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This Ancient Country Has Valiantly Held to Its Christian Heritage for Thousands of Years, and Has Some Wisdom for America - 5/5/2016
"I hope Georgia's example of unconditional love and dedication to faith are a testimony to all mankind. The absence of faith is disastrous for a nation. Christianity is how we survived in the past and it’s how we will survive in the future." Six thou... Full Article »

In China's Henan province, a demolition crew killed a pastor's wife as she tried to stop the destruction of their church. - 5/5/2016
It's part of a larger crackdown against Christians in Henan, and China overall. The pastor and his wife stood in front of a bulldozer to keep it from destroying their church. The demolition team leader ordered the driver to push them into the pit and... Full Article »

Israel Thwarts Attempt to Smuggle 4 Tons of Rocket Material into Gaza - 5/5/2016
Ammonium Chloride Concealed Inside Salt Shipment to Gaza. The material that is used in long-range missile production was being smuggled from Egypt into Gaza. The smuggling attempt was caught at the Nitzana customs terminal inside a shipment marked as... Full Article »

News From British Isles, Ireland, Europe and Worldwide - 5/5/2016
A compassionate judge shows God’s love - The Holy Spirit touches soldiers - Church of England prayer for EU child refugees - Imams Islamic extremism - Nepal, one year after ‘killer quake’ - Nigeria: a midnight raid - Syria: air strike on Aleppo hosp... Full Article »

Amid "Feeling of Awe and Amazement" Nearly Entire Village in Philippines Embraces Christianity after Hearing Gospel, Viewing "Passion of the Christ" - 4/28/2016
"It was a great joy for us to see them understand the saving grace of Jesus for salvation; some cried as they shared their testimony of faith." A local ministry spent eight months building a relationship with the Manobo tribal peoples in northern Min... Full Article »

Prolific Cuban church planter: 300 churches planted and 1,000 leaders trained - 4/28/2016
Otoniel Martinez grew up in a Christian family. His father was a pastor in a time when government pressure made it difficult to follow Jesus. Otoniel was a gifted student and could have attended one of the top schools in Cuba. But in order to attend ... Full Article »

Brussels: Pastor Envisions Revival Amid 'Spiritual Poverty' in Belgium - 4/28/2016
"People were willing to talk... They're searching, and they're wanting that conversation because of this [event]. I see part of this as being the seed starting to sprout..." "Revival is coming to Belgium." It's a gradual process, but revival is comin... Full Article »

Kavya’s Frightening Ordeal - “I didn’t know she was planning to auction me off and sell me as a sex-slave!” - 4/28/2016
“Both my parents died when I was young. I was raised by my grandmother and she had no income. It was very hard for her. A woman in our village started to provide money to my grandmother and befriended me. She told me that she could give me a better l... Full Article »

Haiti is in real trouble. - Unrest grows in Haiti - 4/28/2016
Haiti has virtually vanished off of the front page news. Finding the current headlines on the government crisis, the flooding, the doctor’s strike reveals a dearth of new information. Two-and-a-half million Haitians live in extreme poverty. The gover... Full Article »

Incredible! Scientists Discover Moment Life Begins is Marked with a Brilliant Flash of Light - 4/28/2016
"It was remarkable... to see the zinc radiate out in a burst from each human egg was breathtaking." About five years ago, scientists were able to see that at the moment of conception in a mouse there was a flash of light emanating from the egg as it ... Full Article »

Saeed Abedini Speaks Out about His Marriage, Life after Prison - 4/28/2016
"After I got released, it was very different from what I imagined. I was waiting for more welcome, especially from my family, wife, and the church I went to in Boise, but I didn't get that..." Saeed repeated his assertions that he never abused Naghme... Full Article »

After Killer Nepal Quake, God's Kingdom Is Rapidly Expanding. Here's How - 4/28/2016
"Before I have no idea about Jesus and the Christian people, but when I got attached to them, I felt that they are friendly and kind. They want to be around me and I feel I should follow their God, Jesus. I want to know more about Jesus." In April 20... Full Article »

Female sex slave bought and sold eight times by ISIS, raped repeatedly - 4/28/2016
A 20-year-old Yazidi woman was bought and sold as a sex-slave eight times by various ISIS fighters and endured repeated rapes at the hands of her captors. After her capture by ISIS, Khalida and 800 other enslaved women were put on display in Raqqa as... Full Article »

Starving North Korean teenager escaped, found Jesus in China - 4/28/2016
After his father died, his mother abandoned him to go to China in search of food. So Joseph Kim, at 12 years old, became homeless, left to fend for himself in the throes of the great famine of North Korea. North Korean escapee with no one to turn to,... Full Article »

Pastor: Prayer Brought Boy Back From The Dead - A California pastor and his wife say they witnessed a modern day miracle - 4/21/2016
When he opened his front door he saw a young boy who'd been hit by a pickup truck lying in the street. People who were first on the scene of the accident said they checked for a pulse, but there was none. "The boy was motionless." "He was dead about ... Full Article »

Israelis and Evangelicals Allying to Defeat BDS - 4/21/2016
BDS is a global movement for a campaign of Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) against Israel. Israel rally organized by the Israeli-American Council. There are nearly one million Israelis living in the United States forming roughly one third of ... Full Article »

A Marathon Earthquake in Japan over 500 aftershocks have followed two major earthquakes - 4/21/2016
“The continuous earthquake is making the situation worse…rescue work has been delayed,” Asian Access says. “It has been more than four days of shaking.” The earthquakes have been shallow so damages are concentrated in smaller areas, but they’re extre... Full Article »

Following Ecuador’s Massive Quake, Compassion International Going Door-to-Door, Checking on Sponsored Children, Helping Others - 4/21/2016
A Christian child development ministry, is responding to the massive 7.8 earthquake that struck near Ecuador's central coast Saturday evening. The ministry currently serves more than 70,000 Ecuadorian children in partnership with over 240 churches th... Full Article »

Ancient Passover Teaching Fulfilled in Jerusalem Bus Bombing Survival Miracle - 4/21/2016
On Monday evening, a bomb went off in a crowded bus in Jerusalem, showering passengers trapped inside with deadly shrapnel and setting it ablaze. In what can only be described as a miracle, no one was killed. At least 20 people were injured and two c... Full Article »

ISIS Destroys Ancient 'Gate of God' in Mosul in Effort to Erase Christianity; But They Can Never Destroy "Christ in Us" - 4/21/2016
EDITOR'S NOTE: Just a reminder: try as ISIS might to destroy Christianity and its faithful, they cannot lay hands, bombs or knives on the Holy Spirit. Nor can they ever kill the King of kings because "He lives forevermore." As we've seen in China, th... Full Article »

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