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Peace talks in Syria unravel - 1/30/2014
After three days of talks to find a solution to the Syria conflict nothing has been accomplished. Negotiators couldn’t even agree on aid for displaced people trapped in the city of Homs. The World Food Program estimates needing close to $2 billion to... Full Article »

Ukraine Leader Takes Sick Leave as Civil War Looms - 1/30/2014
The president of Ukraine has taken sick leave in the midst of his country's crisis. Officials gave no indication of how long he may be on leave. Ukrainian experts warn the country is on the brink of civil war. Ukraine's prime minister and his cabinet... Full Article »

News From British Isles, Ireland, Europe and Worldwide - 1/23/2014
Set free to work for Christ - Guns for Bibles' exchange initiative - Russia: Islamist group threatens Sochi Olympics - Ukraine protests: Two people killed in Kiev clashes - Afghanistan: Warnings of civil war - Syria: Renewed prayer during and after G... Full Article »

Sharing the Gospel in Sochi - 1/23/2014
Athletes will soon converge in Sochi, Russia, for the 22nd Olympic Winter Games, and millions across the globe will gather around their TVs to watch. This is an opportunity to share the Gospel, not only at the games but within their own communities. ... Full Article »

It’s a tough world out there - “Recently, female students that didn’t veil themselves had acid thrown in their face.” - 1/23/2014
A Christian is killed, kidnapped, or abused every two or three days in Iraq. Raja* a young Iraqi, recently shared her story. Iraq’s society places great significance on the covering of women’s faces. “I always try not to provoke.” “When they told us ... Full Article »

Race car driver survived horrible crash, made a comeback with God - 1/23/2014
Davey Hamilton finished his sixth Indy 500 race and then went to compete in the Texas 500. At at over 200 miles per hour another car caused a crash that changed his life. Suddenly Hamilton’s car was spinning toward the wall and went airborne. “I went... Full Article »

Gospel is gaining ground despite persecution - 1/23/2014
Christian Aid Mission supports the work of an underground church-planting ministry in North Korea. This ministry trains Christian leaders and encourages North Korean believers to remain committed to their faith, despite ever-present persecution. Sinc... Full Article »

National church shutdown underway - 1/23/2014
International leaders praised Iran for closing down some of its nuclear program. The U.S. and EU are both reportedly easing some economic sanctions. A nationwide church shutdown is also underway. “It’s basically illegal to even go to a church.” Belie... Full Article »

Ukraine's Youth Protesting Police State-Like Laws - 1/23/2014
Ukraine is entering its violent clashes between anti-government protesters and riot police. Two months of largely peaceful protests in the capital city of Kiev turned violent. Demonstrators are defying new laws penalizing participation in protests. T... Full Article »

Appearance of Jesus at accident scene inspires ministry - 1/23/2014
It was Garison’s first ride with a young, non-family driver. He forgot to say goodbye, and rushed back to the church, told his mom he loved her and kissed her on the cheek. It seemed to be taking a long time for the boys to return. Aunt Jeannie phone... Full Article »

Israel's Security Forces Foil Al Qaeda Attack Plan on US Embassy in Tel Aviv - 1/23/2014
There were planned explosive attacks on a Jerusalem conference center, and the US Embassy in Tel Aviv. It's not yet known to what extent the plan had progressed. Israel's internal security agency reportedly arrested several Palestinians who were a... Full Article »

Imprisoned Pastor Saeed Needs Surgery from Injuries - 1/23/2014
American Pastor Saeed Abedini has been transferred from the murderer ward to a political prisoner ward in Iran's deadliest prison Rajai Shahr. Concerns about his deteriorating health condition are growing. Saeed's Iranian family, who was able to visi... Full Article »

"Duck Dynasty" Inspiring Lunch Prayers in Schools - 1/15/2014
The Duck Dynasty juggernaut continues to confound America's media establishment with its ability to impact society with a Christian perspective. Who would have ever thought that a little ol' family company in America's rural south could cause such a ... Full Article »

One Thing 2013 - 30,000 Attend Conference in Kansas City - International Prayer Connection - 1/10/2014
30,000 young people gathered for this worship, prayer and teaching event! It was thrilling to see so many waving, jumping, on-fire teens, 20s and older folks as well who want their lives to count for Jesus and His mission in our world. Several hundre... Full Article »

Family of "Brain Dead" Teen: Jahi "Improving, Doing Well" After Finally Receiving Treatment - 1/10/2014
"Her heart is beating, she has circulation, she has respiration, her immune mechanisms are intact, and I'm sure she is healing from the tonsillectomy. Healing happens only in a living person. This girl is a living person and she's not dead." after re... Full Article »

Compassion celebrates rebuilding efforts in Haiti - 1/10/2014
Sunday marks the 4-year anniversary of Haiti’s devastating earthquake. Compassion International will set a positive tone for the day. They’re finishing ten building projects for church partners. The buildings will serve as schools for local children ... Full Article »

Diners Give Happy Waitress with Horrid Past $6,000 for Christian College Tuition - 1/10/2014
Two men walked into a Cracker Barrel restaurant in Lincoln, Nebraska. The hostess placed them with 18-year-old Abigail Sailors, the "most cheerful" waitress on the floor. The waitress had suffered a tragic life of loss and abuse. To her disbelief, t... Full Article »

The real story in North Korea - 1/10/2014
While the reports of the execution of Kim Jong-un’s uncle were verified, the method of execution was open to speculation. “If Kim Jong-un will kill his own uncle, he will certainly kill anyone else who crosses the regime or who is perceived to be dis... Full Article »

News From British Isles, Ireland, Europe and Worldwide - 1/10/2014
Israel: Miraculous healing stuns Israelis - Pakistan: An encouraging story - 'Speak up for Jesus', Lord Carey urges Christians - South Sudan: Atrocities by both sides - Iran: Farsi language banned from Church - Bangladesh: Democracy in peril - Europe... Full Article »

Proposed Peace Agreement Endangers Israel's Borders - 1/10/2014
The Jordan Valley straddles the border between Israel and the kingdom of Jordan. Kerry is proposing an international force - to control the valley and eventually turn it over to the Palestinian Authority. The Jordan Valley is 75 miles long and nine m... Full Article »

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