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First Interview With Saeed Abedini: Freed Pastor Prayed Without Ceasing in Prison - 1/28/2016
"The best thing I could do over there was pray." (Saeed Abedini, an Iranian-American Pastor who was just freed from Iranian imprisonment after years of captivity there under accusations that his faith undermined the Iran government. He was there to e... Full Article »

In Burma, God’s Kingdom is expanding - 1/28/2016
In spite of steep mountains, opposition, and a new law stipulating that the government must approve all religious conversions, an indigenous ministry leader in Burma (Myanmar) said the Holy Spirit has not slowed down. “God is moving fast in our count... Full Article »

Four Presidential Candidates Outraged at Indictment of Planned Parenthood Investigators - 1/28/2016
A vast array of the pro-life movement—including four Republican presidential candidates, have expressed their shock and outrage that the group behind the undercover Planned Parenthood videos have been indicted. A grand jury announced that it would no... Full Article »

From a Seed Born in Jesus' Day: A "Modern-Day Methuselah - 1/28/2016
Methuselah is considered to have been the oldest living man in the Bible, It is only appropriate, then, that a date palm that sprouted from a 2,000-year-old seed in southern Israel carries the same name. Seven years ago, a male date palm sprouted f... Full Article »

Ark Encounter Theme Park Wins Victory over Religious Discrimination - 1/28/2016
A federal judge says Kentucky can't block the Ark Encounter theme park from taking part in a sales tax rebate program just because the park "advances religion." Kentucky wasn't going to let the park featuring a life-size recreation of Noah's Ark enjo... Full Article »

The Truth Behind Attendance at March for Life: Media Downplays Numbers Again - 1/27/2016
Contrary to the New York Times, there were vastly more than "hundreds" at the Washington March for Life 2016, and more than the vague "thousands" indicated by the Washington Post. Given this year's historic winter weather threat, organizers were deli... Full Article »

Another Proud Palestinian Parent - "I am proud of my son," said the father of a 16-year-old - 1/27/2016
What was it that young Morad did which so pleased his father? What Morad did to bring honor to the Adais family was that he broke into the home of a young Israeli Jewish mother of six and brutally stabbed her to death. Not that the elder Adais is the... Full Article »

The Stigma of Having Leprosy - He found Jesus just the right time. - 1/27/2016
Because the leprosy had been eating away at the nerves in his right leg, doctors amputated Balwant’s leg at the knee. He was now weak, unable to work and unable to afford the medical treatments. He thought that death would resolve all his problems. I... Full Article »

Call to Pray for Australia - National Day of Prayer and Fasting Sunday 7 February 2016 - 1/25/2016
“We have a vision for Australia where our children can flourish and play safely in the streets. Where happy marriages produce happy families and build a strong and vibrant nation for the greater good of all; where the contribution to the local commun... Full Article »

News From British Isles, Ireland, Europe and Worldwide - 1/22/2016
Alabama to uphold marriage amendment - Iran releases Pastor Saeed Abedini - Christians in Parliament prayer requests - Birmingham church leaders oppose anti-Islam march - Germany: 200+ arrested attacking anti-islamisation rally - Iran: Nuclear pact ... Full Article »

Believers give Syrian children respite, hope - 1/21/2016
Hundreds of Syrian children reveled in Christmas cheer this season, gaining joyful memories. “The faces of the children shined with joy, as they have not experienced much joy in the past year of hardship in Syria.” “It was wonderful to see them shed ... Full Article »

Jewish Migration from Europe to Israel Sets an All-Time High - 1/21/2016
A record number of Jews made Aliyah to Israel from Western Europe in 2015 due to a rise in anti-Semitic attacks. Most from Western Europe—about 8,000 among 9,880— from France. France has the largest Jewish community in Europe—about 500,000 people. Du... Full Article »

Cuban Churches 'Courageous' Amid "Unprecedented Crackdown" - 1/21/2016
There is an "unprecedented" crackdown on churches in Cuba. There was a tenfold increase in the number of religious freedom violations in Cuba in 2015 with 2,300 compared to only 220 in 2014. The spike is largely due to government hostility against ch... Full Article »

Boko Haram strikes again nearly 100 more Christians killed by Muslims in Nigeria - 1/21/2016
In recent weeks, Boko Haram has killed nearly 100 people in attacks stretching from Maiduguri to Borno State to Madagali in Adamawa State, Nigeria. Additionally, the group continues suicide bombings and raids in Nigeria, and also in Cameroon, Chad, a... Full Article »

Global: Islamic extremism primary driver of persecution - 1/21/2016
“Islamic State and its affiliates took their barbarity across borders like never before: into Libya, Kenya, and Egypt, culminating in random massacres in Paris on 13 November and in San Bernardino in the US on 2 December 2015,” “There is a feeling gl... Full Article »

Muslims murder at least 28 including Mission workers in Burkina Faso - 1/21/2016
Riddering and his wife, Amy, have run the Les Ailes de Refuge orphanage in Yako since 2011. The group, calling itself al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), mounted its attack at the upscale Splendid Hotel in downtown Ouagadougou. Six of those who d... Full Article »

The Supreme Court Will Hear Case on Obama Administration’s Immigration Actions - 1/21/2016
On Tuesday, the Supreme Court announced that it will hear a case brought by Texas and 25 other states challenging President Barack Obama’s attempt to give legal status and work authorizations to more than four million illegal immigrants. Supreme Cour... Full Article »

Taliban Massacres Students, Staff in Pakistan University Attack - 1/21/2016
Taliban gunmen stormed a university in Pakistan Wednesday, murdering at least 20 students and staff before they were killed by police. It's the second Taliban attack on a school there in a little over a year. Four Muslim attackers climbed over the wa... Full Article »

Secret plan for Shariah law hiding in surprising place - Creeping push for Islamic law in the U.S. - 1/21/2016
A thriving network of more than 140 charter schools in 26 states that sell themselves to parents as a secular and more academically rigorous alternative to public schools. The schools also covertly engage in Islamic missionary outreach, usually after... Full Article »

American Pastor Saeed Abedini has been released from imprisonment in Iran, along with three other US citizens ‘This is an answer to prayer’ says his wife, Naghmeh - 1/16/2016
After more than three years of brutal imprisonment in Iran for his Christian activities, Pastor Saeed Abedini, 35, has become a free man and will soon be reunited with his wife and two children in the United States. Three other US citizens have also ... Full Article »

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