29/2014
Janya and her family, along with almost everyone else in their village, had no toilet at home. That made it necessary for the villagers to find faraway places to relieve themselves. The lack of toilets in Janya’s village was a safety risk and it was ... Full Article »

ISIS violence backfires despite growth - 12/29/2014
They began with crucifixions and beheadings. Now, they’re turning churches into torture chambers and selling ancient Christian artifacts. “ISIS has a stated goal to wipe out Christianity,” According to E3, more Muslims have become followers of Jesus ... Full Article »

"Fulfillment of Long-Held Dreams": Tebow CURE Hospital Opens, Bringing "Healing to the Children of the Philippines in Jesus' Name" - 12/15/2014
The Tim Tebow Foundation announced yesterday that the Tebow CURE Hospital in Davao City, Philippines, has received its official operating license and opened its doors this week. The hospital is a five-story, 30 bed facility with 3 operating rooms spe... Full Article »

British women running sex slave brothels for ISIS? - 12/15/2014
Last June, British twins Salma and Zahra Halane, 16, fled their family home in Manchester in the middle of the night to join ISIS fighters in Syria. They were brilliant students in the top 10 percent of their class, headed for medical school before t... Full Article »

U.S. Pastor Facing "Hate Crimes Against Humanity" Charges for Opposing Gay Agenda - 12/15/2014
Lively has expressed support in Uganda and other countries for laws banning pro-homosexual propaganda, similar to the law Russia recently enacted, however he strongly opposed the harsh penalties in the Ugandan bill. The First Circuit Court of Appeals... Full Article »

Victory for Faith-Based Car Dealership in Abortion Pill Mandate Case - 12/15/2014
"It has long been my conviction to run my business according to the teachings of my faith. I am grateful that the court's ruling today allows me to remain obedient to the convictions of my faith without compromising my beliefs to obey government." U... Full Article »

Towards 2015: The World has Changed -- and the Church must rise to meet the challenge - 12/15/2014
DISPLACED & TRAUMATISED As we head into 2015, hundreds of thousands of Christians are struggling to survive as refugees or IDPs. As we head into 2015, people are slowly becoming aware that slavery is alive and flourishing in the 21st Century and grow... Full Article »

Muslims defend Ahok, the new Christian governor of Jakarta - 12/15/2014
The newly-elected Chinese Christian governor of Indonesia’s capital city, Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, is finding new allies in Jakarta’s influential Muslim leaders. “Ahok,” reflects an “acceptance of diversity” agenda being put forth by the newly-elected... Full Article »

Quiet persecution in Vietnam - 12/15/2014
North Korea has been the world’s worst persecutor of Christians for nearly a decade. Vietnam ranks 18th, far above China, which is 37th. Yet, with active harassment, oppression, and persecution of Christians, the prayer vigil for Vietnam has seemingl... Full Article »

An Urgent Need in Crisis Ridden Iraq - 12/15/2014
Difficult, and tragic, conditions face Iraqi refugees. The streets of Kurdistan's largest city are lined with children begging for money, for food. 1,000 people packed into one unfinished building in a mall. There was no flooring, and no privacy. “T... Full Article »

Paying the Jizya: Small New Jersey town forced to pay $7.75 million to Muslims in mega-mosque move - 12/11/2014
This New Jersey town was forced to pay Muslims $7.75 million to keep them from building a mega-mosque there. Muslim Brotherhood organizations like CAIR called upon their lapdogs at the Department of Justice, who sued the small town. The DoJ has becom... Full Article »

Enough Already! Fed Up Christians Come Out in Force to Keep "Christ in Christmas" Parade, Despite Ridiculous Atheist Ban - 12/11/2014
And this is the same town where earlier this year someone demanded the local high school stop reciting prayers before football games! Freedom from Religion Foundation notified Piedmont officials that their "Keep Christ in Christmas" annual parade was... Full Article »

Stopping Islamic State means waking up - 12/11/2014
After months of political debate, leaders are finally meeting to map out a U.S. strategy on ISIS terrorism and expansion. Believers also need to listen up and “step up.” “It will come to us if we don’t do anything about it.” Near the end of last week... Full Article »

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